End of World’s Businessman Chapter 17.2

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Chapter 017.2 — Zombies BBQ [2]

Author: He Feng Yan
Translator: HeXie
Editor: Nevermind
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When Qin Wuhua knocked at the door and came in, he saw Wu Ye was warming up, fiddling with the salt bag in his hand with a smile on his face. Qin Wuhua just felt some unknown feeling within his heart, and then his tightened lips began to relax slowly.
“Wuhua, you came just in time!” Wu Ye crackled a lot, telling him all of his plans in one breath.
Although Qin Wuhua has never asked any questions about Wu Ye’s secrets, they ate and lived together. Coupled with the fact that he had occasionally overheard Wu Ye talking to the system when he was in the semi-comatose state, he was almost certain that the salt appeared out of thin air. It must’ve been exchanged by Wu Ye with some mysterious existence in some way.
All of that, Wu Ye’s salt, precious vaccine, zombie repellent and so on must’ve been exchanged by paying some kind of price. What would the price be, he wondered?
Wu Ye clearly knew that there were way too many zombies behind the zombie walls, and even if he killed those zombies, he still wouldn’t have had the time to collect the crystal nuclei. However he still insisted on doing those kind of work at all costs. Why?
Qin Wuhua had easily figured out the crux of the problem, but he didn’t ask any questions.The incendiary bombs are more expensive, and the price of self-made grenades is similar to normal hand grenades, only that the effect is limited, unlike the effect of military products. However, while the military product’s effects were great, they were very expensive and they are also strictly regulated. On that day only 3 grenades were seen on the black market, and the stall owner wanted 1000 crystals for them.”
Due to the virus and hunger the zombies had lost all wisdom and reason, but the virus itself was something that lay in between the ream of living and non-living organisms. The academic community was still unsure, hence it hadn’t reached a final verdict over it yet. However, it’s undeniable that some viruses possessed a certain survival instinct. This survival instinct was particularly evident in the D virus, which is beyond the current knowledge of the scientific community.
That was the reason why the zombies wouldn’t just stand foolishly in the fire for you to burn them. Even if they didn’t feel any pain, they could still instinctually distinguish the threat to their being, and tried to eliminate this threat to them.
The self-made incendiary bombs could burn and explode, and it played a lethal role for human beings, but it just wasn’t enough in the face of zombies.
Military incendiary bombs were different though, when it’s napalm fuel touched the body, it couldn’t be extinguished with water or fire. Zombies had the instinct propelling them to seek advantages and avoid harm. However, as a being with no wisdom, if they were touched by the incendiary bombs made by military, they would be done for.
Molotov cocktails were powerful defensive weapons for many settlements, and had successfully helped many bases tide through the zombie sieges. Of course the base defense usually used the napalm aerial bombs, weighing hundreds of thousands of jin, thus it had to be airdropped by an aircraft when it was being used. That kind of thing was very expensive, as such even the medium-sized bases while facing a crisis would be very reluctant to use them easily.
The black market sold the miniature versions, those were weighing only about 10 jin, and were loaded with thickened gasoline with thermite. The effect is similar to the napalm aerial bombs, but it’s power and range were much smaller, so the cost-effectiveness of using it alone was not as good as that of self-made incendiary bombs.
Wu Ye is a military enthusiast, and he knew the difference without a need for Qin Wuhua’s explanation. “If we can attract the zombies to one place first with things, and then use the hand mines to destroy some of the zombies movement…and if we use gasoline and molotov cocktails together, it should be able to kill a lot of zombies, right?”
There was a trace of appreciation in Qin Wuhua’s eyes as he listened to Wu Ye’s words. Indeed, Wu Ye’s plan could maximize the elimination rate of the zombies. “However, the zombies gathered at the zombies wall is too tightly packed together, and there are many second and quasi-third level zombies as well. Their reaction speed is very fast. We probably won’t have that much time to set that up.”
“Anyway, we don’t need to pick up those nuclei. If we make a good plan, we will certainly be able to do it. Even if we can’t do it alone, we can hire Yang Qi and Yang Li Na to help us.”
After this discussion, Qin Wuhua went to the black market in the afternoon, and sold all of the salt that was given to him by Wu Ye. He then bought 1 molotov cocktails, 10 hand grenades and then used all the remaining crystal nuclei on gasoline.
When he returned to the Lan Cheng base, it was getting dark outside. After dinner, Wu Ye contacted Yang Qi’s communication number using his device, and asked him and Yang Li Na to come to their house.
Yang Qi and Yang Li Na who had just returned from hunting outside, took a quick shower, changed into some clean clothes and them came over while eating some deep fried dough cake. 
They lived nearby, only one block away from Wu Ye and Qin Wuhua’s place, as such they didn’t manage to finish their deep fried dough cake by the time they had reached their place.
Wu Ye had already discussed his plan with Qin Wuhua and Ji Yun, hence he only needed to roughly explain his plan to Yang Qi and Yang Li Na.
Yang Qi didn’t understand why Wu Ye was doing this kind of thing, but he believed that he had a reason for doing so, but he still asked with uncertainty. “So, Li Na and I are responsible for using machine guns and an ability to expel the zombies? Is it that simple?”
“Yes, it’s as simple as this. When the mission is over, I’ll give you 300 crystals per person. That should be a good enough offer, right?”

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