Chapter 18: Formidable Magic Technique


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It turns out first arc ends at the 27th chapter. 10 more chaps to go ppl T.T if i manage to release daily it’ll be finished in a week

-Chapter 18, DGM-

When Jasmine had managed to catch up to Link and his team, the hands of the clock pointed to 1:30 a.m..

In the previous game world, this was the time the invasion of the dark elves had commenced. However, due to Link’s interference, the city was still silent with no sign of movement.

However, Link was aware that the time the destruction of the transmission tower could buy was limited. The circumstances were getting more and more severe.

Jasmine and Link’s group quickened their pace towards the city barracks.

On the way there, Jasmine narrated everything she had witnessed at the fountain plaza in full detail. When she had finished, everyone lapsed into silence.

150 dark elf assassins were indeed scary, but that dark elf magician was outright terrifying.

This was not the game world but instead the real world, where power spoke volunes instead of words.1

From an outsider’s point of view, magicians possessed unparalleled wisdom and intellect that could not be achieved by the ordinary person. Their magic were shrouded in mysteries and were largely unknown. Any fighter facing it off with a magician would feel natural dread because they would be unable to predict whatever bizzare cards magician threw from their sleight of hands.

8 out of 10 cases, they would find themselves dying without knowing what had went wrong.

This was the impetus for the dread of the intellect of magicians! 2

The entire squad lapsed into silent contemplation. Annie glanced at Link. “Mr. Link, what do you think?”

When all was said and done, the only method for killing a magician was to close the distance with the magician. Annie rejoiced once again for the arrival of a magician like Link or the thought of turning the tables need not even occur. Her entire squad would have been decimated while she would have been taken captive.

However, Link knew information about the enemy magician; detailed, vital information.

This magician went by the name of Holm, and was a member of the silver moon legislative assembly. He was also a level 2 elite magician, proficient in both elemental and summoning magic.3

This magician was a different type from the magic professors employed at the Flaming Lessor Magic Academy. He was a genuine battle magician through and through, and would wield a strong magic technique for rapid casting at the bare minimum.

With the aid of the strong magic technique, this magician would be able to release level 1 elemental magic spells like fireballs at a terrifying speed. At his highest velocity, one second was all he needed to release 10 fireballs.4

A level 1 magic spell was a grade higher than a level 0 magic spell, and also a large cut higher in effect. If level 0 magic spells were like firecrackers, then level 1 magic spells were like frag grenades.

In the previous game world, a party made up of 10 noobs had attempted to escape from Glaston city. The result was them being miserably butchered like pigs.5 10 people, 10 spells each. They were roasted to a crisp.

Because of this, Holm had earned the well-deserved nickname ‘Vulcan cannon’.6

These information lit up in Link’s head like sparks bursting off flint and steel. Looking at his own circumstances, Link discovered he did not even possess a measly magic technique. Currently, he had 20 free points, 16 mana, 1 level 2 magic spell, 4 level 1 magic spells and 7 level 0 magic spells. Not to forget his level 2 magic bracelet.7

It seemed like Link could only sustain as long as his mana held.

Without hesitation, Link spent 10 free points on his mana capacity. He felt his body grow warm, growing abundant in mana once again. Examining his status again, he discovered his mana capacity had increased to 241 points, along with his current mana at 118.

This amount of mana was enough to sustain a huge battle.

Link’s thought process was brisk. Rising from deep thought after 2 seconds, he said with a poised expression: “This magician is formidable, but from Jasmine’s description, I can more or less estimate his level of strength. Rest assured, I’m able to defeat him squarely.”

A measly level 2 magician? He once dwarfed everything else at the apex of magic, the former legendary god of magic. What better was there to stake his odds on if not on magic?

Annie immediately let loose the breath of air she was holding. “Excellent.”

The rest of the assassins also wore an expression of reassurance on their faces.

After jogging for around 5 minutes, they could see the flag suspended from the flagpole of the city barracks. Halsey castle was also in sight.

“Speed up! Speed up! We’re almost there!” Annie yelled.

Motivated, the assassins sped up the pace, racing as if their life depended on it. Their speed sharply shot up a notch.

Out of the blue, Annie suddenly shouted a warning. “Listen – the sound of footsteps. Someone is nearing us at an extremely fast speed!”

Link’s heart jumped. Turning his head backwards to look, his heart palpitated wildly as his nose caught scent of the ominous odour of magic staining the air. The scent was rapidly getting stronger as the odour approached nearer and nearer.

His heart thumped wildly in his chest as a sense of impending crisis buzzed from it. It felt like a ferocious beast was bounding after him from behind, with the teeth of it already around his tender throat!

Sweat covered Link’s entire body.

Faced with such a critical danger, Link ignored everything else and frantically activated the magic bracelet.

Brilliant rays of light as limpid as clear water streamed out from Link’s bracelet. Within an instant, the radiance enveloped Link’s body, flooding into the ash-grey garments on Link’s body.

In the next instant, a layer of tangible light spanning half a centimeter congealed onto his ash-grey robes. Large amounts of runes condensed onto the film of radiance, transforming his simple robes into a gorgeous piece of guarding equipment.

Guardian enchantment8

Level 2 magic spell

Use: Defends excellently against magic, but vulnerable against physical attacks.

A split second after the magic enchantment finished, Link sensed a sudden burst of light from the corner of his eye. The warm colour of fire flashed at him.

At the same time, he felt a huge impact against his back, and he stumbled forwards a few steps. A faint searing sensation could be felt from his back. A small explosion defeaned his ears.

There was more of that where that came from.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

The booming sounds incessantly rang out, the flames bursting across Link’s back unceasingly. Link spun around. Within the gloom of the darkness were glowing white balls drawing blinding streaks of arcs of light in the air. All the shots were aimed at one human assassin each.

Every ball of flame exploded, resounding with a loud noise. The tangerine-yellow flames that spurted out exceeded almost 1 meter in diameter and were searing hot in temperature.

20 level 1 fireballs were launched from a solid 60 meters9 away within the span of 2 seconds.

Other than Annie’s swiftness, skill and powerful warrior qi which made her able to resist, the other assassins were sent flying.

Aldwin and Jasmine were also no exceptions. Their charred bodies went airborne, flying 5-6 meters before landing hard on the ground. Weakly coughing up blood, their eyelids flickered closed.10

In one exchange, the squad of assassins were wiped out with the exception of Annie. They all lay motionless with either heavy injuries or death.

This was the power a magician with a magic technique possessed!

“It’s Holm! This fucker not only has rapid casting but also the ability of casting from far distances!”11

Shooting a fireball from 60 meters away was two to three times the normal range of the fireball. This was indeed too terrifying.

An idea lit up in Link’s brain like a spark from a flint. There was no time for grieving. At the first opportunity, he struck back hard. Pointing his magic wand at a green brick on the roadside, he cast a spell. “Vector throw!”

The green brick flew, faintly humming in the air as shot towards the figure shrouded in the darkness. Link saw the figure of Holm seated on the back of his summoned earth hound. It seemed like he had gone ahead of the other assassins.

As a ‘god of magic’, Link’s control over magic neared the capabilities of superhuman. The ‘vector throw’ was abnormally accurate, shooting in a linear line towards Holm’s skull.

The constitution of magicians and ordinary humans were not much different. If this attack hit, it would still heavily affect Holm even if it did not kill. Holm urged the earth hound to the side, avoiding the attack. Grasping this opportunity, Link immediately hurtled towards Annie’s side.

This future legendary assassin was stupefied by the power of Holm’s magic, and she hid behind a corner, gasping deeply for breath. The mask on her face had been lost and her fair, delicate face was full of alarm. Her eyes brimmed with tears as she saw the unknown state of her subordinates.12

Without hesitation, Link raised his hand and slapped her. A clear sound rang out, and the red tinge of five fingerprints appeared on her face. The sharp pain brought Annie back to reality. Raising her head, she watched Link in shock with watery eyes, not knowing why she was hit.

“Move!” Link screamed in a strident voice. “I’ll delay him!”

This was a chance to turn the tables in Glaston city. A chance that may be their last.

Radiance spread from Link’s magic wand, and wisps of light shot towards Annie’s body. It was the level 1 magic spell ‘feline boost’.

“Then what about you?” Annie was distraught. She knew Holm was only the vanguard paving the way, and he had a force of 150 assassins behind him. How could Link possibly block all of them with just himself?

“Enough nonsense, leave!”

He violently pushed Annie. Light streaked from his magic wand again, and he used ‘vector resistance forcefield’ on her.13 Under the effect of the magic, Annie’s body flew 3 meters high and was pushed into a window on the second story of a building.


Annie’s agitated voice sounded out from the interior of the room. Her voice was laced with grief. Link deciding to stay behind clearly meant that he was prepared to die fighting.

A genius young magician like him was going to die fighting. She had already been rescued by him the previous night, and now he was sacrificing himself.14 Her maiden heart shivered, her cheeks washed with hot tears.

Annie’s words were never heard. Faced with such a deadly opponent, Link had already entered into a tranquil mentality which was the best state to perform magic.

Light flickered weakly from the tip of his magic wand as ‘feline boost’ was cast on himself. Springing himself forward, Link was like a feline cat darting towards Holm at high speed.

If the opponent had an edge in distance, then he needed to close the gap!

But how could Holm simply watch him close in. He sat upright on the back of the hunting hound, pointing the magic staff gripped in his hand as he murmured. “Fireball!”

‘Whoosh~’ ‘Whoosh~’ ‘Whoosh~’ ‘Whoosh~’Fireballs rushed out with no end. In rapid succession, they closed in on Link like a suspended string of glowing, white beads.

Link possessed the magic bracelet, and was unafraid of the fireballs. However, the protection of the magic bracelet was only so much and would only be able to take 7 shots. He would not pointlessly take hits.

“Secondary hailstorm!”

Frigid radiance erupted from Link’s magic wand. Ice and snow begin to spread around him. Concurrently, Link borrowed the speed and grace from ‘feline boost’ to avoid two fireballs.

After a second, ‘secondary hailstorm’ was successfully cast. Gales of wind and snow begin to extend from Link’s surroundings, blocking up the narrow alleyway.

If Holm wanted to pass the alleyway, he had to get through the hailstorm. For his barrage of fireballs to reach Link, they also had to get through the hailstorm.

However, his fireballs were level 1 magic spells while the ‘secondary hailstorm’ was a level 2 magic spell. Unless he released over 10 fireballs, it would be impossible to destroy the hailstorm.

But if he released too many fireballs, the Holm’s mana would be spent. Once his mana depleted after destroying the hailstorm, he would be weaker.

However, Holm had abundant combat experience, and immediately responded with a countermeasure. Leaping off from the back of the earth hound, he pointed at the hailstorm with his magic cane. “Charge!”

The earth hound, naturally, was of the earth element, and possessed immense strength. ‘Secondary hailstorm’ was a messy composition of water and wind magic, could it destroy the earth hound? Before the earth hound was destroyed, it would be able to maul the magician (Link) to death.

With the magician dead, his leftover spells would pose no problem.

Within 3 seconds of meeting between the two magicians, the fight had already reached the climax. In the next few seconds, the results of the battle would decide life and death.

-Chapter 18, end-

DAMN let us take some time to light some incense and pray for the dead assassins. Things sure escalated quickly.

I also changed a lot of words at the end to make it less melodramatic cause it was slightly cheesy, like Annie sobbing like a baby and other stuff. Hope you enjoyed the edited writing.

This chapter had me exhausted, nearing 2.5k words T.T

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  1. “Raising her head, she watched Link in shock with watery eyes, not knowing why she was hit”. This is so ridiculous, since when a assassin would lose his mind so easily? The basic of the basic of an assassin is to keep cool. The psicologycal quality of this Annie is like a 12 yo naive little girl. The setting and the mc are very likable, but unfortanetely the side carachters are dumb and unrealistic.

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