Goddess Medical Doctor Chapter 3 Part 2

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Chapter 3 Part 2


Originally she thought she had died, who knew that when she opened her eyes, she found that she was in a familiar cabin, similar to one she had lived before. Her entire body felt an unspeakable soreness, it seems this storm was really strong. Yue Xin’er was about to get up when the door suddenly opened, and a handsome young man came in with a bowl of medicine. Seeing that she was awake, the young man’s eyes curved like the bright moon, he quickly went to support her.

“Miss, you have awoken.” The man sat on the edge of the bed and smiled like a spring flower, as a child under the sun, it made a person’s heart warm up. His laugh felt like it had a hint of evil, with elegance.

“Who are you? DId you save me?” Yue Xin’er felt a bit strange, she felt that he was somehow familiar, but she could not think of where. Only his temperament, gave people a cynical feeling, but it is currently not showing.

The man said with a smile: “I am Mu Tianchen, I am the one who saved you” Then he glanced at her again, “But the clothes on your body were not changed by me.”

“You…” Yue Xin’er blushed, she pushed back the quilt to take a look, her clothes really have been changed, she then realized that the veil was no longer on her face. “No matter what, thank you, gongzi, for your life-saving grace.”

Mu Tianchen saw her blush, she was tender and pleasant, he stared at her for a while, it was a long time before he recovered, she was truly a stunning beauty! “I dare ask Miss’ name?”

Yue Xin’er looked at him with vigilance, although he was her savior, because of her special status, she would not allow herself to become a tool for others to threaten Jingyue Kingdom, therefore, she seldom told others her real name. After some consideration, she decided to tell him her real name, just that her surname is too special, she feared everyone would know her identity, so she only said her name was ‘Xin’er’. In her heart, she felt that Mu Tianchen would not hurt her, so she did not have her guard up around him.

The two talked for a while, Yue Xin’er knows that he is a merchant because he was on his way to the TianXiang Kingdom when he met with the storm, he saw her in the water and saved her, he also got someone to change her clothes. In fact, Yue Xin’er did not believe him, a merchant would not have the aura of a king, and his name reminds her of something she came across recently. However, since he refused to speak, then she did not ask, she believes that he has his own ideas! She did not tell him the truth as well. They could be considered equal. Only this appearance was actually seen by him, if something happened, she feared that he would not be able to place blame on her. So she asked him to find a veil to cover her face, but he rejected, and she had to tell her own difficulties to him. Even though he knew, he said: “It’s nonsense, you have been seen by me, and you want to cover your face, maybe it is better for me to be with you!”

After lying in bed for two days, her body finally recovered, she stretched and opened the door to walk out. It was noisy at the moment she opened the door. Everyone was shocked by her unique beauty, such god-like holiness, a white dress that looked like a fairy, a pair of crystal-like eyes, and an orchid imprint on her forehead, the whole person seems to be with a hint of charm with pure coldness. Her beauty could move a person’s heart and make a person feel as if they were in heaven, she seemed to have walked out of a painting.

Mu Tianchen felt regret, he should not have let her come out without wearing a veil, her shocking beauty would make everyone fall in love with her. At that moment, he felt that she would go with the wind and disappear from the world forever, so he hurriedly reached out and held her.

“Don’t go, Xin’er.” Mu Tianchen buried his head in her jade neck, as his lips whispered into her earlobe.

He never thought Yue Xin’er would push him on the board and take a few steps back to the side. Mu Tianchen did not expect Yue Xin’er to have such a reaction and was caught off guard. Looking at the beautiful woman again, her face was red, she looked at him with anger and annoyance. He couldn’t help but feel happy, this little girl really didn’t have a deep understanding of the world, seeing her shyness made one feel love and pity.

“Oh, Xin’er, I’ve fallen to death, are you trying to murder your husband?” Mu Tianchen turned his train of thought, he gave a look of being wronged to see how she would react, who knew she did not spare him a glance and walked back to her room. When Mu Tianchen saw her ignore him, he quickly got up, gave a wide smile and went in with her.

Yue Xin’er closed the door, leaving him outside, no matter how noisy he was she still refused to open the door, perhaps if he waited for a while, he would grow bored and leave. Thinking back, the scene of Mu Tianchen embracing her was on her mind, there was a strange feeling in her, it made her heart beat wildly and uncontrollably. Heavens, what happened to me? Did I my cultivation deviate to the demons? She closed her eyes, but the scene was now even clearer. She silently recited the《Jin Gang Sutra》, her mind becomes clearer, perhaps she should not get involved with him that much, after all, they got to know each other through a coincidence. Besides, it was imperative that they go to Southern We first, the people are awaiting salvation! She secretly made a decision, once they arrived in Southern Wei, she would part ways with him!

  • 《Jin Gang Sutra》: Buddhist scripture used to calm the heart and mind when recited

Looking at Mu Tianchen, when he enters the room, he realizes that she has suddenly intruded on the beauty, and he is afraid she will be there to discipline him. When he thinks of the beauty’s faint scent, his heart couldn’t help but skip a beat. He was not the type of person to fall in love with beauty, it was just certain factors, and gestures that confused him, he truly hugged her involuntarily. It seems that her charm really cannot be underestimated, it is no wonder that people would feel respect towards her.

On the other side, because Yue Xin’er had gotten swept away by the wave, her followers were worried, they left a ship and continued to search for her on the sea, the other boats were taken towards Southern Wei, they also got Crescent Moon Palace to help search. Although they were worried about her safety when they thought about what she had said at the beginning, she had a love for the people of her Kingdom, she was ready to go to Southern Wei to help the victims of natural disaster.

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