End of World’s Businessman Chapter 13.3

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Chapter 013.3 — A Small Trial Knife [3]

Author: He Feng Yan
Translator: HeXie
Editor: tattaro
Sure enough, when Wu Ye and Ji Yun came out of the union, these evolved people couldn’t help but sneer at them.
“Oh, to actually refuse Zhang Ling when he only had two ordinary people in his team. Ha! They’re even worse that Zhang Ling!” Zhao Guo Qiang was as hot tempered as his fire ability. He was the first person to jump in and fought for Zhang Ling. The pimples on his face were bright red, making his ordinary face uglier than normal.
Most of the beauties in the world were similar one way or the other. Looking at Zhang Ling briefly, Wu Ye thought her face and temperament vaguely resembled Lianyu. But before he could form a good impression of her, he heard Zhang Ling spoke, “Zhao-ge, my ability is truly poor. Qin-ge is right so don’t take it to heart. Besides, although Qin-ge’s friends are ordinary people, he still picked them into his team so there must be something remarkable about them, right, Qin-ge?”
Another woman from the other team sneered and gave a vague look at the man beside her, his complexion somewhat unsightly.
After all, this Zhang Ling was already cozying up to a man while she’s still in another man’s bed in front of knowing public. Who would be happy about that? 
Wu Ye was not fool. How could he not detect the flattery in Zhang Ling’s words? He liked Lianyu not only for her looks but also for her pure character. A woman like Zhang Ling was no good.
“I’ll be responsible for their safety,” Qin Wuhua said coldly.
The atmosphere immediately froze a little, so Ji Yun took the initiative to smooth things over. After some introductions, the color of the sky had almost turned bright. Everyone got on to their vehicles, ready to go.
Before getting on to their respective vehicles, Yang Li Na suddenly spoke, “Qin Wuhua, there’s still an empty seat in your car, can I join you?”
Yang Li Na’s facial features could be considered elegant at most. Her imposing air coupled with her tall, plump, and exquisite figure, outlined by her tight shirt and combat pants, exude a special charm.
Luo Yang expression turned dark as he said, “Li Na, stop making trouble.”
With an aggrieved expression, Zhang Ling said, “Li Na-jie, are you still angry with me and my eldest brother?
Zhao Guo Qiang chimed in and said “Yang Li Na, how many times had Zhang Ling apologized to you? Can’t you be considerate and forgive her already?”
Yang Li Na sneered, “I really can’t compare to you Zhao Guo Qiang. Ok, Zhang Ling, who are you acting for in this place? You have climbed on to my fiance’s bed, but I don’t even have the right to be angry? When we finish this task, we will go our separate ways.”
Wu Ye and Ji Yun looked at each other in astonishment. The amount of information spilled was just too much ah.
Qin Wuhua frowned slightly and instinctively knew that the task would not go smoothly. But at this point, many zombie hunters had already formed teams and finding replacements would not guarantee the same quality as the team he already has, he could only make do with this team for now.
Yang Qi, who had not spoken up to this point, suddenly spoke, “All right, talk less. If you have any problems, wait for the task to be finished. We’ll solve them when we return. Let’s go.” Yang Qi was Yang Li Na’s cousin, the eldest in the group and also the strongest ability user in the team. His words carried a considerable weight, that as soon as he spoke everyone stopped and got on board.
Yang Li Na and Wu Ye were on the same car. Ji Yun drove while she took the co-driver seat. After a while of silence, she apologized to Wu Ye and others saying, “Sorry, I got a little too excited. I shouldn’t have said so much just now.”
Wu Ye calmly consoled, “If you have pent-up feelings in your heart, you should vent it out rather than hold them in your heart. It would affect your performance. That kind of man should have been kicked out a long time ago. The next time anyone asks you to forgive her, just wish him to be eternally stuck together with his mistress, like glue.
“Why?” Yang Li Na was stunned as she looked at Wu Ye incredulously.
Wu Ye smiled triumphantly, revealing his small tiger teeth. “Haven’t you heard that whores match well with sluts? They stick together so well like glue and paint.” Wu Ye seemed to look like he’s fooling around, but he was in fact, heavily influenced by his parents. He placed great importance on relationships and family responsibilities. From deep within his heart, he looked down on homewreckers. 
Yang Li Na laughed, “You’re so funny, little brother.”
“…” Little brother…little your head!
Ji Yun saw Wu Ye’s green expression through the rearview mirror, and it was hard for him to hold back his laughter. Qin Wuhua smiled slightly and patted his back to console him.

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