Chapter 25: The Unparalleled Dark Elf Marshal


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-Chapter 25, DGM-

The ramparts begin to quieten down. Slowly but surely, the dark elves had begun retreating out of the firing range of the defending archers.

After a dozen seconds, a particular dark elf walked out from the army of dark elves.

This dark elf’s equipment was shrouded in a layer of faint red. The mist was even more prominent on the weapon he wielded, dying it densely with the colour of blood-red. The weapon seemed to pulse with unusual energy.

He walked forward leisurely, stabbing his weapon towards the distant walls of Glaston city. A low growl resonated throughout the entire battlefield.

“It’s time to settle this fight!”

Even before he finished speaking, five figures outfitted with equipment of superior quality stepped out from behind him. Their bodies sparkled with various unique shades of warrior qi. Under the illumination of their warrior qi, it was clear that they were all powerful level 4 warriors.

Since the vanguards sent by Black Iron fortress had already made their appearance, it was clear that the main forces of Black Iron fortress would be arriving soon. Time was ticking. Lund had prepared to skip probing out Glaston city’s strength. Instead, his modus operandi was a simple approach: simply break through the walls of Glaston city in one banzai charge.

“Soldiers, follow my lead!”

Lund let out a loud bellow, charging forward with huge steps. The dark elves followed behind him tightly, stampeding towards the city.

The five dark elves fell alongside Lund. One closely guarded Lund’s back while the other four scattered, leading different squads of dark elves to attack the city walls.

They were each level 4 warriors, while the vanguards Black Iron fortress had sent only had one level 4 warrior while the others were level 3s. The five warriors rushed towards the city, esch attacking a different part of it.

Behind the dark elf generals were thousands upon thousands of bloodthirsty dark elf soldiers.

As long as one dark elf general managed to gain a foothold on the city walls, they would slowly be able to establish a position on the walls and slowly expand. The resistance of the city defenders would quickly die down as long as they managed to get one general onto the walls. Glaston city would then be theirs for the taking.

On the ramparts, the authority of battlefield commander had already been shifted to Minsk.

His equipment were covered by the radiance of the ‘rock armour’ magic spell. Coupled with his imposing height, he was extremely eye-grabbing. Furthermore, he had knocked down a dark elf general down the city walls in one strike. This had already won him prestige.

As an assassin, Annie had already entered the shadows of the battlefield. As long as she mounted an ambush from the darkness, her attacking capabilities were formidable.

The second Lund made his appearance, Minsk knew things were turning ugly.

As a junior ranking officer in the military, he had seen a list of prestigious dark elves in the military.

Crimson warrior qi, as red as blood. Check.

An imposing figure that towered at a lofty 190 cm. Check.

A crimson sword that gleamed like ruby. Check.

No questions needed. This was undoubtedly the youngest level 6 warrior in the dark elf kingdom, Marshal Lund.

Lund, also coined as ‘Blood Hand Demon’, had a cruel and apathetic disposition. In his teen days, he had led troops of dark elves to decimate human villages, blotting them off maps completely. Not a single trace of the village would remain.

However, what really took the cake was not him conducting massacres, but instead the fact that he derived pleasure from tormenting people. If by some unfortunate stroke of luck that he were taken captive by him, it would be a disaster in the secular world.

Furthermore, Lund had power to back up his cruel methods as a level 6 warrior. In his right hand wielded a weapon equivalent to that of the epics – ‘Blood glory’.

He was only a level 4 warrior, and completely unable to hold against Lund.

However, this was war, and war did not grant the luxury of choosing one’s enemy. He had ample time to prepare for death, during his flight towards Glaston city.

His monologue over, Minsk glanced at the 2 level 3 warriors by his side. “The three of us will delay him! Delay him as best as you can!”1

“Yessir!”2 The faces of the two warriors hardened as they knew they would die here.

“For the rest of you – three people to one dark elf commander. Block them as much as you can. Annie, give support from the shadows.” Minsk’s words were rushed and frantic as he gave his orders.

The warriors dispersed in groups of 3, each faithfully carrying out Minsk’s orders.

Lund had already breached the archer’s range of fire. Minsk roared like his life was at hand, “Shoot! Shoot that guy with the red sword!”

The red figure of Lund was too conspicuous. The archers immediately turned and aimed at him. The twangs of the bowstrings seemed to ring out in unison as the massive ballistas spat their arrows at Lund.

“What a joke!” Lund’s condescending voice resonated throughout the battlefield clearly. While the words pressured the hearts of the human soldiers, it pulled the spirits of the dark elves up instead.

Faced with the enormous spears of the ballistas, Lund did not dodge or evade, instead waving his sword lazily.

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” The savage sounds of the spears ceaselessly rang out. The crimson sword seemed to pulse with a fiery radiance every time it hacked an enormous spear into chips.3

Minsk’s heart jumped with every ‘clank’. The power Lund had demonstrated largely exceeded his limit by leagues.

‘It’ll be lucky if I can take a single hit.’ A bitter smile formed on Minsk’s lips.

This dark elf marshal even exceeded Alonso of Black Iron fortress. He possessed a magic weapon which Alonso did not have, and was in his prime, unlike general Alonso. In a straight confrontation, Minsk was sure that Alonso would be slain.

Watching Lund approaching closer and closer, Minsk bellowed, “Again, delay him!”

The wind whistled as the archers released their arrows towards Lund again. The arrows blotted the sky, falling like raindrops. It seemed like there wasn’t even a gap of space to dodge.

However, the defense capabilities of his armour was astonishing. While Lund was slightly cautious of the enormous spears shot by the ballistas, he totally ignored normal arrows.

Casually knocking away the few potentially threatening spears, he welcomed the shower of arrows as they clattered uselessly to the ground.

“Clank!” The arrows slammed onto his armour, drawing tiny negligible white scratches onto his armour.

40 meters away from the wall.

Then he halted, allowing the level 4 dark elf generals behind him take the lead.

“Attack first, I’ll follow up later!” Lund ordered the generals.

He was the marshal, and the marshal was the brain of the army. Nothing could be allowed to happen to him. Even for a level 6, personally attacking a city was fatal. He needed his subordinates to assist him in taking Glaston city down.

“Yessir!” The generals nodded, taking the charge.

“Whoosh~” The generals hurled multiple thick rooes at the city walls. In less than half a minute, the city walls had over 20 cords of rope firmly attached to the ramparts. Dark elf soldier surged past Lund, grabbing the rope to mount the walls.

A human warrior’s strength and a dark elf warrior’s strength are more or less on par. Factually speaking, a human’s warrior physique could be said to possess slightly more strength than a dark elf’s one. However, a dark elf’s frame leans more towards slim and slender type and is more built for speed. In a straight confrontation, both sides had equal odds of winning.

However, the dark elf warriors climbing up the ramparts were too many. There was also one level 4 dark elf general scaling the ramparts, along with a level 6 dark elf marshal eyeing them from the distance covetously, like how a tiger would watch its prey.

In a few short moments, the defenders on the ramparts were deluged by the swarms of dark elves. Their morale had also reached the breaking point, and they were close to desperation.

Seeing the level 4 dark elf general charge forwards, Minsk knew he was merely paving the way for Lund. Minsk sprang forward, preparing to block him.

In the instant he sprang in to clash with the general, Minsk spotted Annie lurking in the shadows below the ramparts from the corner of his vision.

The current Annie was without her mask. She chewed on her lips, her sea-blue eyes carrying a profound mixture of regret and sorrow. Minsk realised her intent in a single glance.

Once he dashed out to meet with that level 4 dark elf warrior, the dark elf marshal below the ramparts would make his move. Against a level 6 warrior, nobody would be able to stop him.

He would get onto the ramparts and establish a position there, before beginning a slaughter.

The moment Lund got onto the ramparts, their loss would be cemented. He would die, the entire suicide squad would die, Annie would die, and Glaston city would be broken into.

Following that, tens of thousands of citizens in Glaston city would get slaughtered to exhaustion by ‘Blood Hand Demon’.

This would be the most tragic night in human history.

Although he knew the outcome, Minks was powerless to alter it. A sense of helplessness rose in his heart as he made his way towards Annie’s side, “Annie, quick, get out of this city!”

He had seen Annie grown up. Despite how arrogant and independent she seemed to others, he had always regarded her as his little sister. If the fall of Glaston city was preordained, then so be it. Let his body be buried among its ruins.

But Annie…she had to live on.

Annie shook her head lightly, a staunch yet melancholy look on her face. She had long embraced her destiny beforehand.

Minsk’s shield connected with the gladius of the dark elf general as he entered a deadlock with the enemy. Below the ramparts, Lund’s diabolical cackles could be heard. “Hahahaha, let the city run red with blood!”4

His figure turned into a blur of red as he sped towards the ramparts, preparing to scale it by force.

Despair dawned in the constricted pupils of the human defenders on the wall.

Nobody had noticed the shadow wordlessly scaling the arrow tower on the city wall.5

On the arrow tower, the biting wind chilled the air. The archer in the tower stared incredulously at the human figure materialising before them, dumbstruck.

Thank the gods the teenager was human, or they would have made the first move.

“Hu~” The teenager exhaled slowly, a thin smile on his face. The archers, shellshocked, remained silent. Behind him appeared a beautiful figure that did not seem human.

It was Link and the disguised Celine. Her identity was special and hence she would not partake in any direct confrontation, instead ensuring Link’s safety.

Walking along the edge of the archer tower, Link spotted the dark elf marshal preparing to scale the ramparts.

The mana in him purled, surging forward with boundless power. With his demeanour poised and a slight quirk on his lips, he raised the fire crystal magic staff in his hand.

‘A level 6 warrior? Taste my ‘flame burst’.’

In a rare moment in history, magic and warrior qi was on the eve of crossing swords.

-Chapter 25, end-

Ok I admit i’ve been reading webtoons and abandoned it for a while but this is hyped. I hoped it’d be better than Link swooping in to save the day though…hopefully they make up with good fight scenes

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