End of World’s Businessman Chapter 14.2

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Chapter 014.2 — Tasks [2]

Author: He Feng Yan
Translator: HeXie
Editor: tattaro
Wu Ye’s brain went blank for a brief moment despite the absence of blood splatters.
At that critical moment, Yang Li Na’s metal power advanced to second level, allowing her to cover the surface of her skin with metal, successfully resisting the fatal blow from the wolf. However, the wolf was also able to tear a large piece of metal skin from her neck with its unusually sharp teeth.
When the wolf failed to strike her, it turned around and scratched the backs of Zhao Jianguo and Luo Yang, deep enough to see their bones.
The sounds of gunfire coupled with the screams of these two men filled the air. The wolf fell to the ground with an unwilling expression, its blood and brains spilled out, staining the ground with with red and white color.
The remaining five mutated wolves whimpered before they quickly turned around and rushed to escape into the dense forest on the mountain.
“Hey, motherf***er, why didn’t you do that earlier?” Zhao Jianguo gritted his teeth in pain. He was glad that he hadn’t hurt his spine, but on the other hand, he couldn’t help but complain to Qin Wuhua. Luo Yang also stared at him pointedly.
Yang Li Na withdrew her ability and covered her neck with her hands. Bright red liquid constantly oozed out from the gap of her fingers and her blood-soaked flesh was a frightening sight. She sneered bitterly as she said, “Had you reacted faster, you could have avoided that blow. If it wasn’t for Qin-Ge’s quick reaction, you two would’ve been corpses by now. You got saved, and yet you still dared to complain about the rescue being slow. Tsk, how right were they when they said that ‘People are invincible when they’re at the most shameless’.”
“Yang Li Na, what do you mean by that? Damn it!” Zhao Jianguo’s face was flushed, and it was unknown whether it was due to shame or anger.
“Li Na, I know that you’re still blaming me because of Zhang Ling…” Luo Yang saw how Yang Li Na’s ability had advanced and now he wanted to repair their relationship. After all, a second level metal ability, known for its combat effectiveness, is significantly more valuable than healing power which is ineffective in combat.
“Stop, pack up, and leave first. I’m not in the mood to talk to you.” Yang Li Na, who has seen Luo Yang’s true face, didn’t even want to say a word to him.
By this time, Ji Yun’s robot rats had already succeeded harvesting mutated honeysuckle. While this honeysuckle field didn’t look small, it only has three mutated species, one big and two small ones. When they mutate, honeysuckle vaguely looked like it had evolved from shrubs to trees. Its branches were more robust and upright and its leaves changed from soft green to dark green with hard saw-like edges. Also, the change in the color of its flowers to transparent crystal made it look even more enchanting than the ordinary honeysuckle. It’s unknown whether its evolution has taken a downward direction or whether the flower just had a low rank. It didn’t have the ability to attack like most mutant plants.
Just now, they fought with wolves quietly because they were afraid to disturb the other animals in the mountain and alert the wandering zombies nearby. Once they had successfully gotten mutated honeysuckle, they immediately carried the wolves’ corpses and plants down the mountain.
Qin Wuhua was very strong. On his own, he could drag four wolf corpses. Meanwhile, since Wu Ye did not help at all at the fight, he took the initiative to carry one wolf’s corpse. He gritted his teeth under the weight of ten kilograms on his shoulder. Ji Yun himself carried three honeysuckle flowers they got, while Yang Li Na and the others split up and surrounded them, wiping out zombies that approached before they could surround them. They smoothly arrived at their vehicles and escaped from the zombie siege.
“Yang Li Na, your neck is still bleeding, are you sure you don’t need Zhang Ling’s help?” Ji Yun had a good impression of Yang Li Na, hence he couldn’t help asking her when he saw that she was very pale.
Yang Li Na said, “She only heals when she wants to use her powers, when she doesn’t want to use it, what could you do? Besides, do you think she’ll be willing to treat me?” Yang Li Na has learned Zhang Ling’s willful nature more than once, she was simply too familiar with her. After speaking, she took out a roll of bandages from her backpack and simply wrapped up the wound that had just been cleaned. Then she took out two toy whistles from her bag and tied the sponge, which had just been used to clean her blood, to it.
“You really did not waste anything.” Wu Ye said.
“Being frugal is a virtue, little brother should learn it.”
“…” Could we cooperate pleasantly?!
“What are you going to do with the wolves’ bodies you just hunted?” Yang Li Na asked.
Wu Ye said, “Of course we’re going to take it back to the base and sell it. Why, do you have a better idea?” Wolf meat is a good thing. It had good taste, not to mention the complementary wolf skin could be good against the cold weather.
Yang Li Na shook her head and laughed, “You three are not familiar with Lan Cheng I see. Isn’t it a waste of time to take them back to the base and sell them?”
“If you don’t trade back in the base…is the rumor of the black market for abilities user true?” Ji Yun exclaimed. He had heard that there was a mysterious market outside Lan Cheng base, which was exclusively for dealing with abilities user without paying any taxes. Its existence was tacitly approved by the high level management of Lan Cheng base.
Lan Cheng base’s compromise is to attract and unite ability users. However, they naturally did not want ordinary people to know about it and so they set a trading area outside the base where they would not collect taxes. Hence, while they agreed to its existence, they put forward a clause that ability users should keep the existence of the black market to themselves.
Since many ability users thought highly of themselves, they thought they should not work with ordinary people. Half of the ability users themselves worked for the high-level management of Lan Cheng, making ability users happy to accept the terms of the higher-ups. Having ability was a prerequisite to enter the black market, and they only passed this information around from one ability user to another.

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