Chapter 8: Choose


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-Chapter 8 (Descent of the God of Magic)-

In the blink of an eye, out of the 3 formidable dark elf warriors, only one was left.

Link didn’t know what other people would think, but after smoothly killing Ryan Giggs, he heaved a sigh of relief.

This aspect was one of his strengths. By making use of Ryan Giggs’s arrogance and contempt of him, Ryan Giggs had continuously thought that he was able to kill Link easily, never treating Link as a proper opponent.

From a view of a gamer, he was too unrestrained. Currently, Link still had 2 free points and 5 mana. Without hesitation, he converted the rest of the free points into mana. Now, his mana capacity was 81, and he had 25 mana.

25 mana points was sufficient enough to deal with the last dark elf warrior called Terry.

Link turned and stared at Terry, the magic wand in his hand pointing at him. The faint glow of an enchantment begin to light up at the tip of the magic wand.

He was waiting for Terry to go on the offensive.

Terry was only a level 2 warrior, as long as Terry started attacking, he would find an opening and strike a fatal blow, just like how he had ended Hughman and his commander Ryan Giggs.

However, he never expected Terry to swallow his saliva and actually retreat, withdrawing more than 10 meters in an instant. Terry turned his shoulder and ran extremely fast, disappearing in the darkness.

Looks like his courage had dissipated, to think he was scared away.

‘This rascal is definitely going to call for reinforcements. I better hurry.’ Link understood the actions of Terry very well as there were many dark elves in the magic academy.

He beckoned towards Celine who was still in the shadows. “Quick, we must immediately leave this place.”

The transmission tower was still towering in front of them, undisturbed. It was time to leave.

Celine walked out of the shadows, her azure blue eyes sparkling unusually. “Link, your use of magic is impressive, even better than anybody I’ve met by far.”

Her expression didn’t have a trace of fear, instead full of admiration for Link.

This was rather strange. Link felt a strong sense of familiarity when she smiled.

‘This Celine is definitely not your normal person, I have definitely met her somewhere.’

“Hey, what are you blanking out for? If we don’t leave now it will get dangerous.” Celine patted Link’s shoulder, waking him up from his thoughts.

“Eh, okay.”

The situation was pressing, so Link didn’t think any more, following after Celine into the transmission tower.

Following from behind Celine, he could see her figure. Her perfect, straight legs, and the fluffy ponytail that swayed when she walked. Her charming figure involuntarily made Link lose his concentration again for a moment.

He suddenly remembered. This Celine, she looked like a human, but was actually a demoness! In the previous game world, she was a npc demoness, and had walked into his heart.

(Even this guy has waifus)

This demoness’s name was Celine. She was the demon princess, one of the 4 beauties in the game. Her mother was a human, but her father was the reputed half god, abyssal lord Nosama. This was the same guy that Link took himself down with.

In the previous game, to defeat the final boss, you needed to complete an extremely complex mission. This mission was about Celine.

As a hybrid demon, Celine possessed extreme innate talent. At a tender age, she was already middle legendary ranked. Naturally, abyssal lord Nosama would not allow a daughter with boundless potential to wander around in the secular world. He had sent many demon lackeys to capture and bring Celine back to the abyss. For this reason, Nosama had not hesitated to kill her human mother.

Sice then, Celine and her father had developed boundless animosity for each other. From infancy, she had evaded Nosama’s pursuits until Nosama himself had to enter the continent of Feloma. Unable to escape, Celine started to counterattack.

“I am unable to choose my family background, but I am able to choose my path!”

“My father? Hmph! He is a piece of shit in the abyss!”

“I vow that I will definitely kill him!”

“Eh, Link, you’re an interesting magician, honestly, I think I’ve fallen for you. Hehe, will you take me seriously?”

“Idiot, I love the foolish looks on humans the most!”

The sentences that Celine had said in the previous game world repeated themselves in Link’s brain. Every scowl, every smile, they had all clearly imprinted themselves in Link’s heart.

Although she was only a NPC, the game company had portrayed her extremely meticulously. Her suffering, her persistence, and her mischevious character. Her devastating looks that could throw everyone crazy had her known to players as ‘the beautiful evil’, it had all deeply captivated Link.

For a long time, Link had almost developed feelings and wished for her to be real.

However, Link recovered very fast.

He knew that the Celine before him probably wasn’t the reputed demon princess, because he remembered that the Celine in his memories had pupils as dark as the night, and thick black hair. Beneath her red lips, a pair of small canine teeth would be faintly seen and on her forehead, there would be two cute moles. This Celine had azure blue eyes, and was totally different from her.

‘I’m crazy, actually losing concentration because of her at a time like this. She’s only a NPC in the game. Even if she were in this world, she wouldn’t be identical to a human.’

As that unforgettable longing returned to Link’s heart, he continued following Celine into the transmission tower.

There was a hall in the tower’s interior. Countless runes were drawn onto the floor. At the hall’s 4 corners lay 4 spike structures, the tip of each structure sparkling like water.

This was a smaller transmission tower. The transmission tower only had a one time use as the runes could only be used once.

Looking at the transmission runes, the game system’s mission appeared in his mind again.

Block the transmission, prevent the dark elves from communicating with the dark elf army outside the city. The mission’s goal was extremely clear: it was to delay the time taken for the dark elf army to arrive.

Even if he could only delay them for 1-2 hours, it was enough aa that time was very precious. As the dark elves’ operstion relied on a surprise attack, every second counted. The more time they wasted, the more likely something out of their expectations could happen in Glaston city that could turn the tables.

Originally, Link considered abandoning the mission. However, after seeing countless people die and destruction, he hesitated in abandoning it.

‘Perhaps I could destroy this transmission tower, I might save more people that way.’ Link thought in his heart.

Celine’s voice rang out again. “Hey, are you okay? Why are you always daydreaming? Quick, I’m leaving, follow me.”

She was already standing on the transmission runes.

Link raised his head and looked at her. Her beautiful face seemed to merge togeher with the demon princess’s face, deeply touching Link’s heart.

‘Right, the transmission runes must be destroyed. In this way, the dark elves will have no way to signal the army to attack the city. Once I have 20 free points, I can find an alternative way to escape.’

Link decided resolutely that he must destroy the transmission tower and complete the mission.

Of course, he could not tell Celine that; he had a feeling that she would definitely stay behind with him to fight if he mentioned it. This was too dangerous.

Link grinned faintly. “I found an interesting magic print just now. You can go first, I’ll follow after I’m done studying it. You can use the transmission runes first.”*

*(Author put that Link had thought of an interesting magic problem so he wanted to stay behind and ponder it. I thought it was retarded so I edited it)

Activating the transmission runes was very easy, all one needed to do was to inject some magic into it.

Link’s magic wand tapped on the transmission runes. The 4 spike structures at each corner of the room instantly lit up, shooting 4 white pillars of light into the main transmission print at the ceiling of the hall. The big transmission print was instantly activated, filling up the innumerable other transmission runes on the ground with white light. Pillars of white light shot down from it, enveloping Celine in them.

Celine’s figure was instantly drowned out by the white light. When the white light faded, there was nobody to be seen on the transmission runes.

(She rly didn’t know the transmission runes were one time use i guess)

The last danger was gone. Link heaved a sigh of relief.

Link attempted activating it again. Just as before, the 4 spike structures at the corners of the room shot out white pillars of light. However, this time, nothing was transmitted yet.

After activating the transmission runes, Link turned and ran out of the big hall. When he reached 30 meters away, the mysterious main transmission print at the ceiling of the hall shot down white light once again onto the smaller transmission runes.

At this moment, Link turned and released a fireball spell at the transmission runes.

The transmission tower was a delicate and intricately designed building, destroying it was no mean feat. All one needed to do was send a small level 0 spell at the transmission runes while it was activated, which would cause it massive damage.

There was a prohibition on the use of magic within 30 meters of the transmission tower in the academy.


The incandescent fireball landed on the transmission runes, splitting the white light into its original magic form. When the white pillars of light shot down, they got disrupted by the magic. ‘Hong’ The main transmission print immediately blew up.

This explosion started a chain reaction. The entire magic storage of the transmission tower lost control.

‘Hong’ ‘Hong’ ‘Hong’

Long cracks appeared on the walls of the transmission tower. The more transmission runes going out of control, the more the magic lost control.

“Rumble~” Under the flickering light, the transmission tower was transformed into a pile of debris and detritus.

Link was already far away. He returned to the previous tree, hiding behind in the shadow of an ancient tree and using a lesser invisibility magic spell.

The transmission tower’s large collapse alerted many dark elf assassins. The dark elf assassins knew the importance of the transmission tower, immediately rushing towards the ruins of the transmission tower.

Hidden in the shadows, looking at a dark elf assassin who had come running, Link heard a notification from the game system in his mind.

Mission: ‘Stopping communication’ completed.

Player Link has received 20 free points.

Third mission: Escape.

Mission description: Escape from the dark elf assassins’ pursuit.

Mission reward: 20 free points.

Looking at the description, Link forced out a bitter smile. The city was full of dark elf assassins. He had killed the appointed commander Ryan Giggs of their mission and blew up the transmission tower. The most crucial point was that he had let the dark warrior Terry run away. He had probably already been surrounded.

All the dark elf assassins in the academy were definitely finding him – no, not just the dark elf assassins. After a while, a dark elf magician would probably come to the transmission tower to use the transmission runes. When the dark elf magician finds out that the transmission tower was in ruins, he would join the ranks (of dark elf assassins) and join the search.

Thinking about a magician that he had met before in his previous game world, the bitter smile on Link’s face became more pronounced.

That dark elf probably wasn’t the warm and kind type of academic magician, he was probably the real deal; a war magician. In the black forest, the lowest ranked magicians were ranked 2 crack troops.

In the competition between war magicians, status determined superiority. That magician would be his most scary opponent tonight.

‘Thank goodness, I have 20 free points. I don’t need to kill my opponents, just escaping from my pursuers will do. I still have a chance.’

Glaston city, suburbs.

In the dark night, a white light suddenly streaked across. A person’s figure appeared out of nowhere. This was Celine.

After Celine appeared, she moved away to one side, patiently waiting.

After half a minute gone by, there was no white light. A minute went by, and the glaring white light once again appeared, but it wasn’t at the distant suburbs, and instead at the magic academy.

Celine stared blankly, looking at the blinding radiance of the magic academy, feeling great waves of magic fluctuation. She immediately guessed what had happened there, and understood Link’s intention.

“He didn’t come, he destroyed the transmission tower as he was afraid the dark elves would borrow the transmission runes to pursue me. I am safe now, but he has sunken into even deeper danger.”

At this instance, Celine felt that she was very stupid.

“I found an interesting rune just now. You can go first, I’ll follow after I’m done studying it. You can use the transmission runes first.” When that youth had said these words, he was grinning.

At this moment, she understood that grin.

“Idiot! Fool! Smart aleck! Now I have to go save you!” Celine stamped her feet, firmly deciding. “No matter what, I have to go save him.”

From young till now, she had always grown up alone, except for her mother, nobody had ever been this nice to her.

-Chapter 8 end-

Except for her mother eh…sounds familiar. Hope you enjoyed this, I procrastinated for a while cause I wanted to read manga but decided to finish it on the weekends. Do share your thoughts in the comments below ? I too, am a fellow reader of this work (I read while tling so I know no spoilers) and I enjoy seeing your thoughts and theories of what’s to come next.

Constructive criticism is also welcome (and recommended) along with any spotted errors in comments ? Thanks

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