End of World’s Businessman Chapter 022.3

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Chapter 022.3 — Planning [3]

Author: He Feng Yan
Translator: HeXie
Editor: Dry
After second young master Wu bought prince, he basically didn’t pay any attention to its other functions. He just used it to play the games in there.
On the contrary, it was Father Wu who first discovered that prince was powerful enough to replace Microsoft’s office software. It had a powerful enough voice recognition operating system, perfect data processing ability, and an intelligent assistant which was a humanized artificial intelligence. Even a person who couldn’t use a computer at all, as long as he could hit the power button, it wouldn’t be a problem to use it to compile a financial analysis of a listed company.
If you really wanted to speak of its shortcomings, the only deficiency he could see was that the prince used traditional chinese characters. So, for people who were used to reading simplified chinese characters, they would have to guess the meaning of the words. This was the only troublesome aspect.
However, as long as we mastered the artificial intelligence programming language, and wrote and loaded a simplified word program, it was not a big problem at all.
Ah Li was fond of holding a tablet computer. Under prince’s instructions, he started a single player ranch farming game and had a lot of fun with it.
Father Wu had already predicted what kind of storm this junior artificial intelligence would set off on Earth. “With our current technology, can we decipher prince’s program?” He asked excitedly.
Wu Ye shook his head: “I’m not majoring in computer science. How would I know? Anyway, there’s no need to rush in researching and developing artificial intelligence. First thing we should do is solve the group’s affairs and then we should discuss our long-term plan.” 
Previously, what Wu Ye wanted to do after returning was to find some professionals to decipher the artificial intelligence program’s structure. Now that he still had to return to the zombie world, why did he have to go that far? He only needed to find some senior program engineers directly over there, have them write the program, and bring it back to his original world. That way, it’d be much more safe, and also eliminated the risk of the secret leaking to others.
On this side, even if you offered a salary of one million a year to hire a senior engineer, they were not going to necessarily be willing to come and produce results. Besides, in the future, whether they could control the patent under their own hands was still up in the air, which meant that it was not certain if they’d be making a wedding dress for others in vain.
However, on the zombie’s world, Wu Ye dared to pat his chest and promised that as long as they could eat three meals a day, a large number of people would cry and beg to work for him. If you could add two extra meals of meat for them, then there’d be no shortage of high level talented people to choose from. That would treat him like a monarch. Why would he be afraid that he wouldn’t be able to produce artificial intelligence?
In the past, Wu Ye was hell bent on going back home to his world to live as a carefree silk-worm bug. So he only wanted to kill zombies and earn points, but he never thought of anything else in the zombie’s world at all. Now, after a series of events, he could really see the huge business opportunities buried in the zombie’s world.
Of course, Second young master Wu was not greedy. As long as he could save enough to exchange for the gene repair solution so he could treat his brother, and got the core program of artificial intelligence, he would never return back to the zombie world.
There were many people in the hospital. From time to time, doctors and nurses would come in to check Wu Li’s condition and change his medicine. However, Wu Ye was concentrating on playing games with his little brother and didn’t mention anything else.
In the afternoon, after Wu Li fell asleep, Wu Ye and their father went home to deal with things, while Mother Wu decided to stay in the hospital to accompany Wu Li.
All the funds available to Father Wu were used to find out Wu Ye’s location, and to cure Wu Li. Now that he only had around ten thousand dollars in cash left in his hand, the most urgent task was to sell of all the gold that Wu Ye had brought back. Since Father Wu had started his business from scratch, he had made many friends during his journey to this point in time, and he was also a kind person. So, even if he was down now, there were still many people willing to give him face.
Therefore, after a few phone calls, he quickly found a friend who’s willing to help him sell all of the gold. Therefore, he told Wu Ye before he went out with the things on his back.
Not having anything to do, Wu Ye took a taxi to the apartment he owned, to check whether Lian Yu, irrespective of her willingness, had moved out or not. Laughably, before she left, she also left a letter on the coffee table in the living room. Shaking his head, Wu Ye simply threw the letter into the dustbin without ever reading it.
Wu Ye then took out the previously backed up address book, before calling his friends one by one. He made it clear to them that he had an apartment to sell. So, if they wanted to buy it, they would need to come and have a look.
After a round of phone calls, Wu Ye finally realized the true meaning of ‘Tiger fell in Ping Yang’. Those guys who he treated like his own brothers now avoided him like the plague. Some who were more courteous would refuse him in a roundabout way, while others would impolitely hang up on him before he could even finish his sentence. 
T/N: ‘Tiger fell in Ping Yang’ is incomplete idiom. The complete idiom means that when the tiger left its mountain, it fell into a ditch and was trapped. At that state even a dog could bully the tiger. A metaphor for a powerful person who has lost his power or advantage.
“Motherf***er, bunch of bastards, Lao zi finally saw through your character.”
Wu Ye touched his nose, dejected. Fortunately, he had several close male friends who are willing to provide help when he needed it. Half an hour later, there were four people in the apartment, all of them were ones who were closest to him.

HEXIE: Sorry, due to real life… aka: being paranoid as hell and my mom’s getting ill, I’m late in delivering.

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