End of World’s Businessman Chapter 15.1

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Chapter 015.1 — Black Market [1]

Author: He Feng Yan
Translator: HeXie
Editor: tattaro
The Black Market of Ability Users was located inside an abandoned factory, right along the borders of the Lan Cheng territory’s safety zone. It appeared to be a desolate place, but after passing through its gates, one would immediately be greeted with the lively sight of a crowded clearing, packed with cars. An even livelier scene of bustle could be seen inside its several large warehouses.
Just like the vendors in any other trading areas within the base, sellers in the black market lay their goods on the ground and let people come and choose what they like. Once they have agreed on a price, each party would trade. But unlike the official trading area in the base, gold isn’t as popular a currency here. In fact, it had almost disappeared from circulation in this market. Instead, crystal nucleus and grains were the hard currency here. 
Both Wu Ye and Ji Yun were ordinary people, thus they were not qualified to enter the black market. They could only stay outside with Yang Li Na who was seriously injured.
Just as zombie’s crystal nuclei could help improve ability users’ strength, ability users’ flesh and blood could also greatly nourish zombies. Thus the black market, being a hub for ability users, had become a holy land for zombies following their acute senses. This is why wandering zombies always followed their scents and ended up gathering around the area. the zombies following their scents have gathered and formed a group, keeping ordinary people away, and making the black market even more hidden.
Wu Ye’s car was parked a few kilometers away from the black market and was relatively hidden. However, this did not stop some wandering zombies from accidentally passing by their hideout.
“…Sh*t! How come there’s another wave when the first one isn’t over yet?” Wu Ye swore and for the first time, he held a rifle, aimed it at the group of zombies, and fired it with no hesitation. Thanks to the excellent teaching course he traded with the system and a bit of training with from using bows and arrows, it didn’t take a long time before he could use the rifle decently. Forget about getting a perfect 10; For a beginner like him, taking down six or seven zombies using only 10 bullets was already quite a good achievement. However, his arms were not used to enduring recoils from the rifle, and so they ended up sore.
“Boss, hold on for a little longer. Qin-Ge and the others should be out soon.” Ji Yun’s marksmanship was very accurate, shooting with accuracy, absolutely hitting a zombie’s head each time. He’s like the sharpshooter deity in Celestial Empire, able to shoot down the zombies while talking.
Yang Li Na did not speak and only focused on absorbing the crystal nucleus to replenish her power. She would only act if there was a critical situation that Wu Ye and Ji Yun couldn’t handle.
Wu Ye pursed his lips and focused his attention on aiming, shooting, and aiming his rifle again. He was very tense that he did not notice the faint air current flowing quietly in his body.
After clearing the wave of zombies, Wu Ye stayed half-prone on with his rifle on top of the dump truck they rented, guarding on high alert against incoming waves. Meanwhile, Ji Yun jumped out of the dump truck to collect the loot and cut open zombie’s brains with a skill more superb than surgeons, quickly extracting one crystal nucleus after the other.
As time went by, zombie corpses piled up around the dump truck, forcing them to go hunting in another place.
“Boss, we’re running out of bullets,” Ji Yun said while looking at the continuous flow of zombies around him with a tight expression.
“It’s alright…” Originally Wu Ye wanted to say that they didn’t have to worry about bullets. However he stopped himself when he saw a familiar pickup from a distance driving towards them at full speed and changed his words, “It’s Wuhua and the others. They’re back!”
Qin Wuhua and Yang Qi were standing side by side on top of the car roof with their guns ready; faint sounds of muffled gunfire floated in the air while zombie corpses fell silently to the ground. With four guns working together, the zombies that had gathered around them were soon cleared. Ji Yun quickly jumped out of the truck to harvest the crystals nucleus again. While he was doing that, Qin Wuhua took a huge military green canvas bag from the car and approached Wu Ye.
“Have you sold all of it?” Wu Ye asked excitedly, his eyes sparkled, and he felt his exhaustion vanished in an instant.
“Yes,” Qin Wuhua nodded his head slightly and threw the backpack to Wu Ye. Wu Ye opened it and saw that the backpack was filled to the brim with crystal nuclei. There were transparent Level 1 crystals, pink-colored quasi-Level 2 nuclei, and even some quasi-Level 3 nuclei that flickered with orange light. These fingernail-sized nuclei were clearer than crystals and more attractive than diamonds. If they were fashioned into jewelry, they would absolutely drive countless women crazy.
However, these nuclei were ten million times more precious than crystal and diamonds. They represented power.
These nuclei contained tremendous and mysterious energy that could replenish ability users’ depleted energy and also enable lower-level ability users to break through their innate shackles so they climb up to the peak of power.
In this apocalypse age, power was more precious than food.
If clear crystals and brilliant diamonds could make women obsessed, these smelly crystal nuclei could turn all survivors crazy.

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