End of World’s Businessman Chapter 17.1

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Chapter 017.1 — Zombies BBQ [1]

Author: He Feng Yan
Translator: HeXie
Editor: Nevermind
When the system told him that his dream was probably his lost memory, Wu Ye became depressed and wasn’t in the mood to use the nuclei to strengthen his genes anymore.
He really couldn’t figure out the reason why big brother did that.
If he was an ambitious man, his big brother’s action could’ve still made sense, but how could big brother not be clear about what I had, even though I myself was unclear about it? He was admitted to an ordinary university and majored in bad course. He had never considered going abroad for gold plating, nor was he interested in the old man’s company group at all.
His life goal was to live a comfortable life depending on the company’s dry dividend for the rest of his life. He never had the slightest idea of competing for the inheritance with his eldest brother.
T/N: Gold-plating: to make something ordinary seem special.
Besides, his mother also knew more about the virtue of laziness than the old man. She had never expected to do anything important. She just wanted to live peacefully and enjoy the good fortune that Wu Li couldn’t enjoy for him. And from what he can remember, his mother has treated all of them, a stepson or her real son, equally. Even Wu Li with his bad health was treated the same. Therefore, he dared to clap his chest in assurance to anyone that his mother had done nothing even remotely similar to her stepson like other stepmothers. But then why, just why did his eldest brother wants to get rid of him?
And for other people, Wu Ye is regarded as a white silk pants in the circle. He would use money to return money. In essence, he had always been a good law-abiding citizen who had never had any deep hatred with anyone. Apart of his eldest brother who phoned him in the middle of the night, no one else knew that he was not at his bed, and planned to go out. However, he really had no idea who would want his little life.
He had stayed here for more than twenty days now. What was the situation at home now?
When Ji Yun looked at Wu Ye today, he felt that something wasn’t right. Wu Ye’s whole person seemed to be surrounded by gloomy aura, his usually sparkling eyes hid repressed anger that looked ready to erupt at any moment, being able to horrify anyone who saw it. Thus, Ji Yun found a moment to ask Qin Wuhua in a low voice, “What happened to boss? Did anyone piss him off?”
Qin Wuhua shook his head and said, “Don’t worry about him, move the stuff first.” Saying that, Qin Wuhua’s eyes fell on Wu Ye’s body not far away, eyes dark and thoughtful.
“Ok.” When Ji Yun heard him say that, his intuition told him that it probably wasn’t a big deal. Hence he focused on the new house he’d just rented. When he thought about the new house his heart fluttered in excitement.
The newly rented house is located near the trading area of Lan Cheng base. The next street was the location of the Zombies Hunter’s Union, which made it really convenient for them. The house was located on the third floor, it had three rooms and a hall with air conditioning. Qin Wuhua also specially set aside a room as a studio for this teacher-student duo to work at. The house itself was not that big in terms of size, it was even called Qing Shui, but the wall itself was stained with ash colour as well. The good thing was that both water and electricity was connected to the house already. There should be a full range of furniture and electrical appliances as well. It was really much better than their slum house that they used to live in beforehand.
As he tidied up his and his master’s ‘treasures’, Ji Yun was deeply moved by the rare good luck he had. He now followed a good boss who gave them both rooms without charging them any rent, even though he himself had to pay full 30 crystal nuclei a day for it.
Since Wu Ye and Qin Wuhua didn’t have much stuff, they’ve finished packing up in less than half an hour, in contrast to Professor Li and Ji Yun, who just had too much stuff. Wu Ye really couldn’t fathom how they could pack up a truckload of things from their dilapidated house of no more than 10 square meters. 
It took them until two o’clock in the afternoon to get everything ready. Professor Li was so tired after all that due to his old age, that the task of cooking their meals naturally fell to Ji Yun. While Ji Yun’s craftsmanship was not one or two grades lower than Professor’s, Wu Ye was still in a bad mood. Even during the meal, lightning flashes and thunder rolls expression was etched on his face.
After the dinner, Ji Yun and Professor Li dived into the studio, and continued to play around with their zombie detector. Ji Yun had kept working on it during this period of time, collecting a lot of useful data, which would very likely help him succeed or even break through over this piece of technology.
Wu Ye returned to the room, and then exchanged all the points he had into salt in one breath, fully exchanging for 36 jin.
If he sold all this salt on the black market, he would get a net profit of more than 2000 crystal nuclei. With the remaining crystal nuclei on him, he would have around 3000 crystals. Wuhua said that the grenades sold in the black market cost around 100 crystals. With this kind of money he could afford 30 grenades! With the considerable density of zombies at the zombie fences, a hand grenade would be able to kill a lot of them. Right? If you combined the Molotov cocktails with the hot weather for these past two days, The zombies would get roasted and dehydrated even if they didn’t have any oils to use. Then again, if you used several of those incendiary devices coupled with using two barrels of gasoline, it’d be like a zombie BBQ or something. Don’t repeat this to others.
According to this plan, wouldn’t he make 1000 points in a minute!

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