Daily Life of a Wealthy Woof Chapter 35.2

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Chapter 35.2 — [This Time I Licked Twice] The Feral Dog Turned into a Little Prince

It wasn’t until they had sat in the car that Zuo Ning reached out a paw and patted Lu Chenghe’s stomach, “Awoo.” These clothes are not something I dirtied. You came over and hugged me yourself.

Lu Chenghe pinched Little Pudding’s paw. Other than being filthy, the hair between the claws had a trace of red. It should be from pieces of rock and stone that accidentally scratched him and broke the skin. When running at home, the bits of rock on the lawn had all been dealt with beforehand. But now this happened during a movie shoot. Lu Chenghe’s heart was inevitably somewhat uncomfortable.

Looking at that simple-minded little thing lying on him grinning and foolishly happy, he couldn’t help but ask, “Do you like filming?”

Zuo Ning looked at Lu Chenghe blankly. How was he supposed to answer this? Speaking of liking it, actually, it was okay. He only considered shooting movies as a type of work. Although he could also gossip while he was at it. The entertainment circle was also quite interesting. If he didn’t like it, then there was nothing else to do apart from sticking to Lu Chenghe. After a while, he wasn’t sure whether it would produce a type of self-loathing.

Lu Chenghe was still single now. In any case, Zuo Ning was still able to persuade himself into being naive for a bit and stick to him more to nurture their feelings. However, sooner or later, Lu Chenghe will marry and have children. No matter how he fostered these feelings he could still only be Lu Chenghe’s pet. And at that time, when what he had invested in could no longer be completely considered his, then how would he live out the rest of his days?

Therefore, Zuo Ning normally played around and made a ruckus, drank and ate. Drifting along day after day, he dared not think too deeply about the future. “Future,” this word was truly too terrible for him. He was afraid that if he thought too much, he would not be able to pull himself out of it. He might as well properly cherish the present.

Lu Chenghe saw Little Pudding’s foolish appearance and helplessly petted him. As a result, his entire hand was full of mud. Remembering the question he had asked him, he inevitably felt like he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “Even though I asked, you can’t understand. Forget it, since your expression doesn’t show any sign of rejection, then we’ll just take it as proof that you like it. Since you like it, then just go and do it.”

Although he wasn’t very happy that Little Pudding had injured himself to film the movie but dogs couldn’t talk. Since he hadn’t shown any signs of rejection, then it proved that he was willing at the very least. Regarding his family’s Little Pudding’s disposition, if he didn’t like something, he reckoned he would pretend to be all kinds of stupid, acting dumb and being disobedient, just like when he was when previously training.

Therefore Lu Chenghe gave up on thoughts of refusing to take on films in the future. Since he liked it, then he’ll just let him do whatever makes him happy. Only that he still felt that the redness on that little paw in his palm was a bit unsightly.

When they went back home, Lu Chenghe did not let Little Pudding dirty the floor. In any case, he was dirty himself so he simply carried Little Pudding up to the second floor. Lu Chenghe also returned to the bedroom to wash up after permitting the maid to bathe the dog and scrub him.

Even though the maid was very meticulous and careful as she washed him and would also massage him very comfortably, Zuo Ning still preferred being washed by Lu Chenghe. As he stood in the bathtub getting scrubbed, he heard the sounds of a shower from Lu Chenghe’s bathroom. Zuo Ning couldn’t help snorting, hmph, he didn’t even bath him before being unable to stand it and going to wash first.

He was scrubbed from head to toe until a tubful of black water remained. When the black dog changed back into a white dog, Zuo Ning took advantage of the time when the maid turned on the hairdryer. He shook his fur and immediately jumped out of the bathtub. Ignoring the maid’s shouts, he raced across the floor and charged into the bedroom.

Other to change the linens and cleaning up one can not enter the master’s room without permission. The little maid chased after the dog but lost him and was forced to go downstairs and report to the steward.

Zuo Ning smoothly ran into the room, discovered that the bathroom door had not been closed and ran in eagerly. A completely naked Lu Chenghe, hehehe…

But he didn’t see anyone in the shower. Hearing movement from further inside, he ran in to take a look and saw Lu Chenghe soaking against the edge of the bathtub.

Zuo Ning immediately ran over, nimbly climbed up the steps and, with a bark, directly jumped into the water.

Lu Chenghe had closed his eyes to rest but was then splashed with a faceful of water. He looked blankly at the happy Little Pudding.

Zuo Ning doggy paddled over to Lu Chenghe and reached out a paw to feel his firm body. The sensation was so good. It was nice to rub. Felt very comfortable.

Lu Chenghe skimmed the top of the water and directly watered Little Pudding’s head, “Who let you come over?”

Zuo Ning paddled around for a while, “Woo…” As if anyone could stop me if I wanted to come over.

Looking at the cleanly washed white dog and its white fur floating on the water, it made Little Pudding look like a super large-sized stick of cotton candy. Lu Chenghe leaned back and closed his eyes to continue to rest. Being away from home will always make him feel a little tired. Being able to soak in a bath to relax was a rare opportunity.

On the other hand, Zuo Ning who was sharing the bath secretly peeked at him for half a day. Discovering that Lu Chenghe wasn’t looking at him, he openly stared for a while. But the turned his head around and swam for a bit when he saw signs that Lu Chenghe’s eyes were going to open. He dilly-dallied like this until he found that he had already swum far away from Lu Chenghe before Zuo Ning once again swam back to Lu Chenghe’s side.

Lu Chenghe who always had his eyes closed reached out a hand and caught him. The silky fur slipped through his fingers and felt pretty good. Seeing that little rascal wanting to escape, he hugged him closer to his body, “You easily made a bathful of water so dirty.”

Zuo Ning struggled twice before he gave up. He rubbed his head against Lu Chenghe’s body, “Awoo!” I’m not dirty, I only came after I was washed!
Lu Chenghe felt around his body. After determining there was no residual dirt he wanted to put Zuo Ning down, “The water temperature is too high, hurry and get out.”

Zuo Ning quickly grabbed onto Lu Chenghe’s neck with his two paws. He didn’t think the water temperature was high, plus soaking in it was very comfortable. He was even able to swim everywhere, there was no way he was getting out. The main point was that Lu Chenghe only had a towel wrapped around him. Only one towel. Hehehe.

Zuo Ning took a peek downwards and unexpectedly stuck out a tongue to lick that beautiful collarbone.

Lu Chenghe felt that his back was numb. Quickly extending a hand to push away that little rascal, he neither strongly or gently hit the top of his head, “If this licking habit isn’t changed anytime soon, I will not give you beef jerky to eat.”

After the lick, Zuo Ning also felt his tongue was a little numb and didn’t resist Lu Chenghe’s scolding. He shyly shook his hind legs and swam off. He shrank into a corner, sneakily taking peeks at Lu Chenghe. Maybe it was because it was winter now and his fur was getting thicker so he was getting more shameless and was able to do something like that.

Lu Chenghe washed his body like he wanted to wash away the numb feeling. Seeing that dog cowardly hiding on the other side, he sent a splash of water over, “Little scoundrel.”

Zuo Ning was splashed with a face full of water and quickly shook his head, throwing the water drops from his face. Then he saw Lu Chenghe get up from the bath. Those perfectly straight legs appeared without warning in front of his eyes. That wet towel was also tightly wrapped around his waist. The back also has a beautiful S shape and, although thin, it contained firm muscles. What an A grade figure!

Zuo Ning looked for a while before quickly turning his head. If because of the view he started having a bloody nose, that would be too humiliating.

In the past, he felt that all those descriptions of having a nosebleed when seeing a beauty were all just nonsense, but now he thought that if he didn’t put more effort into controlling those feelings, his nose might really start spurting blood. It was just like something wanting to erupt from his body. His entire heart felt as if it were being bitten by many little insects. It was so itchy that it made him want to scratch at it, yet it wouldn’t stop itching no matter how much he scratched.

Lu Chenghe casually draped a bathrobe over himself, took a big towel and put it by his side on top of the stone platform, “Little Pudding, come here.” Even though Little Pudding didn’t dislike the heat, but it wasn’t good to soak in such high-temperature water.

Zuo Ning heard him and glanced at Lu Chenghe. Because the platform was relatively low, when Lu Chenghe placed the towel he bent down and supported himself by putting one hand on the platform. One could see a clear view of his entire stomach, and even the lines of his abdominal muscles. Zuo Ning swallowed, sluggishly crawling out of the pool. Afterwards, he bashfully ran over with small, quick steps, obeying Lu Chenghe’s suggestion and meekly lying down on the bath towel.

In this way, Lu Chenghe carried the extremely heavy dog that was soaked in water to dry it.

Zuo Ning lay on Lu Chenghe’s shoulder, with an earlobe rubbing back and forth on his face. Finally right before Lu Chenghe put him in front of the dryer, he couldn’t bear it and licked him again.

Lu Chenghe calmly smacked his butt with the palm of his hand but Zuo Ning had already gotten his way twice and didn’t care, just continuously grinning with his doggy face. That appearance of narrowed eyes and a sweet smile immediately made the hearts of several little maids who were tidying up the corridor tremble.

The steward saw this scene as he was passing by and subsequently took a picture of a close-up of Little Pudding with a wet head and sweet smile, then diligently sent it to the madam.

Mother Lu saw the photo while she was in the middle of a massage. She felt it was so cute that she blushed heavily. That little wet head with a silly tuft of fur standing up from the top of it, narrowed eyes, and a tiny little tongue sticking out, truly deserved to be called the smile of an angel. As a result, since a single “aw” is not as good as a crowd of “aw’s”, the picture was quickly posted to Weibo.

【Tch, this blogger wants to scam me into buying a dog again.】

【My health bar is empty, the God of Cuteness is unparalleled!】

【It’s so cute I can’t control myself, but is the back of the one carrying the little Cute God the blogger? Looks to be very tall.】

【emmmmm every day I go online, I imagine playing with dogs. The more I imagine it, the more I want one! Sooner or later, there will be a day when I have a dog that I can call my own!】

Lu Chenghe returned to his room with a dry Little Pudding, and carefully went over all four of his paws. The damage was there but it wasn’t serious. Also, a dog’s paws run over floors every day, so they would also have a certain degree of resistance to wear and tear. Seeing that it didn’t affect Little Pudding’s walking at all, it shouldn’t be too big of an issue.

His phone vibrated faintly, and Lu Chenghe casually glanced at it. It was a notification from Little Pudding’s Weibo. He tapped it open and a stupidly adorable picture jumped out. Scrolling through the comments below, he looked at that little face laughing charmingly in the photograph, then looked at his current appearance of gnawing on a piece of jerky held between two of his paws. Lu Chenghe couldn’t help but use his phone to tap him on the head, “With your dumb face, you’re still called God of Cuteness.”

Zuo Ning couldn’t understand so he raised his head to look at Lu Chenghe. He chewed twice and swallowed the jerky. Then he pounced onto Lu Chenghe’s body, “Woof!” So hungry, when do we get to eat? Labourers cannot afford to be harmed.

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