Daily Life of a Wealthy Woof Chapter 35.1

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Chapter 35.1 — [This Time I Licked Twice] The Feral Dog Turned into a Little Prince

Staring blankly at the car door being closed, Zuo Yan’s eyes were immediately dumbfounded. What was the meaning of this? That should have been Lu Chenghe just now. There shouldn’t be a problem with his eyesight and he had smelled Lu Chenghe’s odour from far away. Even though he didn’t often use this car but it was still a car from their house.

Baffled, Zuo Ning circled the car door. He wandered for half a circle when he saw the muddy footprints that he had left behind on the places he stepped on. Zuo Ning suddenly understood and his entire doggy face darkened.

When Lu Chenghe opened the door again, he saw his family’s dog sitting in a squat in front of the door. He didn’t pounce over and just wore a grand look of contempt. The little face carried as much dissatisfaction as it could have had.

The steward who always accompanied Mother Lu stepped forward, “Young master.”

Lu Chenghe looked at the Little Pudding on the floor who was just like a feral dog and finally collected himself with great difficulty, “So this is the movie that he is filming?”

The steward nodded his head, “Yes, young master. This show is mainly about a great earthquake and these two days he has also been filming in this setting. However Little Pudding does not have many scenes and has already filmed quite a bit of the early stages. He should be able to finish filming the important shots in the next two days.”

Lu Chenghe frowned, “Can his skin tolerate being washed every day?”

Zuo Ning had just been somewhat discontented with Lu Chenghe’s attitude a minute ago but immediately stopped being angry as soon as he heard that Lu Chenghe was concerned about him. He wagged his tail and wanted to get up and get closer. As a result, his forehead was pushed back by Lu Chenghe’s finger, “Look at you. You’re dirty. No jumping.”

Zuo Ning immediately raged, “Woof woof woof!” I just knew you cold-shouldered me! I am working hard to make money to support the family, and you actually gave me the cold shoulder! Finished shouting, he laid down and started to cry fake tears.

The corners of Lu Chenghe’s mouth quirked. This show of acting dramatic for attention was happening more and more often. However, looking at Little Pudding who seemed to have lost some weight and was currently covered with mud from head to toe, he seemed extraordinarily pitiful. Even if Lu Chenghe knew he wasn’t really crying, he still said helplessly, “There, there. Don’t cry anymore. Come up.”

He hadn’t finished talking when that little thing who had just been lying on the ground crying crocodile tears a moment ago suddenly leapt out, throwing itself onto his body and nuzzling him.

Lu Chenghe’s face instantly darkened and firmly held him down. He looked at himself also covered with mud from head to toe and saw that rascal with a face split in a grin and eyes narrowed in delight. Lu Chenghe was even more helpless, “Go ahead and play your tricks. You’re so dirty. If you can’t wash it off then I’ll just shave all your fur!”

Zuo Ning snorted twice. As if he was afraid. He was even dirtier the previous two days but was still able to be washed until squeaky clean. Seeing the heartthrob Lu Chenghe that was as dirty as he was, Zuo Ning wagged his tail, slightly pleased with himself. Then he extended a paw and rubbed Lu Chenghe’s leg a few times leaving behind streaks of mud. “Awoo!” You’ve been away for so many days, did you even miss me?

Lu Chenghe lowered his head and looked at his mud-covered leg. Even if these clothes could be washed it probably could not be worn again. He saw the little rascal’s face was still expectantly looking at him and helplessly reached out to pat the dog’s head, “Have you been behaving at home these past few days?”

“Woof!” That’s a given, I’m even working hard to earn money!

Lu Chenghe raised a brow and smilingly asked, “Did you obediently go running every morning?”

Zuo Ning’s gaze shifted momentarily then he very shamelessly stuck out his chest, “Woof!” You can’t understand what I say anyway, so I am also going to pretend I can’t understand what you’re saying.

Lu Chenghe ruthlessly squeezed the fat little face when he saw its arrogant appearance.

The moment mother Lu went over she saw her son covered in mud then looked at the Little Pudding acting like a spoiled child. She couldn’t bear to look at the backseat of the car and couldn’t help but pout, “I say Chenghe, there must be a limit to doting. You can’t blindly take care of him.”

Zuo Ning laid on the car seat and swished his tail and placed his head on Lu Chenghe’s thigh. The person who hasn’t been seen in so many days has come back and the mood right now was just right. It didn’t matter what other people said.

Lu Chenghe placed one hand on the dog’s head and gently rubbed its ear. He turned to look at his mother, “Mother, your words would be more persuasive if you didn’t constantly feed Little Pudding things that cannot be eaten.”

Mother Lu glared at her son then faced the little dog on his leg, smilingly saying, “Little Pudding, come quickly. There’s one last scene. After filming it you can pack up and go home.”

Only after hearing that did Zuo Ning get up from Lu Chenghe’s body and rub against his palm, “Woof!” Then you wait for me to finish working. Afterwards, let’s go back home together.

Lu Chenghe had already seen the previous movie that starred Little Pudding. After editing, that movie’s Little Pudding was like an intelligent dog that already had human wisdom and emotions so watching him was particularly moving. Lu Changhe had never seen this process of filming before so he inevitably wanted to spectate since he had the opportunity.

Lu Chenghe got out of the car after changing into a set of spare clothes and walked towards where Little Pudding was.

The studio had been set up to look like the outdoors and presently looked like a scene after an earthquake. Today’s shot was about the dog squeezing out of a narrow hole with difficulty then running to find someone to help. He then ran back and used his paws to dig a hole, hoping to save his owner who was trapped underneath.

This scene seemed to be easy but it was also difficult. If you wanted to easily create the scene you could bury something the dog liked then let him find it. It would then be fine to splice a few shots together. If you wanted the scene to be more meticulous and more inspirational then the dog’s eagerness was of utmost importance.

Therefore, the director was also somewhat unsure about how to film this scene. The dog hadn’t gone through any formal training even though he was very intelligent. However, he still wanted to try the difficult way.

Several of the staff and the crew’s actors couldn’t help but look over when Lu Chenghe came over. With a thin waist and long legs, the lines of his mid-length windbreaker made his figure seem even taller and straighter. Adding on that handsome face of his and even the film crew’s number one ranked good-looking guy would feel ashamed of his inferiority. As a result, low voices asked the assistant who this person was. It was impossible not to have met him before if he was a person in the entertainment circle.

They originally wanted to step forward and ask around but they saw that man walk over to Mrs Lu’s side. Even the Lu family’s steward followed behind him deferentially. The people who had just stepped forward two steps all retreated one after another. This person’s identity was already self-evident. If he wasn’t the head of the Lu family then he would be some young master of the Lu family. Thereupon, some people’s thoughts couldn’t help but start to move. If they could hold onto this person’s thigh then they wouldn’t need to worry about anything for the rest of their life.

However, it wasn’t easy to hold onto a golden thigh. A few bodyguards soon stood behind them, their posture did not allow strangers to come near. Not even being able to get close but being driven away and already labelled as up to no good was truly shameful.

Lu Chenghe knew the schemes in the hearts of the people around him but was too lazy to care about it. The director of this film was also single-mindedly examining the scene and position and simply did not notice the commotion behind him. Once the motion picture cameras were ready, the filming started with a clap of the slate board.

As soon as Zuo Ning heard the director yell action, he immediately dashed toward the hole that his toy was buried in. He impatiently made low whimpering sounds and dug incessantly with his paws.

Even an outsider like Lu Chenghe who did not understand could see Little Pudding’s anxiety at this moment as if what was buried underneath was truly his beloved owner. That urgent and yet helpless whimper could seize hold of the hearts of the people who heard it.

Originally, the director had not held any great expectations, but this scene was far, far better than he had anticipated. His whole body was immediately excited and he fixed his gaze on the screen. His entire heart, entire vision, only contained that little screen in front of him.

Lu Chenghe watched this screen and could not help but frown slightly. His family’s Little Pudding has never liked digging holes. He was never willing to cooperate with training at home so how come he so obedient now? Several times he even wanted to shout at them to stop, but they had already filmed up to this part great difficulty. If he called for them to stop now, they would doubtlessly still have to re-shoot later on.

Instead, because Zuo Ning’s expression was too good the director prepared to immediately film the whole thing in one take. By the time he yelled “Cut!”, Zuo Ning was so tired he directly collapsed on the ground. They should just let Lang Ya do this kind of thing, that person liked digging the most.

While Zuo Ning was criticising in his heart, a familiar odour leapt into his nose. A man with a tall and lofty stature walked over to him and picked him up.

Zuo Ning looked at Lu Chenghe’s unexpected action, yet still instinctively started to act spoiled and snuggle against him.

It wasn’t until this moment that the director saw who had come. One should at least know who the owner of the dog he asked for was. So with one glance, he was able to recognise that this person was the Lu clan’s chairman, Lu Chenghe. A small director like him had never met a figure as great as Lu Chenghe before. He promptly stepped forward with the utmost deference, “Hello Mr Lu, hello!”

Lu Chenghe nodded towards him, “We’ve troubled you to look after Little Pudding.”

The director promptly replied, “Not at all, not at all. Little Pudding is extraordinarily intelligent. Because of him, our work schedule has been accelerated quite a bit.”

Lu Chenghe did not dislike the dog at all because he was dirty and directly held him. Even though he knew this was a compliment he still felt that it was proper and expected as a matter of course when he heard what the director said. His family’s Little Pudding was certainly outstanding. Seeing quite a few people look over, he simply asked, “Are there any more scenes today?”

At once, the director said, “No, no. He was very well-behaved today and everything was filmed in one shot, so everything has been filmed. It’s been hard on Little Pudding today.”

It was only after Lu Chenghe finished exchanging two sentences of greetings with the director that he walked over to the side of Mother Lu, “It’s getting late, let’s go home.”

Looking at her son who had changed into a fresh suit of clothes but had gotten dirty again, Mother Lu felt too lazy to ridicule him. Therefore, she simply let the steward take her things and went ahead and stepped into the car.

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