Chapter 45: Demonised Witt (4/4)

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-Chapter 45-

Demonised Witt possessed extraordinary strength, and his movements were quick. Furthermore, he held the battle skill ‘blink dodge’. When he charged towards Link, he had instantly controlled the flow of the battle.

Whoever he wanted to attack would get attacked. Nobody would be able to obstruct him!

At least it seemed that way on the surface.

Before, the three mercenaries had beaten Witt until he was battered and bruised. But just when it looked like they were getting the upper hand, the situation had did a 180. Link was in terrible danger.

Although Hank and Lucy had reacted almost instantly, it was impossible to stop Witt in time.

Even Hank’s charge required at least half a second to reach Link’s body. However, this was enough for Witt to kill Link three times over. This went the same for Lucy; although she was quick on her feet her power was lacking compared to Hank. She was just as helpless as Hank.

“Protect him!”

Hank screamed at Greedin. The fight just now had more than proven that they were not demonised Witt’s opponents at all. Once Link died, the three of them would follow!

The archer Greedin was very clear on the importance of Link’s power. Using the bow in his hands as a wooden stick, he lashed out at Witt in the hopes of buying time.

“You can die too!”

Witt ignored the longbow, stabbing his dagger at Greedin. Greedin was an archer, and close quarter combats were not his cup of tea. Witt did not bother casting another ‘blink dodge’.

Against Witt’s attacks, Greedin could not dodge in time. When it seemed like all was lost, a burst of flames saved the day. Link had shot two fireballs; one into Witt’s arm, and the other into Witt’s face. Witt had once again been successfully blocked!

Greedin instinctively backed away, and Link lost his final protection.

“Fucker! You’re still saving their asses? Then let’s see who saves you!” Witt roared.

“You can go to hell!” Witt laughed maliciously, casting a dagger into the heart of Link…Link’s substitute.

But why did Witt attack Link’s substitute?

The second Witt cast his ‘blink dodge’, Link had immediately acted. As a magician, he was extremely sensitive to high speed battle skills like these. Link had furtively retreated a few steps, allowing the substitute to step forward in front of him.

In a fierce fight, it was pure instinct to attack the closest target to you.

In Witt’s eyes, they were a twin pair of magicians, and he had to kill both of them. Hence, he did not care which magician he killed. The closest one would eat his blade!

However, the instant the dagger entered the substitute’s body, Witt felt something was up.

Witt lived with blood on his hands, and he was familiar with the feeling of his dagger digging into the soft flesh of the human body. However, the feeling he had now was like he was sticking his dagger into a tough clump of soil instead of a human.

“What?” Witt blinked.

Link released his maintaining of the substitution magic. The magic began to disintegrate, turning into a pile of silt. It was only at this moment did Witt realise that he had made a mortal mistake.

“Glass pearl!” Link growled. A blue pearl appeared. Link burst out with his full strength. In an instant of work, before even half a second had passed, 9 blue spots of light had appeared in the air.

They divided themselves into two groups. The first shot towards Witt’s face while the second aimed for Witt’s wound on his arm.

Like Greedin, his motive was not to kill, but instead to buy enough time for Hank and Lucy to return to their sides.

For that rapid burst of casting, Link had to remain motionless. However, Greedin was not an idiot. Immediately he formed an idea, casting away his bow. The magician could not die. Carrying Link’s body, he begin to run from demonised Witt.

Link did not mind Greedin, focusing on only casting.

Although the fireballs did not do any real damage, Witt did not dare underesimate the explosive force of them. His body could take the force of the fireball easily, but his eyes could not and he could only shut his eyes. However, the last time he did that, they surrounded him and wounded him. If this repeated, he could possibly lose. His arm was also wounded, and he could not take another attack like this.

When considered from all angles, his only option was to use another ‘blink dodge’ to evade it.

But he had still underestimated Link’s magic. Magic was not engineered the same way as arrows. It could swerve and change its directions, like a guided missile. When it got close enough, dodging was hopeless.

“Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!” Witt felt his face turn numb. His eyes were tightly screwed up, but he could smell the burning smoke of the flames. Witt dared not inhale as his lungs would get cooked by the boiling heat.

A sharp pain came from the wound on his right arm. It felt like his entire arm had been roasted.

Under these conditions, there was no way he could cast another ‘blink dodge’ towards Link.

At this moment, Hank had arrived with his charge.

“Bam!” With Link’s help, Hank finally felt his shield firmly hit Witt’s back.

“Gah!” Witt trembled, spitting out a mouthful of dark, inky blood. The damage was not small. His entire person had been injured heavily.

Good opportunity!

Lucy followed up, stabbing her longsword into Witt’s back. The sword punctured his skin, driving more than a few inches into his back. Lucy did not dare to be greedy, knowing that the power of the demonised Witt far surpassed her. The second the power of her strike fully connected, she immediately withdrew her blade and retreated to behind Hank before searching for another opportunity.

On the other hand, Hank did not have any qualms like that of Lucy’s. He knew he was the shield of the team, and what he needed to do was to stall this fucker. He needed to damage Witt the most as well as create openings for his comrades to attack.

After the shield slammed onto Witt’s body, Hank immediately pulled it back to protect his body. At the same time, the warhammer in his right hand succeeded his shield, whirling towards Witt’s head.

Witt had been knocked dizzy with that shield charge. Although Lucy’s sword had not stabbed his heart, the icy feeling of her blade had terrified him. His reaction was slow, and he could barely incline his head to the side to avoid the warhammer.

“Bam!” The warhammer pounded on his left shoulder.

This warhammer weighed 70-80 kilograms of hard iron. Hank had swung that blow with his full strength. A crisp ‘snap’ could be heard from Witt’s shoulder as it caved in, his clavicle shattering.

Both of Witt’s arms had been disabled by now. However, the power of a demon’s body lay in its high recovery ability. Black smoke enveloped every wound on Witt’s body as the wounds begin to stitch themselves up at a palpable rate.

If they allowed Witt even a short breather, he would definitely be able to recover his strength!

But would Link allow him that? Of course not!

“Attack all out!”

Link yelled. This was the finest opportunity!

Lucy dashed up once again as Greedin put down Link. Greedin drew and arrow and launched it sharply. Hank whirled his warhammer wildly and brutally sent it swinging towards Witt as Link cast frantically, glass pearls shooting continuously towards the bruises and wounds on Witt’s body.

In a second, Witt who was tethering on the edge of unconsciousness had received yet another huge attack.

Although his demonised body was sturdy, he had been beaten like a rag doll in seconds.

Under Hank’s warhammer, Witt was beaten until he collapsed. He seemed to be on death’s doorstep, and there seemed to be no spot on him that wasn’t injured.

Despite his grave injuries, this dude was still breathing. His body was still instinctively struggling, and the black mist on his body was still invariably trying to cover up his injuries.

Even more terror set into the hearts of the flamingo squad as they saw this. Ignoring how bad Witt’s body seemed, they attacked him feverishly.

After a dozen more seconds, Hank fell onto his bottom, deeply gasping for air. Lucy was leaning against the rock walls, her forehead beaded with sweat. Greedin swung his cramped arms in an effort to get feeling back into them.

In the middle of the three of them was a pile of groundmeat, formerly known as ‘Witt’.

“Is he dead?” Hank uncertainly asked Link. A strand of worry still lingered in his heart. Witt was simply too weird. It allowed people to easily associate him with the demons of folklores.

In the folklores, it was said that demons possessed immortal bodies. The three mercenaries did not dare to take their chances. If necessary, they would have happily burn his dead body into ashes, before sealing it into 9 different jars1 and burying them separately. They would also ensure that the jars were buried at least 10 kilometers away from one another. This was recorded in the folklores of how to prevent a demon from resurrecting.

Link was slightly dumbfounded as he shook his head. “He’s long dead.”

Witt was only demonised, and his vitality was light years apart from actual demons. He was miserable to have been beaten to such a state.

There was a flash in Link’s vision. It was the completion of the mission notification. He had slain demonised Witt, and had thus completed the demon extermination mission, receiving 30 free points.

Now, he had a total of 39 free points.

“Now, everything here is all ours. It’s time to sort it out.” Link reminded them.

His words cast away all fatigue in the mercenaries’ bodies as their eyes lit up like lightbulbs. They immediately began to move.

-Chapter 45, end-

Tler’s notes:

Sort of forgot about this chapter but ok

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