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Hey, I noticed that we definitely need a glossary of spells, especially since it’s becoming super messy. It’d be best if someone could also get a glossary for the characters as well as the currency (e.g. how many silver coins = 1 gold coin) because I don’t have time. Yes, can someone please do it T.T

So, here goes.

The 6 Branches of Magic:


Equipment that Link has:

Crescent magic wand/Crescent moon magic wand: Something Link stole from a rich kid in the magic academy or something like that.
Fire crystal magic staff: Link looted this from the dead body of Holm after he killed him. The stats are pretty impressive.

Spells that Link knows:

Level 0 spells:

Magic Hand/Master’s Hand: Basically conjures an invisible hand that the caster can control
Swamp: Turns solid ground into soft mud.
Level 0 Fireball: Conjures a small fireball the size of a marble
Lesser invisibility: Turns user invisible for 20 minutes I think
Lethargy: ??
Silence: Blocks out a large amount of noise, including footstep noise, breathing noise, talking noise, etc. One cast can last for 20 minutes.
Grease: The ground will become extremely slippery, like a layer of grease was wiped on it.
Glass Pearl: Modified level 0 Fireball spell stronger than a level 1 fireball spell. Uses less mana than level 1 fireball spell too.
Replacement: Inferior magic, will replace matter with another matter but requires the same physical form (Difficult to explain, but go to the chapter where Link casts this spell on his crescent magic wand)
Beginner Detection: Roughly examine surroundings for various kinds of smells, including mana, elements, mysterious power, etc.
Light: Conjure a ball of light equivalent to the illumination of 5 candlelit lamps. Continues for an hour.
Spiral Rock Thorn: Modified level 0 Earth Thorn/Spike spell.(螺旋石刺)
Flash: Modified level 0 Light spell. (一闪)
Mud: Modified level 0 Swamp spell. (粘浆术)

Level 1 spells:

Vector throw: Throws an object at high speed. The lighter the object, the faster the velocity.
Element remedy: Change the internal chemical balance in the target’s body, alleviating or easing diseases or illnesses. The target’s body will become more healthy and robust.
Feline boost: Bestows the target with the nimbleness of a cat’s body. Lasts for 20 minutes.
Vector Resistance Forcefield: Pushes an object in a direction that the caster specifies
Real Body Double: Construct a magic phantom. The phantom is able to project footstep sounds, capable of holding conversations and has scent. It is almost similar to a real human. It cannot touch water.
Secondary Guardian Enchantment: Defends against magic attacks. Especially effective against elemental magic.
Intermediate Sharpening: Turn weapons abnormally sharp. Even if it is an ordinary iron sword, after casting this spell it will peel iron like mud. Effect will last for 10 minutes.
Whistle: A modified spell of ‘vector throw’, but nothing like it at all. Utilises the halo of magic runes…Can be found on Chapter 54.

Level 2 spells:

Secondary hailstorm: Summon a frigid stream of air revolving at high speed. Effective radius of hailstorm does not exceed 3 meters, any enemy entering the sphere of the hailstorm will be affected by the frigid temperature and the attack of the sharp shards. This magic will sustain for 5 minutes or until the caster cancels it.

Level 3 spells:

Mysterious strength: Alter the constitution of the target, greatly upgrading the talent potential of the target. At the same time, inputs a set of tempering method in the target’s mind. After the use of the tempering method, the target will gradually utilise his potential, continuously promoting his power.

Level 4 spells:

Flame Burst: With a firing range outstripping 50 meters, create a mighty conflagration!

Spells Link does not know (As of late):

Miscellaneous spells:

Level 0 Wind Blade: ?? (Specific level was never mentioned, but should be level 0-1)
Level 1 Ice shield: Condense water element from your surroundings into an ice shield. Excellent against physical or elemental attacks. (Holm, a dark elf magician)
Secondary whirlwind: ?? (The specific level of this spell was never specified, but it was implied that it was lower than level 2)
Level 2 Earth Hound: Condense the element of earth into a huge hound. This hound has extraordinary strength as well as a keen sense of smell and sight. (Holm, a dark elf magician)
Level 2 Rock Armour: Earth element in the air will harden into a firm rock armour. Holds well against physical attacks. (Asim, a human battle magician that helped during the Glaston city incident)
Level 3 Magic Wall: Create a stable protective screen perfect without defects to block access to areas. (Casted by the human magicians of the Fleming Lessor Magic Academy in the alchemy tower to hide their legendary grade potion)
Level 4 Lightning Storm: ??
Level 5 Obsidian Ward: Creates a black crystal shield the colour of obsidian. Extremely durable. (Celine, the best waifu)
Level 5 Intermediate Magic Armour: A stronger version of ‘Guardian Enchantment’ (a spell from a magic equipment). Weak against magic attacks but excellent against physical attacks (Obtained from the legendary potion that Link found in the alchemic tower)

Legendary-tier Spells:

Finger of Death: ??
Apocalyptic Meteor: ??
Great Collapse: ??
Demonisation Magic Runes: ?? Turns someone into an artificial demon after coming into contact with their blood.

Battle skills/Warrior qi breathing methods:

Concealed Shadow: Annie’s warrior qi breathing method
Mysterious strength: A level 3 spell which gives a level 3 warrior qi breathing method to its target. Link casted it on Hank, Lucy and Greedin after they became his followers. The warrior qi breathing method is only level 3, so it has limited effect once Hank/Lucy/Greedin advance to higher levels.

Tler’s notes:

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