Chapter 41: Advancing like Lightning!

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-Chapter 41, DGM-

The bandits in the abandoned ore mine had long heard the bloodcurdling screams outside the cave (in the valley). But they had never expected the intruders to be so fast. When the three mercenaries had appeared at the entrance of the abandoned ore mine, the bandits were somewhat slow to react.

Too fast!

From the miserable screams to the time the intruders had appeared, not 3 minutes had passed. It was so quick that the bandits had no time to carry out their plans.

At the mouth of the abandoned ore mine were two bandits guarding it. These bandits’ wears were even more excellent than the ones in the valley by a little. Under the dim lighting of the ore mine, their equipment flickered with an evil gleam. Astonishingly, they were imbued with the effects of magic!

The three mercenaries stopped in surprise, their charge slowing down slightly.

This was magical equipment, which were very costly. These magical equipments were equivalent to gold bars!

They had always heard that the head of the dark brotherhood, Witt, was filthy rich. There was a saying that even his mucus was made out of gold. However, they had never expected his affluence to reach such a level that he could supply his closest subordinates with magical equipment!

Link also stared blankly. A genuine magic sword was at least a 100 gold coins. No matter how Witt did it, he was still a ringleader of a bunch of miscreants and dorks. How could he have this much money?

Link examined the bandits. Information popped up in his vision.

Defender of Quiet Mine

Level 2 elite swordsmen

Main equipment: Quiet longsword

Link immediately focused on the bandit’s quiet longsword. The effects of the equipment emerged in his vision.

Quiet longsword

Quality: Ordinary

Materials: Damascus steel

Use: Boosted by inferior sharpening potion

Looking at the information, Link breathed a sigh of relief. Inferior sharpening potion was the cheapest refining potion. Even the previous owner of Link’s body had some memories regarding it. This technique which used refining potions and molten steel only charged 1 gold coin for one bottle of refining potion. Furthermore, one bottle of refining potion could be used 5 times, and the result would continue for an hour.

As for the effect, as the name implied, it allowed the weapons to become more sharp. But for an inferior potion like this, even if there was the boost from the effect, it would be useful.

Seeing that the mercenaries were somewhat hesitant, Link quietly said, “Those are not magic weapons, only steeped in refining potions and molten metal, nothing too great. Let’s go!”

The mercenaries had faith in Link’s words. Upon hearing his words, all hesitation in their hearts faded away. The warrior Hank roared, planting his thick shield in front of him before making a beeline towards the defender. He crashed into the defender.

Lucy tagged behind Hank while Greedin planted himself beside Link, serving as Link’s escort. At the same time, he nocked an arrow on his bow, searching for an opportunity to attack.

Hank was a level 3 warrior, and he erupted with warrior qi as he charged. A hazy yellow hue condensed on his shield. With his hulking height at two meters, his charge was ferocious and wild.

The two bandits did not dare to take it head on, diving to the side to evade it.

These two bandits were elite swordsmen, and extremely deft in their movements. Even though it was unexpected, they managed to safely sidestep the assault.

“Eat my hammer!”

Hank’s warhammer in his other hand pounded towards the bandit.

“Clang!” As the bandit attempted to parry Hank’s swing with his sword, it became mangled instead, and he lost it. Hank’s powerful swing drove downwards, slamming onto his chest.

The swordsman’s chest was caved in, and his entire frame was sent flying for 3 meters. His life was snuffed out in that blow.

The second bandit did not retreat, instead taking the opportunity to stab his blade at Hank. As his blade was sent cutting towards Hank, it was instead parried by another blade. It was Lucy.

As the bandit pulled back in alarm, Greedin sent an arrow whistling towards him. ‘Pop~’ The bandit sagged to the ground, his eyes gaping lifelessly at the sky.

The three bandits had coordinated with each other brilliantly, granting the two bandits an easy death in a single exchange.

Just as Link expected. Any mercenaries who hailed from the north could not be ordinary. Those with paltry skill would have long been killed off.

Watching Lucy habitually search the corpses, Link shouted, “Wait till later, continue advancing!”

“First kill Witt! Don’t let him escape!” Hank assented.

Lucy reluctantly eyed the abandoned longsword lying on the ground, before grudgingly parting with it. She trailed behind Hank, following him deeper into the ore mine.

They met quite a few elites of the dark brotherhood on their way, but the tunnels were narrow. Only 4 elites would be seen at the same time at the very most, and had they never expected Link and his team to break through in such a short time. No prior preparations were made and they simply drew their swords frantically. On the other hand, Hank had expected them ahead of time.

When enemies met face to face on a narrow path, the brave would prevail. The elites dropped like flies.

Throughout the entire path, Link had never made a single move. The only move he had made was casting a ‘real body double’ on himself. And thus, there were now two Links in the tunnel.

The reason he did this was to guard against Witt’s potential ambushes.

In the previous game world, Witt was a level 3 in a physical occupation. His occupation was an assassin, and a dusky ore mine like this was Witt’s home, where he could display astonishing strength.

On this point, Link was forced to concede and set up defensive measures.

The only problem was that maintaining the substitute magic required a lot of mental concentration, or else he would’ve long cast a substitute for every single mercenary on the team.

Soon, the group of people reached an underground hall.

This was an expanse of space in the ore mine which was hollowed out. The uneven floor had been levelled, and even tiled with wooden flooring. The walls of the tunnel were also specially widened. Candles flickered on the walls, brightly illuminating the hall.

A long table was arranged in the hall, with a few unfinished platters of food on it. On one end of the table, a person sat comfortably there. A guess would put him around 30 years of age. He had a handsome face, with neatly combed brown hair. His height was around 185 cm, and he was in pitch-black armour. If one looked closely, one would be able to spot a faint film of red on the surface of his battle armour. He was daintily cutting smoked deer breast in his his silver plate with a silver table knife, eating without regard for others.

Barely glancing at Hank who had charged in, his expression was unruffled. He waved his hand, greeting them calmly, “Hey, you guys reached here pretty quickly.”

A bandit had informed him beforehand already.

“Who are you?” Hank stood by the entrance of the hall, carefully watching him.

“Me? I am Green, boss Witt’s strongest fighter.” Green picked up a plain white cloth, lightly wiping his lips and the slight grease on his hands before neatly wearing a pair of thick gloves on the table.

This was the regal air of a noble. Green’s father was once a knight, and also of nobility. His father was extremely particular towards etiquette.

He also had confidence to back up his strength, because he possessed two powerful magic equipments. In the western parts of Gwinnett forest, his ability and equipment were unique to only him.

After dusting off himself, he picked up the epee resting against the side of the table.1

This epee was black, but there seemed to be red veins on it, dying the entire epee in a red shine. It was daunting.

Link peered at it from behind Hank, information appearing in his vision.


Number one fighter in the dark brotherhood

Level 3 elite fencing warrior

Main equipment: Fire warrior battle armour, Blazing epee

Link examined his equipment.

Fire warrior battle armour


Result: Condenses the fire element. When attacked, the fire elements will be transmitted onto the opponent’s weapon and turn the weapon extremely hot.

Blazing eepee


Use: When attacking, there will be additional flame damage.

Right, now these were genuine magic equipment. These two equipment were at least 300 gold coins. It looked like Witt had spent quite the amount on this guy.

“Those are magic equipments.” Link softly said. At the same time, he begin to purchase defensive magic: Secondary guardian enchantment

Secondary guardian enchantment

Level 1 magic spell

Use: Defends against magic attacks. Especially effective against elemental magic.

In Glaston city, the dark elf magician Holm had cast this spell to defend against Link’s ‘vector throw’. However, the spell’s defense against physical attacks was not too good, and could not save him. However this did not signify that this magic was not good. As long as one used it in the correct situation, it would display unusual effectiveness.

Pointing his magic wand at Hank and Lucy’s body, their bodies were enveloped in a faint layer of glass-like light. Great numbers of magic runes ceaselessly emerged and faded on the light, like blooming and withering flowers. It was extremely beautiful.

“Attack. His magic equipment won’t affect you guys anymore.” Link grinned.

Indeed, Green’s magic equipment were extremely effective towards normal people, with extremely astonishing power. Imagine, when your weapon connected with your opponent, it would suddenly reach boiling temperatures. How would you be able to hit him then?

When Green’s epee struck, the trail of flames behind it would destroy the courage of normal soldiers.

However, these were only effects obtained through wearing magical equipment and fighting against normal soldiers. But when met against a magician, inferior magic equipment was like showing off one’s axe before Lu Ban.2

The beautiful magic runes swimmingly slowly on their bodies gave Hank and Lucy confidence. Hank strode forward, his shield protecting his body. The rays of light circulated on his body, making him look like a celestial soldier.

Green’s expression changed, subconsciously stepping backwards. That unruffled regal air of his from before broke.

“Why is there a magician!?”

Wouldn’t magicians stay in their lofty magic towers and concentrate on their magic research? Why would one join in the fun of raiding a bandits’ den?

How was he supposed to fight?

Green was stupefied.

As expected, within half a minute, there was a ‘clang’. Green’s double-handed epee was sent flying by Hank’s iron shield, and an armour chink in his knee was stabbed through by Lucy.

“Bang!” Green’s legs were unable to support his body, and he fell to the floor.

Originally, he had planned to fight 10, but now, his greatest advantage had been stripped away.

“Not yet! In Gwinnett forest, I am the strongest fight…” Green snarled.

“Bang!” Green’s voice abruptly stopped.

It was Hank’s warhammer. It had directly slammed onto his face.

“Obviously a bandit, and yet he plays at being a noble! I hate guys like these the most.” Hank toyed with the warhammer in his hands. Hank turned over Green’s body. There was a huge bloody hole on the handsome face of the corpse.

-Chapter 41, end-

Tler’s notes:

what a long chapter or maybe im slowly starting to tire

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