Daily Life of a Wealthy Woof Chapter 42.1

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Chapter 42.1 — Not allowed on the bed tonight

Lu Chenghe was prepared to let Little Pudding play with that husky for a bit longer since he thought that he was finally assimilated into the doggy social circle. In the end, he had only spoken one line with Tang Ke’er and Little Pudding had gone. It had happened in the blink of an eye.

Most of the play area could be seen clearly with one glance as there weren’t many obstacles. A big Samoyed would be seen no matter where it was. But now, the Little Pudding who was supposed to be playing had disappeared.

Tang Ke’er had been trying to invite Lu Chenghe out. They were having a pleasant conversation however his face instantaneously turned cold and his aura became very frightening. Her heart skipped a beat. She followed his gaze and her heart froze. The Samoyed was gone.

Lu Chenghe no longer paid attention to Tang Ke’er. He directly strode over to the play area with his long legs. He searched the easy hiding spots but his Little Pudding was not there. He even called him a few times. No matter where Little Pudding was playing when he heard Lu Chenghe’s voice he would immediately run over. Since he was not here, he must not be in the vicinity.

Lu Chenghe licked his lips and his face darkened even more. He wanted to block the entire mall but he was still rational. Although he did not close the doors of the mall he still made a phone call to get someone to strengthen the security.

The order was quickly transferred to upper management and security guards were dispatched to the entrances and exits. Anyone with a Samoyed was to be stopped without exception. A logistical staff member who was resting found the situation strange when he received the sudden mission. Normally any lost property would be broadcasted once at most. He didn’t know who lost their dog but it was certainly not a normal person.

The chat between Lu Chenghe and Tang Ke’er did not exceed one minute. No one could have taken Little Pudding away so silently. Therefore he must have walked off by himself. Lu Chenghe was angry and anxious at the thought that the little rascal had run off to god knows where. The moment he discovered that Little Pudding had disappeared, he panicked. Apart from the one time he received a call informing him of his father’s accident, he had never had such a moment of blankness.

Fortunately, the convention was held inside a shopping centre, not outdoors. There is no way Little Pudding ran outside in such a short amount of time. As long as the entrances and exits were guarded, he would eventually be found.


It was only until Lu Chenghe saw a bunch of people wearing security uniforms rushing towards the exits that he began to calm down. Wait until he found the little rascal. He would definitely teach it a lesson this time. See if he dares to run away again!

Lu Chenghe had planned to go looking but he was worried that Little Pudding might run back, see that Lu Chenghe was missing and then run around frightened. So he decided to wait for a while in the original area.

Many of the small dogs became agitated when they saw so many security guards running around. Tang Ke’er was worried that her Tang Bao would become frightened so she quickly went to find him. She carried it in her arms and returned to Lu Chenghe, “Let’s go search around first. It’s only been a short amount of time, Little Pudding couldn’t have run far.”

Lu Chenghe knew that it was probably Little Pudding who ran off himself. He also was rational enough to know not to take his anger out on others. But he had no feelings towards Tang Ke’er. He was polite but never went further. He was calm now since he knew that Little Pudding would definitely be found. Otherwise, he wasn’t sure whether he could maintain a gentleman’s elegant demeanour.

“If Miss Tang has no other matter, then continue your business. There is no need to trouble yourself over Little Pudding.”

Tang Ke’er felt that she was a little responsible for this event so she stood to one side hugging her dog without knowing what else to do. If she didn’t engage in conversation with Lu Chenghe, his puppy would not have run off by himself. If the one lost was Tang Bao, she felt that she would burst into tears due to anxiety.


When she saw the Lu Chenghe was simply standing there, obviously waiting for his dog to run back, Tang Ke’er stood a little further away. She was afraid to provoke even more feelings of displeasure if she stood too close.

Xue Lu examined the dog tag when she went back into the bathroom. Although she was not able to be 100% certain that it was genuine without the proper tests, from the lustre and vibrancy of the gem, it was probably not fake. She placed the dog tag into her bag and walked out again. When she didn’t see Little Pudding waiting by the door, she released her tension.

There were no security cameras here. Dogs also couldn’t speak. Even if its owner discovered the dog tag was missing, they would probably just think it was lost. She calmed slightly then returned to the dessert house where her classmates had gathered.

She didn’t sit down for long when she saw many security guards rush out. Xue Lu had a guilty conscience and became anxious again. Her hand that was holding the bag tightened. She casually asked, “What’s going on?”

One of the girls there shrugged her shoulders, “Who knows. But there is an event going on downstairs selling cats and dogs. Should we go take a look afterwards?”

Xue Lu did not dare linger for too long in case she ran into Little Pudding. If Little Pudding began to bark in her direction, its owner would begin to suspect her. Xue Lu pretended that an emergency had popped up which needed her to leave first. It was only until she had left the shopping centre that she released a sigh. The security guards did not stop her so she quickly hurried home.

As Zuo Ning had been following the shadow of his classmate, he couldn’t find the right path back. Thankfully he could recognise words and could roughly remember the right way back. When he got closer to the right place, he could even pick up on Lu Chenghe’s scent and knew he was going in the right direction. After he turned a corner, he saw Lu Chenghe.

Zuo Ning was unaware of the imminent danger and happily barked. When Lu Chenghe turned around, Zuo Ning quickly scrambled over.


Zuo Ning threw himself on Lu Chenghe’s body and barked loudly. Then he pawed his neck to show Lu Chenghe that his missing dog tag.

Lu Chenghe saw Little Pudding run over by himself and rubbed his fur. Then he made a phone call to call back the extra security. The moment he hung up, he saw Little Pudding dimwittedly looked at him. So he rubbed Little Pudding’s head and softly spoke, “You learnt to run around, huh? The moment my eyes left you, you disappeared. So naughty. Tell me how I should punish you so you’ll never forget again, hm?”

Zuo Ning immediately shrunk into himself. Lu Chenghe was saying such horrible words with a smile on his face. He knew that he was in big trouble this time. Lu Chenghe was really angry. The smiling angry face was so much scarier than his normal expressionless angry face.

After thinking about it, Zuo Ning admitted his wrongdoings and rubbed himself against Lu Chenghe trying to put out the fire.

It was a pity that it was useless. This time Lu Chenghe was determined to teach him a lesson and no amount of grovelling was going to deter him.

This time it was inside a building. If Little Pudding had run away and not been able to find his way back, Lu Chenghe would still be able to find him. If this happened outdoors, then even if he had a dog tag around his neck, it could be thrown away by someone who felt that this little puppy was good to sell. Even if Lu Chenghe had the ability, he was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to find Little Pudding again.

The moment he thought that Little Pudding could have been lost forever, Lu Chenghe’s hand felt a little itchy. He felt the need to punish him well.

When Zuo Ning saw that Lu Chenghe was giving him a profound look, he used his paws to pat Lu Chenghe’s hand before rubbing his own neck, “Awoo…” Look, look. The dog tag was stolen.

EzoicLu Chenghe noticed his action and thought he had injured himself. He squatted down to take a proper look and thus discovered the dog tag was missing. “Where’s the tag?”

Zuo Ning turned his head back to indicate the area where he came from, “Woof!” Stolen! The little thief is over there.

Lu Chenghe thought that the dog tag had just fallen so he attached a leash to Little Pudding and followed him.

Tang Ke’er was still standing on one side. Lu Chenghe did not want to be so impolite as to leave with no notice but having lunch together was obviously impossible. So he just pointedly nodded once before following Little Pudding to find his dog tag.

Tang Ke’er released a relieved sigh when she saw Little Pudding had been found. When she saw Lu Chenghe simply walk off with his dog, she didn’t follow. Although she likes Lu Chenghe, it was just a simple like. If it could develop into something then it would obviously be very welcome. However, she knows that Lu Chenghe does not like her. So she was already satisfied occasionally being able to bump into him and make small talk. She hoped that Lu Chenghe will not dislike her because of this incident.

Tang Ke’er blankly looked at the well-behaved Tang Bao in her arms and couldn’t help but sigh, “Your mummy has been jilted in love again… Ha… I wanted to fawn over the male god. Why is it so difficult?”

Zuo Ning led Lu Chenghe to the bathrooms. He then faced the female toilets and barked. Lu Chenghe said, “The dog tag fell there? You even ran inside the female bathrooms? Were you following a pretty sister? Womaniser.”

Zuo Ning quickly barked twice, then used his paw to make a grasping gesture at his neck. His actions were perfectly clear but Lu Chenghe still didn’t understand! It really made him worry about his IQ!

Lu Chenghe raised a brow, “The tag was taken by someone?”

Zuo Ning excitedly wagged his tag and barked. That’s right, that’s right. The tag was taken away. But I didn’t ask for it, it was a thief. Unexpectedly that pure and beautiful girl was a little thief.

Lu Chenghe stroked his head, “Let’s go. First I must take care of your business. Then I will bring the dog tag back.”

Originally Zuo Ning wanted to distract Lu Chenghe but after hearing those words it seemed that his punishment was inevitable. Thus he hung his head and followed behind Lu Chenghe dispiritedly. Thus the not so pleasant date ended like this.

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