End of World’s Businessman Chapter 022.4

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Chapter 022.4 — Planning [4]

Author: He Feng Yan
Translator: HeXie
Editor: Dry
Pang Zhi was the first to arrive, he was about the same height as Wu Ye. However, his body was three to four times bigger than Wu Ye’s. His nickname was Fatty. Pang Zhi and Wu Ye had been in the same class since they were in kindergarten all the way until they were in high school. Occasionally, they also shared the same table with each other. Thus, their bond was the strongest.
Fatty’s family ran supermarkets and dozens of large and small chain stores, but their development was limited in the province. So, compared with Wu Ye’s other friends, his family was not that rich. However, Wu Ye still included him into his circle and played with him. Pang Zhi was happy, but his mind was more astute than Wu Ye’s in regards to money matters. Through Wu Ye, he made a lot of connections, and completely shocked the illegitimate children his father brought back from the outside. 
Wu Ye disappeared when something happened to the Wu family. This was an irrefutable fact. And, when that happened, regardless of the reason, he was definitely the one who was most worried about him besides his own family.
Hua Peng was three years older than Wu Ye. He was the son of Wu Yong’s friend. He worked in foreign trade from home. He was an only child who had grown up and whose parents were deeply in love with each other. So, his home life was relatively clean with not much disturbance. In that way, he grew up riding the tail wind and sailing along the currents. 
A few years ago, he was also like Wu Ye, a lazy second-generation young master who only knew to play and not work at all. However, after graduating from college, he was thrown into the company by his old man to start at the entry level. After two or three years of working, he obviously had grown up a lot.
Qiu Xiao Hao is Hua Peng’s cousin, and his family made electronic components. He always had a cooperative relationship with the Wu family. He was born half a month earlier than Wu Ye, and always regarded himself as Wu Ye’s brother. When he was a child, he often had  fights with Wu Ye, and they often beat each other to pieces. After the fight, they would have a good time playing with each other. He also chased after Lian Yu with Wu Ye.
However, unlike Wu Ye, Qiu Xiao Hao had no attachment to beautiful woman, so he only chased after Lian Yu for half a semester in high school. Since Lian Yu didn’t respond to him, he turned around and extended his claws to a beautiful junior sister. After graduating from high school, he went directly to the United States to gold-plate himself. Now, he was studying for a master’s degree in business at an Ivy League University. When he heard that Wu Ye had disappeared from Wu family, he hurried back and returned.
Li Jing Zhou was Wu Ye’s college classmate. He was originally in the same dormitory as Wu Ye before Wu Ye bought a house outside. So, after freshman year, Wu Ye never went back to the dormitory to live there. Li Jing Zhou’s academic performance was good. He was also popular and served as class monitor. Wu Ye often asked him for help like copying homework, helped answer some questions, helped asked for leave, and so on.
Wu Ye accidentally learned that his family was not well off, so to return the favor Wu Ye begged his eldest brother to arrange Li Jing Zhou to enter the company for an internship after he helped with his work-study program in the school cafeteria. At first, Wu Ye didn’t think that he’d make any achievements, but Li Jing Zhou did have the ability. Within the two years of college, he unexpectedly advanced from being the handyman of the logistic department to becoming the deputy director of the logistics department.
There were so many things that had happened in this month that Wu Ye had to be more thoughtful, no matter how careless he was before. Pang Zhi, Hua Peng, and Qiu Xiao Hao, these three didn’t count. They could be called childhood friends who played together in open crotch pants after all. Li Jing Zhou was different. Although he himself had recommended him to join the company, he had been working under Wu Sen for the past two or three years. Furthermore, at such a young age, he got into the position of deputy director, Wu Ye really couldn’t help but be suspicious of him.
In the face of everyone’s curiosity, Wu Ye said nonsense. He said that he had met an expert who must get him as an apprentice to teach him the way of the immortal. Unfortunately, he was reluctant to leave the mortal world, especially his beautiful friends, so he snuck back.
“Little Ye, you braggart. I think you’re obsessed with novels. Why didn’t you say that you met a thousand-year-old vixen who insisted on marrying you?” Qiu Xiao Hao scoffed at the bullshit that Wu Ye was trying to feed them.
“Do you think everyone’s like you? All day long, are women the only ones on your mind? When you die during s*xual intercourse, don’t say that you knew me. We can’t afford that, man.” Wu Ye said positively. 
“Anyway, let’s not talk about that. I’m inviting you here to sell this apartment today. I bought and decorated this apartment, which cost more than 12 million yuan in total. Yesterday, I saw a flat in the property management center, which is similar to my area’s apartment type and decoration. The listing price is 14 million yuan. You should have heard about my family. Right now I need money urgently, so I’ll sell the apartment to you for 10 million yuan. Please spend some time and think before turning away. Consider the money earned as a reward for helping your brother.”

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