Chapter 13: Rescuing the Legendary Assassin (3/3)

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Chapter 13, Descent of the God of Magic-

Not more than 100 meters ahead lay the third military department’s headquarters.

As an intelligence agency, the position of this branch was nothing remarkable. In the old city district, concealed behind a few towering ancient trees, a two story building enclosed within an iron fence was faintly discernible.

The body of the building was composed of bluestone and extremely stable. Of course, the expenses of the manufacturing and construction processes were also sky-high.

To the left of the building was a weapon shop, to the right of it was a spacious plaza. The ground was tiled with glossy and sleek pebbles. A fountain stood erect in the middle of the plaza, with a tavern situated across it. The surroundings of the tavern were filled with houses.

All the buildings in the vicinity were wooden.

The buildings had no direction signboards. If it weren’t for Aldwin leading the way, even if Link had retained all his memories from the previous game, he would certainly be unable to locate this destination.

The game world was the game world. Compared to reality, many particulars and details were neglected. To lower manufacturing costs, the game could not completely duplicate the content of Glaston city into itself. Only a broad outline of everything was actually depicted in the game.

Aldwin and Link hid at the mouth of a secret alleyway to the left of the fountain in the cobblestone plaza. Link stuck to the walls while Aldwin stuck his head out from the mouth of alleyway to observe the place.

After scrutinising the place for a while, Aldwin withdrew his body and said solemnly, “The fight is still continuing in the first level of the building. However, the crucial roads of the plaza all have dark elf assassins stationed there. I discovered at least 20 sentries, they occupy high positions around the plaza. Furthermore, they’re all equipped with oil lamps. There is no way to get pass hidden.”

With all the oil lamps lighted up, the slightest shadow cast on the plaza would inadvertently expose Link’s secondary invisibility magic.

To break through via force?

Link was afraid that they have become hedgehogs through the arrows fired from dark elf assassins in hidden places before even taking 10 steps. This was basically throwing away their life.

Link’s brows wrinkled as his brain rapidly churned. After a few seconds, he thought of a great response. He intentionally asked: “Why aren’t the dark elf assassins using fire to attack? Do they want to capture Captain Annie alive?”

Although that multistory building was constructed with bluestone, they could force the people inside the building out by employing a great deal of wood.

Aldwin stared blankly, before his expression turned sober. He nodded his head. “That is very possible.”

Link continued, “Although the dark elves have sinister motives, they want to capture her alive. The bar will be raised enormously and the time wasted will also increase. The dark elves around the plaza, are you able to pinpoint their approximate locations?”

“I am able. I am the most skilled regarding subterfuge in this branch. These dark elves are also not my match. At most I’ll miss one or two dark elves.” Aldwin was slightly proud.

However, Link shook his head. “You cannot miss even one. Can you still confirm?”

Aldwin’s face was ugly. With just himself to observe all of them, this was too challenging.

“If we want to meet safely with Captain Annie, we must take advantage of the chaos.”

“What’s to be done?”

“Attacking with fire.” Link replied.

“If we get discovered from the fire then I’ll be counting on you.” Aldwin suddenly realised that he had forgotten a pertinent fact: Link was a magician. His means of starting a fire were a hundredfold more than Aldwin.
Link quietly peeked out from the alleyway, peering around the plaza at lightning speed before withdrawing back to his hiding position.

With just this glimpse, he had already taken in all the positions of the oil lamps, deeply imprinting them into his mind.

In the past, Link would be unable to accomplish this feat. However, his soul now had the enormous boost from the Ruler of Light.*(1) To him, accurately memorising a precise image like that was bread and butter to him.

Standing against the wall, Link raised his wand. The tip of his wand begin to faintly tremble, magic soundlessly extending. A magic hand unhurriedly extended to a suspended oil lamp 15 meters away.

In a moment, Link felt his magic hand make contact the kerosene lamp.

However, he did not immediately take action, instead waiting.

After waiting for half a minute, ‘Hu’ a gust of night wind blew over. ‘Creak~’ the kerosene lamps were rocked left and right.


Link suddenly pulled off a kerosene lamp from the lamppost. It appeared like the kerosene lamp fell straight down by itself but the falling trajectory had actually been disturbed by the magic hand. The kerosene lamp that was initially supposed to fall onto the ground had instead smashed onto a pile of firewood one meter away.

The kerosene landed onto the firewood. With a roar, the fire begin blazing.

Beside the pile of wood was a wooden house. In a moment, the wooden house was also blazing. The night wind blew once again. In a stroke of luck, the wind blew the fire towards the third military department headquarters. With the wind assisting the fire, the intensity of the fire increased significantly. The wooden houses located in the vinicity of the plaza were soon engulfed by fire and set ablaze.

Grasping this opportunity, Link perred out from his hiding place and spotted a few figures jumping out from the windows of wooden houses. They gracefully rolled on the ground after jumping, cancelling out the high impact of the jump skillfully.

Naturally, these were the dark elf assassins hiding the wooden houses. They had been forced out by the fire.

After 5 minutes, the fire was growing stronger and bigger. The sentries that were stationed at their hiding places were continuously forced out. The situation at the plaza had grow extremely hectic.

Almost simultaneously, Link turned towards Aldein and said, “Follow me and charge in.”

“No, you’re not familiar with the place, let me lead-“ Before Aldwin had finished his words, he saw Link’s figure already dashing out. Under the effect of ‘Fast and Nimble like a Cat’, his speed was exceedingly fast.

Aldwin was helpless and had no choice but to follow Link.

To his surprise, after following Link for a while, Aldwin discovered that Link knew the layout of the plaza like the back of his hand. From one hiding place to another, while craftfully borrowing the blazing fire to obstruct the dark elves’ lines of sight. He seemed as familiar with this place as the flower garden district.

Even after moving for quite a distance, the dark elves had never discovered their infiltration.

He was unable to explain all of these, but the last thread of worry in his heart had faded away. Aldwin faithfully followed Link.

In a few moments, they had reached the iron fence of the headquarters. The fire had not spread to this place nor were there any potential hiding spots here. Finally, they were spotted by the dark elf assassins.

They were already out of the firing range of the archers. The dark elves directly charged over aggressively.

Link’s movements did not pause at all, immediately entering the iron fence while screaming out: “They’re still 40 meters away, ignore them!”

Borrowing the speed from the ‘Fast and nimble like a cat’, his body leaped up around 3 meters while grabbing an outstretched branch from one of the ancient trees in the courtyard and forcefully hauled himself inside.

Aldwin mimicked Link, not bothering to hide anymore and hauled himself inside the courtyard.

There were also many dark elf assassins in the courtyard. Before Link had even landed, three dark elf assassins had already emerged and charged towards him.

However, at this moment, a figure appeared at a window on the second story. With a single hum of the bowstring, 3 arrows exited the window, simultaneously aimed at the three dark elf assassins. This forced the three dark elves back.

Assistance from an ally!

Link and Aldwin safely descended.

After landing, Aldwin and Link immediately grouped up. Aldein covered Link’s back and the duo advanced at a high speed, approaching the bottom of the aforementioned window. Link leapt up gracefully, like the reincarnation of a cat. He leapt 3 meters high, grabbing onto the edges of the window and pulling himself through it.

A member of the third military department had appeared at the window before and was thus safe. This was also the reason why Link had chosen to enter from here.

Aldwin had never expected Link’s strength to be that high. Aldwin could not jump as high as Link. However, scaling a 2 story building was no problem to a level 2 assassin. Gathering momentum from his running, Aldwin leapt up and scaled the stone wall by using the cracks in it as footholds, following Link.

After entering the room, the initially calm Aldwin was shocked by the situation inside the room.

Aldwin distressly exclaimed, “Captain, this is sire magician Link, he is here to help.”

However, Annie Abel had discovered Link was a stranger and had held him at knifepoint, placing a knife at his abdomen.

Link, shocked at the aggressiveness of this woman, stood motionless. He even raised his hands. (in surrender)

Of course, he believed Annie would not harm him, and he took this opportunity to examine the future legendary assassin.

She was very young. Around 23-24 years old and approximately 170 cm. She wore a dark skintight leather armour which accentuated her slim and lithe figure. Milky white skin, and bright, limpid sea-blue eyes. Her eyebrows were slender, but they gave off the traces of heroic spirit. Her short hair was bright gold and neat.

Compared to the future face full of torture scars, the Annie Abel now was like a flower in full bloom.

Link assessed the situation in the room. There were only 4 assassins left, and all of them were injured. Some were heavy and some were light. The ones which suffered from heavier injuries were already on the ground and unable to get up. The strong smell of blood permeated throughout the room.

Upon hearing Aldwin’s words, Annie realised she had misunderstood. However, she still maintained her vigilance. Staring at her hands, she enquired. “Has the information been transmitted?”

“23 pigeon carriers, every one of them have been marked with the special scent and won’t get attacked by the red-eyed owl. I estimate they will need 1 hour to travel to Black Iron fortress.” Aldwin straightened his back as he reported.

“Extraordinary!” Annie’s face relaxed. She turned to face Link. “Introduce this magician.”

Aldwin’s reply was as terse and succinct as before. “Captain, he is the one who destroyed the transmission tower.”

All the eyes of the assassins in the room were instantly filled with respect.

The transmission tower was the most crucial aspect of this fight. Because the transmission tower was destroyed, the Norton Kingdom had the opportunity to make a comeback.

If Glaston city could truly survive this calamity, then Link’s contribution would be the greatest as it was all because of his actions that everything they did could turn into success.

Annie relaxed even more. “I am incredibly sorry for my rudeness earlier, Mr Link.”

How could Link take a trivial matter like that into his heart? The circumstances now were awful. Link did not beat around the bushes. “Captain Annie. What is your plan?”


(1) Link had received some soul boost or some cheat power from the Ruler of Light before he was transported to this world.

-Chapter 13, end-

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