Daily Life of a Wealthy Woof Chapter 41.2

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Chapter 41.2 — The dog tag was stolen

A husky with a perfect white three point mark on his forehead was getting closer and closer to Little Pudding. It was a similar size and wagged its tail. Lu Chenghe gave Little Pudding a push. “Go ahead. Dumb and dumber is missing a member.”

Zuo Ning snorted.

That husky made itself comfortable, “Hey, you are not a puppy anymore. Don’t stick to your owner like that. Do you want to play with me?”

Zuo Ning turned his head. “Don’t want to.”

The husky drew even closer and sniffed his body. “You smell good. I smell ham sausages. Did you eat that for breakfast?”

Zuo Ning pushed it away with a paw, “I didn’t, I didn’t. Go play by yourself. Don’t sniff me.”

The husky snorted and ran to Lu Chenghe’s side with its tail raised. “I can smell it clearly. Your human must have ham sausages on him. Finders keepers.”

Lu Chenghe watched the two interact. He saw Little Pudding push the husky. Then he saw the husky run to him. It even rushed into his arms, completely unafraid of strangers. His Little Pudding then quickly ran over. Little Pudding swiftly drilled into his arms then faced the husky and growled lowly.

Lu Chenghe patted Little Pudding, “You must be amicable towards your friends. Don’t be so hostile.”

The husky licked its lips, “Your person smells so good. Let’s go back home together, ok?”

Zuo Ning used his back leg to kick the husky’s head, “What about your owner?”

The husky was confused and cocked its head to the side, “My owner? Ah! Where is my owner?” The husky yelped and turned around to go search for them.

Zuo Ning couldn’t help but sigh for the husky’s owner. It was so casually about to leave with other people. If he was the owner of that husky he would be utterly exhausted with worry.

When Lu Chenghe saw the little husky run away he patted Little Pudding, “See. You were so mean that they didn’t want to play with you anymore.”

Zuo Ning hugged Lu Chenghe’s neck and gave a hmph. He did not want to be here. So many dogs were lusting after his chrysanthemum, it was too scary! Everyone was so noisy and said unreasonable things. His head was starting to hurt. He didn’t know how Lu Chenghe, who usually liked his peace and quiet, was able to endure being in a place with so many dogs.

When Lu Chenghe saw that Little Pudding did not like being here, he did not linger. Just when he was preparing to leave, someone called his name. When he turned his head, he saw a beautiful girl rushing over. She was delicate and beautiful and wore a half-length trench coat. A pair of knee-high boots left her delicate white thighs exposed.

Tang Ke’er did not expect to meet Lu Chenghe like this. Her Tangbao (lit. Sweet Treasure) was a lucky star. She slightly tidied her clothing a little before walking forward, “What a coincidence, Chenghe. You have also brought your dog here. Is this your Little Pudding? So beautiful.”

Lu Chenghe nodded before politely and distantly replying, “Miss Tang.”

Tang Ke’er tried hard to restrain herself but could not resist Lu Chenghe’s charm. Her whole body was emitting a starry-eyed infatuation, “Why are you acting as if we’re strangers? Just call me Ke’er. All my family and friends do.”

Lu Chenghe did not respond. He was about to take Little Pudding away but he saw him chatting to that husky which had run away before. Since Little Pudding was making friends, Lu Chenghe was not in a rush to leave. However, this gave Tang Ke’er the chance to invite him to lunch.

Zuo Ning looked at that pretty girl and huffed. Then he saw that husky. It had especially run over to say that its owner was not lost and was playing just over there. That husky was now even more unpleasant to look at. Who cares if your owner is lost or found? You are acting overly familiar.

Since Lu Chenghe had begun talking to that girl, Zuo Ning decided to just follow that husky into the ball pit. When he saw that Lu Chenghe was not paying any attention to him, he angrily hit a nearby ball. The ball smacked into the husky’s head but the silly dog just brought it back. “Let’s play together.”

Zuo Ning played a game of fetch with the husky for a while and looked at Lu Chenghe. He seemed to be conversing very happily. Zuo Ning turned his head to the side with a huff. He was the one who said they were leaving but now he looked like he did not have any intention to.

The next moment, Zuo Ning’s heart began beating violently. He thought that he saw his classmate. When he tried to take a closer look, they had vanished.

Xue Lu had been invited out by some high school classmates today. She did not go to high school locally. After she graduated she was accepted to the university in this city and her other high school classmates also went their own ways. She still kept in touch with classmates she was close to and after two of them got married and settled in Qingniao City, she was able to see them more frequently.

But today she was a little unhappy. She had worked painstakingly hard and gotten accepted into a university. Now she has a pretty good job and had a handsome boyfriend who loves her. But when she compared herself to her former classmates, she discovered that she was not as well off as they were.

A very stylish girl sat next to Xue Lu stretched out her hand, “Since you are an expert, do me a favour. What do you think of this bracelet?”

The other two girls next to her profusely flattered her, “It’s beautiful. It must have been very expensive. This type of jade is not cheap.”

This girl with the bracelet laughingly replied, “This is what my husband and I bought on our last overseas vacation. Jade is that country’s specialty. But you know, the more famous things are the more fakes there would be. Like last time, the Liang Lake became famous for their crabs. But when my husband and I went to try it we discovered that the people near the Liang Lake import crabs from other places and just say they were caught from the lake. The real products from the river could not be found. Even if we had the money, we couldn’t eat it.”

Xue Lu didn’t ask the girl to take off the bracelet for a closer look. If there was an accident, she couldn’t afford it. She just looked at it for a while, “It is genuine. The colour is very good and will only get better and more valuable with age.

The girl rubbed her bracelet with a smile, “Actually I’m not really good at this stuff. I just bought it because it was pretty. Although this bracelet looks good, it doesn’t match a lot of my clothes. I guess I will only wear this occasionally.”

Some people enquired about the price. The girl also wanted to show off a bit. “Probably around a hundred thousand dollars. My husband said the price was cheap because it was bought locally. If you wanted to buy it over here the conservative estimate is many times the price.”

She then looked enviously at Xue Lu, “I heard you are preparing to start your own jewellery store? After you’ve opened, I will become a patron. You must remember to give me a substantial discount.”

Xue Lu just smiled and agreed before standing up and saying she needed to go to the bathroom.

Xue Lu looked at herself in the mirror. A well proportioned young woman with fair skin looked back. Ever since she was young, teachers and classmates would say she was blessed with a good appearance and would live well in the future. Nowadays, a good appearance is more important than one’s own strength. Added to that, she also had her own abilities. However, classmates who could not be compared to her before are now living better than she was. They never thought twice when they wanted to buy something. On the other hand, when she wanted to buy a skirt, she would hesitate over and over again.

Of course, she was envious and jealous, but she has already worked very hard in this life. Xue Lu sighed, fixed her makeup and then came out of the bathroom. Unexpectedly she saw a samoyed in the doorway. She only glanced at it casually but the tag hanging on the dog’s chest caught her eye. She’d seen that dog being held by someone before. At a gathering that her boyfriend brought her to. From memory, that dog tag was studded with several grams of diamonds.

An idea sprang up in Xue Lu’s mind. Her heart began to beat faster. She looked around. This was a public restroom. The male bathroom was opposite her. You had to turn a corner to get out. In other words, there were no cameras here.

Xue Lu wasn’t sure whether the dog’s owner was in the bathroom but seeing it hovering by the door, she couldn’t help but call out to it. “Little Pudding. Come here.”

Zuo Ning thought that his classmate might have come here so he chased them to the bathroom. He had done a loop around the area without any results. Since he looks like this now, what could he do if he found his classmate? When he was about to return to the play area to find Lu Chenghe he heard someone call him.

He turned around and recognised the woman. It was the girl from that party Lu Chenghe’s friend hosted. He hesitated but since she was half crouching and calling for him, he went over. It was just letting her pat him. Especially since she was the girlfriend of Lu Chenghe’s childhood friend. It was the polite thing to do.

When Xue Lu saw that Little Pudding was really coming over, she felt increasingly excited and panicked. Her hands shook as she pet the dog and her voice gently praised it. Then her hand reached for the dog tag. It was attached using a button style and was easily take off with a pinch.

Zuo Ning had only planned on letting her pat him a few times when suddenly he felt her fiddling with his collar. He immediately wanted to break free but when he did, the tag on his neck was gone.

Zuo Ning could not have imagined that she would do this kind of thing. Wasn’t she Lu Chenghe’s childhood friend’s girlfriend?! That girl turned around to re-enter the female bathroom the moment she took the tag. Zuo Ning wanted to run inside, but that was the female bathroom. He couldn’t go in there. He was afraid that Lu Chenghe didn’t know that he had run over here so Zuo Ning prepared to run back and tell him that the tag was gone. That tag definitely had some kind of positioning system on it so as long as that girl still had it, it would be found again.

The reality was that the moment Lu Chenghe turned around and couldn’t see him, he was already on the verge of erupting.

Naz: This is what the husky looked liked. The literal translation is “three point fire” because it looks like the fire character: 火

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