Creating a Virtual World Chapter 4

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Chapter 4 — [A Fun Game]


‘Laughing Laugh’ was called Zhao Mingwei. He served as the captain of the Ju Lin Group for 7 years. Throughout the years, the other teammates slowly left one by one. Only ‘Laughing Laugh’ stayed behind.

Zhao Mingwei was mostly retired. He led the new team to the professional stage a year ago.

He was the last person to return to the player rest lounge and heard shouting even before he entered the room.


“Why was I swapped out in the third match? To let that old guy get in our way of winning?”


“Feng Yi! White Sword team vanguard was too strong. Your aggressive fighting style will only give their team opportunities!”


“Then let him take his pension! He already won 2 world titles. Surely he doesn’t want a thir….”


When Zhao Mingwei pushed open the door, the voices stopped, and everyone turned to look at him.

Zhao Mingwei pushed his black-framed glasses and looked at Feng Yi, the first attacker of Ju Lin eSports. He was a young and promising character, just that his character was a bit too strong.


“Little Feng, losing and winning is normal, you will have opportunities in the future.” Zhao Ming Wei stepped forwards and patted Feng Yi’s shoulder, however, he was pushed away.


“You already won twice, but this is my first time! You know…”


“Feng Yi!”


Zhao Mingwei once again broke Feng Yi mid-sentence. He lost control of his emotions and sat on a chair, covered his face and sobbed.

Their failure made the atmosphere sombre. Finally, the coach brought the team to take a bus back to the hotel.

Zhao Mingwei sat at the last row in the bus, next to his old friend Lin Xi.


“The lord of laughter is tired? Lin Xi added, ”Getting Top 4 is quite an achievement.”


“It has nothing to do with the results.”


Zhao Mingwei stared at Lin Xi and said: ”Let me ask you one thing.”


“In the for matches I played, I did not make any mistakes! Well, maybe just one!” He raised his hands in surrender. Even though they were close, Zhao Mingwei was still the captain after all.


“You made at least 7 mistakes, but this is not the point…” Zhao Mingwei paused for a moment and said, “How long have you not smiled ever since you played this game?”


Lin Xi paused for a moment and forced a smile onto his face.


“Mingwei, we are professional gamers. To game, is our job. All that matters is that we win.”


“It didn’t use to be like that.”


Zhao Mingwei closed his eyes in exhaustion.


Lin Xi didn’t dare to continue with the conversation. He was afraid the coach would bring up the topic of retirement.


Although Zhao Mingwei skills have declined, his popularity was still in his peak. As long as he stayed in the Ju Lin team, the commercial value of the team would skyrocket, even if he was just a mascot.


Zhao Mingwei returned to his hotel room. He lay down on his bed and stared at the ceiling.

The long hours of professional play made him extremely tired. His professional career of 7 years, he had the motivation to play for the first 4 years. However, after chasing the championship or so long, he wanted to stop.

Unfortunately, Zhao Mingwei and the Ju Lin team singed a contract, binding him for an additional 2 more years.

Zhao Mingwei took out his mobile phone. In his WeChat group, he saw a message from an old teammate.


“Is there a better game than war?”


Zhao Mingwei smiled a wee bit. He knew that this message was not a question, but rather a joke.

He didn’t bother to read the remaining messages on the chat group and flipped his phone aimlessly. Suddenly, he saw a strange Icon on his phone. It was an inverted triangle, and there were 2 words below it

[Holy Spirit]

He didn’t remember downloading this strange mobile game.

Zhao Mingwei dragged the icon to the trash bin, but after repeating the same action 5-6 times, the icon still lingered on his phone screen.

“Is there a problem with the phone?” Zhao Mingwei confirmed that his phone was working fine, but this app just refused to be deleted. He opened his anti-virus software. However, the system did not sense any virus.

Was there such a formidable virus software?

In curiosity, he decided to open the app. The front page was basic, with only a description and login button.

He gave a cursory look at the description and found out when the login button was clicked, he could enter the virtual game world of [ Holy Spirit ].

Ordinary people would think this was a scam. After all, how could a phone be used as a virtual gaming appliance? Morden technology has not reached that level.

Zhao Mingwei decided to enter the game with an attitude of ‘trying’. When he clicked the log in button, the scenery inferno of him changed. He found himself in a completely white room.

Translucent words appeared in front of him.

To a professional gamer like him, everything here was familiar — character customisation, class change, username etc. The only difference was that there was no racial customisation.

In the game [ Holy Spirit ], only the race humans were available. After fiddling with his character for an hour, he finally decided on a face he liked. He did not choose his class just yet. After considering for a long time, he decided to name his character “Laughing Laugh”. He then clicked the create button.


[ Your character has been created. Welcome to Holy Spirit ]


A robotic voice rang beside him, and the room faded away. When he opened his eyes, he was on the streets of a magnificent city. He looked at his two hands and found a pair of white fingerless gloves, and his previous attire was replaced by an outfit made for fighting.


“There are new people?”


Before he was familiar with a game, he heard a voice calling him. When he raised his head, he saw a wizard running towards him.

[Player ID: No Update Today]


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