Chapter 14: Breaking the Encirclement

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-Chapter 14, Descent of the God of Magic-

When Link had asked for Annie’s plans for the next step, Annie and her assassins were at a loss.

They had completely no plan. The branch had only five assassins left and they were besieged by numerous dark elf assassins. Even the first floor of the building had been occupied by the enemy. They could only withdraw to the second floor.

Although it was ugly to hear, they were already waiting for death.

There was also no hope for support or reinforcements. As the best intelligence agency in Norton Kingdom, there was nobody who could understand the situation better than them.

What they were facing was a surprise attack of a plot the dark elves had hatched for a long time. At present, virtually all the defense systems of Glaston city were paralysed.

Every power in the city were only struggling to save themselves. To ensure their own survival was a fortune by itself. Saving others, that was definitely a task impossible.

The room was silent. Annie flushed and shook her head. “Mr Link, we want to break out of this encirclement. But as you are aware of, the enemy’s numbers are too great.”

They were waiting here for death.

But Link was here to rescue people. Although the numbers of the enemy were not few, he believed that he could safely bring them out with his magic.

“If we successfully escape, do you have any plan?” Link enquired.

Annie was stumped for words. After thinking for a while, she solemnly replied. “If we can really escape from here, naturally, we will go to the city barracks. The city barracks is stationed with more than 1500 soldiers. With this power, we can suppress the strength of the dark elf assassins.”

Carlos, the city commander, was a powerful level 4 warrior. However, he had burst out in sudden illness the night before. From the looks of it, he had probably been poisoned to death. Now that there was no commander, there was chaos and disorder that was unable to be preserved. However, Annie believed that if she could reach the army barracks, using her identity as the Iron Duke’s daughter, she could reorganise this power.

Link nodded his head. At this instant, a notification popped out in his mind.

Mission: Rescuing the legendary assassin step 1: finding the legendary assassin completed.

Player has been rewarded with 10 free points.

Commencing the second step: Breaking encirclement!

Mission description: Break through the dark elf assassins’ encirclement!

After Link was awarded the 10 free points, his previous free points had increased from 15 to 25. The cards in his hands had once again grown in numbers.

He had 65 mana at the moment. He assessed the assassins in the room. 2 were heavily wounded, another 2 were lightly wounded. He raised his wand and aimed at the heavily wounded people. “Don’t move, I’ll give you treatment.”

Annie was slightly unassured. She didn’t know magicians could give treatment. Her eyes met with Aldwin’s. Aldwin hurriedly explained. “Mr Link’s treatment is extremely effective.”

Annie didn’t stop Link anymore.

Link then cast his spells, two rays of light flashing from the wand. He spent 12 magic points to treat the two injured assassins with ‘element remedy’.

After he finished his spell, the breathings of the two assassins immediately stabilised and colour returned to their faces. The effectiveness of the magic let Annie breathe a sigh of relief.

“Within half an hour, they should be able to move.” Link softly said. However, he suddenly felt a sense of crisis in his heart. Link immediately turned his wand towards the door.


Behind the door were the stairs. A faint black silhouette appeared on the stairs. Upon seeing Link raise his wand, ducked to the side like had seen a monster, disappearing into the shadows.

“That was?” Link was slightly startled. The nimbleness this dark elf assassin possessed was not simple. It was very possible that he could already possess warrior qi.

To a magician, an assassin that had already comprehended warrior qi was a huge threat. They were ten times more dangerous than warriors on the same level. This was because their speed was too swift, and their skills too shrewd. It was virtually impossible to predict their next action or move. Magic required time to cast. Even Link was unable to cast magic in a blink. Level 0 magic required 0.1 seconds, level 1 magic required 0.3 seconds, level 2 required one second. If magicians were unable to accurately prepare (their spells), whether they could prevail over their opponent was a matter of luck.

However, you only lived once, who would bother with luck?

Annie stepped in front of Link, her expression serious. “That was the dark elf captain, he is a level 3 assassin!”

Level 3 occupations could already sense warrior qi and were very terrifying.

Looking at Annie who was guarding him, Link could view her information. The information quickly appeared.

Annie Abel

Level 3 elite assassin

Warrior qi breathing method: Concealed Shadow

Known battle skills: Velocity burst, blade storm, shadow dance, winding throat

Once the information appeared, Link slightly exhaled. The future legendary assassin Annie Abel was extraordinary. Her strength probably exceeded the dark elf assassin captain. Otherwise, they would not have been able to confront them until now.

With Link by himself, if he ran into that assassin captain, in 9 cases out of 10, he would be rapidly dealt with.

An assassin was a natural killer. Furthermore, the opponent exceeded his level by two. Link had basically nothing to resist. However, now that he had a comrade, things were different.

A hundred years ago, in the Norton Kingdom, a famous war magician by the name of Cologne had stated: As long as magicians had sufficient casting time, they could produce miracles.

With a comrade, Link had sufficient time to cast magic. His heart was immediately at ease.

He nodded his head slightly. “I will be careful.”

He glanced at the two heavily injured assassins that had just received his treatment. Their bodies were better than what Link had imagined, and had recovered a lot. Although their expressions were still dejected, their conditions were rapidly improving.

“Wait for another 20 minutes, we will break the encirclement.” Link murmured. After 20 minutes, these two assassins would be able to recover some strength. He would also be able to recover some mana.

“What should we do?” Annie could not think of a way to break out of the encirclement. Even if a magician had arrived, she still could not think of one.

However, Link already had an idea in his heart. To prevent the enemy from hearing, he didn’t say anything, instead turning to look at the desk beside him, only to discover a stack of pens. Picking up a quill pen, he wrote on the bluestone floor. “First, kill the assassin captain!”

Annie didn’t approve, taking the quill pen from Link and rapidly wrote. “Even if we kill the dark elf captain, outside this room is all their men. The plaza is also too open, and the fire will quickly be extinguished by them. We will be unable to avoid their archers.”

Link’s brows wrinkled. “This entire building does not have a single secret exit?”

How could an intelligence agency merely have one way out? A craft rabbit has three burrows; wasn’t that only right?

Annie bitterly smiled. “Our secret exits have been exposed. They bought out one of our assassins. The exits have been collapsed by gunpowder.”

This matter was somewhat beyond Link’s expectations. However, he knew this reason was why Annie’s group was trapped on the second floor. Link ruminated and thought, and thought up of a new countermeasure, and begin writing. “My magic is able to cope with their crossbows and they are only able to engage us in close quarters. However, if they approach us, they will also be in range of my magic. Can this obstruct them?”

Originally, he had prepared to use ‘secondary whirlwind’ to resist the arrows. However, now that he had 25 free points, he could buy a level 2 magic spell.

The power of level 2 magic spells were a whole league above level 1 magic spells. By using this magic spell, their rates of escape would increase.

Annie’s eyes lit up. “If this is the case, we can definitely rush out.”

She had absolute confidence in her martial skill. Her only misgivings were the bows and arrows of the enemy.

Link nodded his head. “Perfect. Now, we have to think of an idea to kill the dark elf assassin captain.”

“How?” Annie asked. Unconsciously, the abrupt appearance of this magician had formed the core of their team.

Link grinned, writing on the floor. “Are you able to pinpoint the position of the assassin captain?”

“I can! I can definitely locate him!” Annie attentively nodded her head. This was the natural ability of a powerful assassin’s instinct. Annie’s skill was also higher than the captain by a notch. The enemy had also revealed his position just now. Grasping the enemy’s position was effortless.

Link exulted. “Draw the layout of the first floor, then point to me the rough position of my opponent.”

This was easy, as an informant personnel, one of the basic skills was drawing. Annie grabbed the quill pen, and begin drawing. A clear, plane layout was quickly drawn. In the end, she had even constructed an inclined 3D viewpoint of the ground floor.

Link scrutinised it for a few seconds, before closing his eyes to imagine it. He nodded his head, and continued writing. “Now, where is he?”

After three seconds, lightly dotted on the 3D figure. “Not far, he is right around the corner after the stairs. The inaccuracy of this position will not exceed 50%.”

Link’s imagination begin to act up. He imagined the position of the assassin captain. However, he was very clear that with just himself and his level 0 magic spells it would be impossible to defeat a nimble and skilled level 3 assassin. Level 1 magic spells consumed too much mana which he needed to use economically. Therefore, he needed a partner.

“If I use magic to disrupt his movements, will you be able to kill him?”

Annie raised her head and looked at the ceiling, pondering for 5-6 seconds before answering. “If there aren’t any other assassins interfering, he will undoubtedly die.”

Link nodded and assented. “No worries, there will be no other assassins!”

The bend around the stairs was narrow. If other assassins wanted to help, his fireball spells were sufficient enough to deal with them.

“Then, after the heavily injured assassins regain their strength, we’ll begin the operation!” Link wrote.

At this moment, the light from the window had died down. The dark elves had almost put out the fire Link had started. Order was rapidly recovering in the midst of the chaos.

Along with the steady flow of time, the dark elves got rowdier, continuously launching attacks as their patience waned.

The recovery speed of the heavily injured assassins were faster than Link’s estimation. After around 10 minutes, the wounded assassins could already stand on their feet and walk around. Although they were still as thin and scrawny as before, they had already recovered some fighting strength.

“Captain, we’re more or less done. (recovering)” An assassin said.

Annie glanced at Link. During this period of time, Link had shut his eyes to recuperate. However, he had only recovered 3 mana. He currently only had 58 mana points to use.

Even if Link closed his eyes, he could feel Annie’s gaze on him. Link’s powerful spirit had made his senses very sensitive. Link opened his eyes and nodded his head.

Breaking the encirclement, start!

-Chapter 14, end-

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