Chapter 11: Rescuing the Legendary Assassin (1/3)


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-Chapter 11, Descent of the God of Magic-

The wound on Aldwin’s arm was very deep, as if an artery had been cut. Blood constantly jumped out, the muscles near the wound twitching uncontrollably. His entire arm was unusable.

Facing three dark elf assassins from the Death Hand, even in perfect condition, Aldwin could not guarantee that he could escape with his bosy intact, let alone with an injured arm now.

When his three opponents had charged at him, Aldwin had already prepared his heart for death.

“I have already killed one, breaking even. Another kill is a profit!”1

Aldwin threw caution to the wind, abandoning his defense and striking out.

The dark elf assassins were shocked at his insane play, both parties getting tangled up together. A dark elf cut a gash at Aldwin’s loins, but this dark elf’s arm was also cut by Aldwin’s dagger. The dagger had a sawtooth edge, tearing out flesh as Aldwin pulled. The dark elf’s arm was instantly badly mangled and mutilated.

“Retreat! Let him bleed out!”

The three dark elf assassins retreated together, leaving Aldwin backed against the wall by himself, breathing roughly. A few moments ago, when he was against three opponents, he had already displayed an extraordinary level of prowess. However, he had also consumed a great deal of energy. The blood from the wound on his arm begin to leak even swifter along with the fresh wound at his waist. The fresh, warm blood begin to soak into his wearing.

It was painful. Every drop of blood he lost seemed to take away his energy. However, under the predatorous glares of the enemy, he had no time to wrap up the wounds.

Aldwin couldn’t help but reveal a bitter smile. “I also don’t know how captain and the rest are faring…”

Before the surprise attack on Glaston city, the third military department and the Death Hand had crossed swords in the underworld and had duked it out. The fight was fought with unprecedented intensity, the likes of the scale being nothing like the previous wars.

The Death Hand had suddenly employed a vast amount of people, catching the third military department staff stationed at Glaston city unprepared. Before they knew it, all the spies and informers stationed at Glaston city had been killed clean, their information channels and networks to foreign alliances cut.

The pigeon carriers of the third military department and the city defense had all been either intercepted, destroyed or disabled. Only the secret pigeon carriers in the business district were left.

Under the commander’s orders, they sent out the best assassins at stealth. Aldwin was one of them. He had hurried to te business district with his fastest speed and used the pigeon carriers to successfully deliver information of Glaston city’s situation out of the city.

These pigeon carriers had a special smell marked on them, and would not receive the attacks of any red-eyed owls. If no mishaps or accidents occured, one hour was enough to reach the Black Iron fortress in the south.

Black iron fortress was Norton Kingdom’s number one fortress. It was stationed with the iron crusaders. As long as the information reached the legion marshal Alonso, Alonso would immediately dispatch soldiers at the first moment to send aid. The calamity befalling Glaston city could then be avoided.

Right now, the thing Glaston city needed the most was time.

“We also don’t know who destroyed the transmission tower…must be the gods’ blessing.” This thought flashed by in Aldwin’s heart, allowing him go rejoice.

Without the transmission tower to deliver the information, the northern dark elf army would not rashly move. To deliver the message, the dark elf assassins in the city would have to run there.

This would buy the relief troops a great deal of time.

“Only that I can’t wait for that time.” Aldwin sighed. He understood that the opponent’s intention was to allow him to bleed out.

But he wouldn’t wait to die. Gnashing his teeth and stirring up his spirits, Aldwin brandished his dagger and charged towards his opponents.

Staking his all while he still had strength!

Facing this spontaneous attack, the dark elf assassins obviously would not cower away. Three dark elf assassins dashed up.

At this moment, be it Aldwin’s or the three dark elf assassins’ eyes, there was only the existence of their opponent(s). Nobody took notice of the situation happening behind them.

Behind them was a fuzzy shadow. Nobody knew when it had moved 30 meters. It was now hidden behind a pile of junk at the side of the alleyway.

30 meters was the maximum range of Link’s fireball spell.

At the instance the fight erupted, a han shadow suddenly darted out of the darkness, the rays of magic abeuptly blazing.


In that instant, 3 glowing spheres of incandescence condensed in the air. The glowing spheres travelled in a straight line, shooting towards the ears of the three dark elf assassins’ ears at high velocities. The air let out sucking and hissing sounds due to the great velocities of the fireballs.

“Peng! Peng! Peng!” 3 sounds, 3 hits.2

The dark elf assassins never anticipated an ambush, all of them getting hit.

Although the might of the fireball spells weren’t great, they exploded at the ears of the dark elf warriors. The remaining hot air and flames burst into the dark elf warriors’ ears, destroying every tissue and nerve in them immediately.[footnoeDo note that the size of fireball spells are extremely small, as aforementioned in the earlier chapters. The heat is also extremely high, which is why even Ryan Giggs had trouble even when equipped with magic-resistant armour

The dark elf assassins felt acute pain in their ears, their skull buzzing and humming. They had been fried stupid.

The ear is an important balancing tissue. When it receives violent shock or impact, people will be unable to balance themselves. Be it the dark elves’ physiology or the human physiology, they would all receive massive damage.

The movements of the three dark elf assassins instantly became deformed, their bodies unbalanced and their legs stumbling over each other.

This type of situation happening in the middle of a fight, along with the opponent being a powerful human assassin…this was deadly.

Aldwin’s spirit rose, immediately seizing the chance, slitting a dark elf assassin’s neck. Turning his body around, his dagger accurately stabbed into another assassin’s chest. Ducking, he avoided the attack of the third assassin before raising his dagger and stabbing the stomach of the last assassin.

His movements were extremely fast. In an instant, all three dark elf assassins toppled onto the ground, with Aldwin emerging as the final victor.

Aldwin immediately fished out his first-aid kit, producing a bandage from within it. He rapidly covered the wounds on his body, but he had never forgotten the magician that had helped him.

He raised his head to look at the mouth of the alleyway, seeing a youngster dressed in normal grey clothes walking towards him. His appearances were normal. He wielded a wand in his hand and a braclet around his wrist sparkling with the faint radiance of magic.

“He’s the same race (human), and also a magician. This is really too great.” Aldwin’s spirits rose.

Simply from his battle prowess, perhaps he was not a magician. Magicians’ greatest skill were not their battle strength, but instead their wisdom and knowledge. Because their wisdom and knowledge gave rise to various bizarre and crazy stuff, their magics had a wide range of applications.

There were many things that assassins, warriors and hunters could not do that magicians could easily achieve. For example, flying. Any level 3 magician could fly. This allowed the magician occupation to let the other occupations bite the dust.

Right now, Glaston city was in critical danger. If he was able to receive the aid of a magician, he could delay of the arrival of the dark elf army.

Originally, the third military department had thought of sending reinforcements to aid the magic academy. However, by the time they had managed to put off the dark elf assassins, Fleming Magic Academy had already been taken down.

However, he did not expect a magician to appear in the business district. Furthermore, judging by the speed of his magic spells and his battle prowess, it was a war magician.3

There could not be a better situation than this.

Aldwin rapidly bandaged his wounds, fishing out a bottle of medicine and gulping it down before standing up to receive the magician. “Your distinguished sire magician, thank you for saving me. I am Aldwin of the third military department.”

As if afraid of the other party’s suspicion, Aldwin hurriedly provided proof, a ring. The ring had several runes on it. On the ring was a carving of a male lion and a dagger. The male lion represented the royal household of the Norton Kingdom and the dagger symbolised the third military department.

The magician was naturally Link. Link inspected the ring that Aldwin had fished out. From the shimmering rays of magic emitting from the ring, this was probably a level 1 magic ring. A magic spell was attached to it: Conceal.

To be able to carry a magic ring, this proved that Aldwin had a definite rank among the third military department.

At this moment, Link had already completed the rescue mission. He received 10 free points. Including the 20 free points from the survival mission and the 10 free points from destroying the transmission tower, he had 40 free points in total, 26 mana, 7 level 0 magic spells and 2 level 1 magic spells he could use.

With the arsenal in his hands growing more and more, Link’s confidence had also grown.

‘Perhaps I could really change history and save Glaston city.’ This thought flashed by at the bottom of Link’s heart. However, he immediately disagreed. ‘I’ll see how it goes. If I clash with the dark elf army with insufficient strength, it will be a miserable way to die.’

Link had now anxiously realised the state of Glaston city. Currently, he needed to establish the simplest foundations of trust with this assassin named Aldwin.

He greeted Aldwin with a magician’s etiquette, introducing himself. “I am Link, the third son of Viscount Maloney Hamiliton and also a magician from Fleming magic academy. I have just luckily escaped from there.”

After finishing, Link also added himself a bargaining chip. “Before I escaped, I destroyed the transmission tower of Fleming magic academy.”

Hearing Link’s words, Aldwin’s eyes suddenly lit up. Aldwin sincerely said, “Sire Link, you have granted a great service to us. However, Glaston city is still in a critical state of danger. I beg for your assist-“

However, he was interrupted by Link. Link waved his hand. “Time is precious. I incidentally heard of a dark elf army not far away from the city. No need to stand on ceremony. Tell me, assassin, what can I do to help?”

With the transmission tower destroyed, the arrival of the dark elf army would definitely be delayed. In the previous world their arrival was 1:30 a.m., in this world, it should be delayed by one hour. Currently, it was 11:55 p.m. and he still had 2 more hours of safety.

In this period of time, by assisting the third military department, he would earn some free points. This was not a bad idea.

Aldwin stared blankly at Link. He did not expect Link to be this blunt with his words. He immediately rejoiced. In this critical situation, what they needed the most was this kind of effiency and a person who did not fear danger.

Aldwin sincerely praised. “Your distinguished self, you are a noble magician indeed!”

Link waved his hands speechlessly. “Don’t ever say this rubbish again…”

Aldwin then went to the point directly. “To protect me, my commander and my team distracted most of the dark elf assassins’ attentions. They are in extreme danger now, we should go assist them!”

After finishing, he nervously looked at Link. Honestly speaking, by returning to assist them, with just the two of them was tantamount to a sending themselves to death.

At this moment as he had finished, a new notification rang out in Link’s mind.

New triggered mission

Mission: Give support to the third military department

Mission description: 1. Lend support to the third military department branch commander Annie Abel and ensure her survival (major goal), 2. Lend support to the surviving members of the team.

Mission reward: 25 free points

Annie Abel?

Link was extremely familiar with this name. In the game, she was an extremely famous figure. Her father was the Duke of Norton Kingdom and the king’s biological younger brother. The Duke had a resolute and firm character and was nicknamed Iron Duke. His position in the Kingdom was extremely high.

Annie was the Iron Duke’s daughter. She was originally supposed to be doted on the most, and become a charming princess. However, she had turned into an assassin in the shadows. Climbing up from the bottom of the barrels, achieving innumerable achievements and meritorious deeds. After 10 years, she had turned into a legendary assassin, promoted to one of the 3 great figures of the third military department.

In the previous game world there was also a mission, but that was a year ago. The mission content was to go to the Black Forest and rescue Annie Abel from the Blackwater prison.

Yes, in the massacre of Glaston city, Annie Abel was never killed but instead held captive. During her imprisonment, she had suffered inhumane torture.

When Link and his teammates had met her in the Blackwater prison, one of her eyes was already blind. Her originally beautiful cheeks were covered with concentrated webs of scars. These were only the surface scars that could be seen. Some of the deeper scars, Link did not dare think about.

Finally, when the latest material of the game had arrived, Annie had already become the number one assassin of the Kingdom, wielding great strength. However, she had received the coercion of a demon and became more and more extreme. In the end, she had degenerated into a pawn of the darkness and murdered KINg Ryan. This had led to the destruction of Norton Kingdom.

Link had always thought that this was related to her inhumane torture in the Blackwater prison.

However, now he had a chance to prevent it from happening, and also had the reward of free points. Why would he not agree?

Under Aldwin’s gaze, Link nodded his head. “Lead the road, assassin!”

-(Chapter 11, end)


How dare they torture his potential harem member? May ruler of light condemn them and strike them down in the next chapter.

I also just found out that the ‘legendary assassin’ from the title is actually annie lol

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