End of World’s Businessman Chapter 22.2

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Chapter 022.2 — Planning [2]

Author: He Feng Yan
Translator: HeXie
Editor: Dry
When Mother Wu got up, she found that Wu Ye was not at home and immediately became anxious and agitated. At that moment, Wu Ye had come back from the outside with a bag of steamed buns. He still had one in his mouth before he spoke in an inarticulate manner, “Mom, I specially went to An Huai Street to buy these obscure steamed buns. The taste is still the same, delicious. It’s still hot, you and the old man should eat it while it’s still hot. After eating, we’ll go see Ah Li. He likes to eat the steamed bun from that store. We can tease him with this later.”
Mother Wu was so angry that she became speechless. Yesterday, she thought that her son had grown up and became sensible. Nevertheless, after sleeping, she felt like her son was still the same young man he was in the past.
“You only know how to eat. Don’t you know how to inform us if you go out? Will you die if you don’t inform us with your cell phone?”
“Mom, you’re a very smart intellectual who came from a scholarly family. How could you curse people easily? You’re not still going through menopause, are you?” Mother Wu was an early overseas returnee from the United states. A lot of her relatives worked as lecturers and professors, and had taught a lot of people. It was not an exaggeration to call her family a scholar family.
“Son of a b*tch, you’re still full of enthusiasm, aren’t you? Your mother didn’t see you in the morning, of course she will be worried to death. Yet, you still provoke her.” Father Wu scolded.
“The big bullying the many and the many bullying the few.” Wu Ye murmured. He who rarely went to the kitchen, went there to get a big bowl for the steamed buns. He poured the hot steamed buns into the bowl. When he saw the eight treasures porridge being stewed on the usually unused gas stove, he immediately drooled.
Mother Wu’s cooking skill was not very good. However, her ability to simmer soup that was passed down from her ancestors was very commendable. Incidentally, that particular cooking skill also included porridge.
Wu Ye ate no less than two big bowls before he was satisfied and his forehead was covered  in sweat, only slipping away when his stomach became round. He put some of the food into the heat-insulated lunch box. He planned to bring it to the hospital to give to Wu Li, accompanied by their parents.
Wu Li’s psychological strength was much better than what Wu Yi expected. Even when he saw his brother who had been missing for a month, there was no sign of being shocked to the point his illness relapsed. Instead he looked excited. Before they came in, the doctor had already examined him and saw that his condition had stabilized and his consciousness was clear. So, the doctor didn’t mind removing his oxygen mask for him when he first asked for it.
“Second brother, I knew that you’d be alright! I’ve said time and time again that ‘fortune favors the fools’ and you obviously qualify as a fool, but mom and dad don’t believe in me.” Wu Li was too thin, so his eyes looked particularly big, though when he smiled, it looked as beautiful as the crescent moon. He didn’t sound worried at all. However, it was his hand that showed Wu Ye what he truly felt. His hands were as thin as a chicken’s paw, and when they clung tightly onto Wu Ye’s hand, he could feel the gently quivering fingertips that revealed his fear.
“There is no ivory in the dog’s mouth,” Wu Ye scolded as he gently rubbed Wu Li’s soft hair, and sighed, “Well, it’s not going to be easy trying to fatten you up again. You really don’t look like a tiger at all right now. I only sees a little kitten.”
Wu Li glared at Wu Ye, hitting his claws: “You look like a cat, and your dog can’t spit ivory out of its mouth.”
“Your brother is just getting better, don’t tease him.” Mother Wu poured the stewed porridge into the bowl and was about to feed Ah Li, but he disliked it.
“I want second brother to feed me.” Wu Li had very limited contact with other people, and was well-protected by his family. So, although he was 16 years old, he was still childish and willful, especially in front of Wu Ye.
Second master Wu could do nothing else except to comply with his younger brother’s wish. His skill in serving his little brother was absolutely first-class, so he soon fed Wu Li.
“Ah Li, look, I brought you something good.” Wu Ye took out the tablet from his backpack, and raised it proudly.
Under Ah Li’s surprised eyes, Wu Ye turned on the power switch. A few seconds later, the chubby prince sat in the middle of the screen, his fat claws rubbing his fluffy eyes, before speaking with a milky voice, “Good morning, master.”
“What is this?” Ah Li asked with surprise, and he was not the only one. Even Father Wu and Mother Wu looked at it in surprise.
“Prince, introduce yourself to them.” Wu Ye had an ostentatious smile on his face as he said this.
Prince nodded and stood up, looking very humanized. He was wearing a beautiful little suit, and made a standard bow. “My name is Prince,” he said in his milky voice. “I am the third generation of artificial intelligence launched by the Qing Yu Group. I can do many things other artificial intelligence can’t do, and for the things that other artificial intelligence can do, I can do it too.”
Wu Li asked him: “What else can you do?”
Prince solemnly said with a small chubby face: “Act cute.”
“Pu——” In that instant, Ah Li broke into loud laughter. The little guy was so funny.
Soon, under Prince’s guidance, not only Wu Li, but also Father Wu and Mother Wu were able to learn the basic operation of the tablet.

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