Descent of the God of Magic



Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Translator: Cc

Editor:  Akshaythedon

Descent of the God of Magic is a completed novel written by 墨乡. It consists of 769 chapters and is an action-packed novel with epic fight scenes and plot. It is well-paced and the plot is unique although it uses the typical op mc template. It sounds like the typical ‘transported to another world’ genre —and it is— but it is also a well-polished one with characters that you actually remember. Everything is well delivered; character development, backstory, etc. Give the first few chapters a try. Trust me, you’ll enjoy it unless you detest the Xianxia genre in general. And yes, there are waifus. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


The number one magician in the game, Link, led his group to defeat the final boss: Ruler of the Abyss, Nosamax. Then, a cinematic appeared.

It was a very simple one. There was an endless void, and within the emptiness there was a self-proclaimed Ruler of Light — a dim globe of light.

“Link, are you willing to save the continent of Feiloma from the envelopment of darkness?” asked the Ruler of Light.

Of course, in reality, he wouldn’t dream of agreeing to such a laden mission. However, couldn’t he give it a shot in the game?

“I am willing!” Link replied in deadly earnest.

“Then go ahead.”

And thus, Link was thrown into the miserable continent of Feiloma.


Link, the strongest magician in the game led his group to defeat the final boss of the game. (Nosamax) There, he was transported into the parallel game world by the Ruler of Light to save the game world.


*Chapter 1 was translated by Flower Bridge Too while chapters 2 — 6 were translated by Wuxialovers.

Glossary/Wikipedia for DGM

Chapters 1-27 The Longest Night

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: The Crescent Moon Wand

Chapter 3: The Magician’s Journey

Chapter 4: Bloody Assassin

Chapter 5: Magician’s First Combat

Chapter 6: Survival or Mission

Chapter 7: Who’s playing with who?

Chapter 8: Choose

Chapter 9: Dark Elf Magician Holm

Chapter 10: The Third Military Department

Chapter 11: Rescuing the Legendary Assassin (1/3)

Chapter 12: Rescuing the Legendary Assassin (2/3)

Chapter 13: Rescuing the Legendary Assassin (3/3)

Chapter 14: Breaking the Encirclement

Chapter 15: Summoning the Hailstorm

Chapter 16: Staking Everything!

Chapter 17: He must be stopped!

Chapter 18: Formidable magic technique

Chapter 19: We meet once again, Demon Princess

Chapter 20: The Solitary Vagabond

Chapter 21: The Final Mission

Chapter 22: A race against time!

Chapter 23: Treasure of the Academy

Chapter 24: Battle of the Ramparts

Chapter 25: The Unparalleled Dark Elf Marshal

Chapter 26: Flame! Burst!

Chapter 27: Daybreak has Arrived

Chapters 28-154 Academy Life

Chapter 28: Departure, and a new beginning

Chapter 29: The Undying Role of the Lead

Chapter 30: The First Level 0 Spell (1/2)

Chapter 31: The First Level 0 Spell (2/2)

Chapter 32: Even in a cruel world, there is still sunshine (1/2)

Chapter 33: Even in a cruel world, there is still sunshine (2/2)

Chapter 34: From the stones to the sun and stars, as well as all living things

Chapter 35: Link’s ‘Glass Pearl’!

Chapter 36: Bandit trouble in the forest

Chapter 37: Terrifying Glass Pearls

Chapter 38: Let’s storm!

Chapter 39: Witt, I am your dad!

Chapter 40: One Wave

Chapter 41: Advancing like Lightning!

Chapter 42: Demonised Witt! (1/4)

Chapter 43: Demonised Witt! (2/4)

Chapter 44: Demonised Witt! (3/4)

Chapter 45: Demonised Witt! (4/4)

Chapter 46: Bandits’ Treasure (2,000 received)

Chapter 47: Witt’s Erotic Diary

Chapter 48: Ancient Questions (3/4)

Chapter 49: I’ll give you one chance (4/4)

Chapter 50: The First Followers (Requirement)

Chapter 51: My Brother! (Top)

Chapter 52: My Brother! (Middle)

Chapter 53: My Brother! (Bottom, 1/3)

Chapter 54: Link’s Whistle (2/3)

Chapter 55: Syndicate (3/3)

Chapter 56: Unexpected Encounter

Chapter 57: Powerful Assistance

Chapter 58: Truly an Unwavering Maiden

Chapter 59: Let the Magic Roar (1/2)

Chapter 60: Let the Magic Roar (2/2)

Chapter 61: Long Distance Magic Attacks

Chapter 62: A Battle of Wit


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