Creating a Virtual World Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 — [Professional Player]

         [ Book of Systems ]


         [ Grade : Unknown ]


         [ Note : Please name this game ]


         This was Jiang Qiao’s second item in his inventory. An input box floated in front of him. After thinking for a while, he decided to call the gameHoly Spirit

         The surface of the book warped; its name was changed — Holy Spirit Book of Systems.


         Jiang Qiao opened the book.


         [ Energy : 5000/25000 ]


         [ Player limit : 2/1000 ]


         The first page only contained two lines. As Jiang Qiao flipped the book to the second page, several fingernail-sized balls of light floated in front of Jiang Qiao.


         “Did you place the star map into this book?” Hai Lan covered her mouth in shock, and her eyes were filled with disbelief.


         “Star Map…” Jiang Qiao recalled his memories when he was the creator.


         “This is our plan for the future expansion of the world. Let me see…This is where our planet Blue Star is.”


         Jiang Qiao raised his finger and clicked on the largest dark blue light sphere, then the sphere slowly rotates.

         That was the real world that Jiang Qiao lives in, and beside it, a small pale while light rotated around the globe.

         The white light was the place where their game world was created. However, there was also a dark black light sphere slowly approaching Blue Star.


         “This is where the invaders reside!”


         Hai Lan exclaimed, and said, “Although it just a tiny piece of their world, the invaders all possess extraordinary powers!”

         Jiang Qiao reached out and tapped on the dark sphere.

         A list of information was displayed.


         [ Exotic Beast (Fragment) ]


         [ Type : Magic ]


         [ Era of civilization : Medieval ]


         [ Area : 20km² ]


         [ Level : 1 ~ 35 ]


         [ World rules : Time/Life/Physics is complete ]


         [ Magic level : Low ]


         The information was messy, and Jiang Qiao only took note pf a few points. Next, he tapped on Blue Star.


         [ Human ]


         [ Type : Technology ]


         [ Era of civilization : Information Age ]


         [ Area : Limitless ]


         [ Level : 1 ~ 5 ]


         [ World Rules : Time/Life…is complete ]


         “What will happen of the ball of black light collide with Blue Star?”


         Jiang Qiao observed that the ball of black light got closer to Blue Star.


“The monsters will invade and kill the inhabitants of Blue Star. If the space-time crack lasts too long, it will also attract other intruders like this!”


         Hai Lan pointed to a red-black sphere. When Jiang Qiao looked at it, two words popped into his mind ‘Armageddon’. The inhabitants were level 120~150!


         “So the duty for protecting the world falls on both of us? How much time do we have left?”


         “About ten days!”


         “10 days to raise 1000 warriors. Will 1000 players be enough to push back the invaders?”


         Hai Lan nodded her head. The only way to expand their world was to invade other planets.


         “I understand.”


         “It’s about time to go back to the real world and find players.”


         Jiang Qiao had many questions about the world he created. Still, he decided that they could be answered at another time; the first task was to find players to play his game.



         When Jiang Qiao returned, the real world didn’t change much, save for Hai Lan and the app “Holy Spirit.”

         This app was created by Jiang Qiao in his Creator State and had many different functions; however, the most important feature was to make a way to enter the virtual world.


         “This is so un-scientific.”


         Jiang Qiao opened the app and found many more instructions before he could play the game.


         “Have you thought of the first group of players to join the game?”


         Hai Lan didn’t want to hear complains from Jiang Qiao.


         “I haven’t thought of the first group of players. However, I have thought of the first player to join the game but to be accurate, he is the third .”


         Jiang Qiao opened his computer and logged on to [ Raccoon ], which was Blue Star’s most popular live-streaming site, and the most popular room was titled “[ The War ] The Semi-Finals of the All-China Global — Ju Lin eSports vs Seoul White Sword

         [ The War ] was the most popular VR game in the world, and the professional league was obviously popular around the world.

         Jiang Qiao was watching the play-off between the Chinese National Team against the Korean National Team.


         “Even in this world, we are still fighting against the Koreans? Well, at least we are not playing Dota 2.”


         Jiang Qiao looked at the score.


         [ Ju Lin eSports ]  vs  [ Seoul White Sword ]

                                1      :       2


         Seoul White Sword only needed one more win to advance to the finals.


         “Welcome to the semi-finals. I am Wang Dou You.”


         “I am Seventeen.”


         “Now that the White Sword team is one point ahead, the pressure is on Ju Lin eSports, which must find a way to stop the White Sword’s offensive and need an experienced player to stabilize the minds of the team members.”


         “Dou You, what are you implying?”


         “The man is finally on stage! The coach has said that they were swapping ‘South Wind’ with ‘Laughing laugh’!”


         When Wang Dou You spoke the name ‘Laughing Laugh’, Jiang Qiao could hear the tidal wave of cheering at the arena through his headphones.

         With the league running for 8 years and held 7 championships, the name ‘laughing laugh’ has never been absent once. He led his team to win both the 3rd and the 4th Championships.

         His ID was akin to being god, and all the forgiven players were filled with nightmares upon hearing his name.

         The players gave him the nickname “Lord of Laughter”

         However, three years later in Season 7, the 25-year-old was no longer the main member of the team, but instead a       substitute.

         Now that Ju Lin was going to lose, the coach finally decided to send him back onto the stage to stabilize the team.

         But the ending was cruel, and they were unable to withstand their enemies attack and ended their road to the world finals with a humiliating 1-3.


Translator notes:

Hi all, my translation schedule will be 1 chapter every day, and if I can’t hit the requirement, ill post 1 more chapter the next day. If you have any suggestions, please tell me in the comment box or send me a dm on discord. I’m Jacey #3642

BTW LEAGUE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS ARE OUT!!! Do y’all think SKT will win RNG?? I support SKT!!! I hope faker can score his 4th win to be the only one to win 4 worlds. ’Laughing Laugh’ also reminds me of faker the “Unkillable Demon King”, and the control mage meta back in 2015. Faker had to share a lane with Easyhoon and was benched quite a lot and he played a crazy amount of Azir to finally claim back his spot as the king of the mid lane.

Cheers! Happy reading.

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