Creating a Virtual World Chapter 5

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Chapter 5 — [BOSS]

         [ No Update Today ] was Jiang Qiao’s player ID, and his profession was a summoner. 


         When the match was ongoing, Jiang Qiao sent out invitations to the 989 people whom he decided were qualified to play the game.


         At present, the game only had a capacity for a thousand players. Jiang Qiao ensured that they were all experienced, and would have the drive to train their characters to a high level I one month.


         Zhao Mingwei was the most outstanding one of them all and was critical in carrying out his plans.


         To save energy creating a novice village, Jiang Qiao decided to be Zhao Mingwei’s guide.



         “Are you a player in this game?”



         The VR technology was not that advanced. Even though the game was ‘real’, one could still see that the game was ‘drawn.


         But this world, called the Holy Spirit, is different. Zhao Mingwei could see every strand of silk on Jiang Qiao’s robes, and his hair seems to have independent physics.



         “Have you ever seen an NPC with such an ID?”



         Jiang Qiao pointed his finger towards his unique username.



         “That is true.” Zhao Mingwei gave an awkward smile, then looked around. 



         “This server has so little players. Is this a recently opened the game? The login method… is also quite strange.”



         There were no players on the streets of the city. Only three or four NPCs were standing around, waiting for players to talk to them.


         “I also received the app this morning. I thought it was a prank at first, but it was quite interesting playing it all day.” Jiang Qiao has ‘cultivated’ his lying skills to the peak. Even when lying, he never bats an eyelid.


         But I never saw anyone else. I thought I was playing a single-player game! Now I finally met a newcomer! Do you want to team up? I can take you power levelling.”


         Jiang Qiao fingertips move around, to bring up the function bar, directly throwing a team invitation to Zhao Mingwei.



         “No teaming. You can add me as a friend.” Zhao Mingwei rejected Jiang Qiao’s invitation.



         “Are you sure you don’t need me?” Jiangqiao pointed to the left side of the ID on his head, which is showed LV10.



         “If you help me do everything, then i won’t be playing this game at all. You can teach me some techniques and tricks if you don’t mind.”



         Zhao Mingwei did not completely refuse the help of Jiangqiao. Levelling and killing monsters was also a process of playing games, and he enjoyed it.


         Zhao Mingwei also knew the importance of game strategy. Having an older player to guide him was definitely better than nothing.



         “Strategies? I am still exploring this game. If there are any good strategies I find, I will be sure to share it with you.”


         Jiang Qiao has not thought of any useful strategies, because he just finished the task of the novice village.



         “If I come across any news, ill be sure to share it with you. Well, then, I will go to do my task now.” Zhao Mingwei waved his hand and left.



         Jiang Qiao looked at the departure of the real world god-like figure in China’s eSports industry.


         The pace of Zhao Mingwei’s departure seemed very relaxed, like the children who have just gone out to play in a tour, skipping away.


         For an entire seven years, he has not played a new game. Furthermore, this game was a triple-A title and has not even been released for a few weeks.


         This was enough for any gamer to be filled with excitement.



         “I always had a question. Why can’t I directly adjust the player’s level to the top?” 



         Jiang Qiao looked at the back of Zhao Mingwei and turned to Hai Lan. 


         Hai Lan was in a stealth state and appeared as his summoning spirit.



         “The energy of human souls has a limit of energy. The upgrade is a process of exercising their souls. Injecting too much energy at a time will tear their souls and let them lose themselves.” Hai Lan said.




          “In ten days, can players who rely on this server really fight against the invading monsters?”


         Jiang Qiao swiped his fingertips. A row of data appeared. The current number of players is 720/1000, with the highest-ranked player among the 720 online players was Jiang Qiao.


         The highest level was ten, and the second-highest was a priest player named ‘No Milk No Increase.’ The level reached nine, followed by five other players at level 8.


         This was the first group in [ Holy Spirit ]. At present, it was only a day’s time since he opened the server. In ten days, the average level of players should reach 25 levels.


         “These warriors…or rather players, are one of the best I have ever seen. Your training method also makes them grow at an exponential rate. The invasion is only level 35. I think that there should be no problem.” Uncertainty was in her voice. She floated in front of Jiang Qiao. Her deep blue eyes stared into, and she said:” If you are worried, you should level up.”



         “Some people will only be led by the nose by an NPC. However, I will not be paid to do their work.”



         Jiangqiao walked outside the Lion Heart City and began his own levelling journey.


         After three hours, Jiang Qiao rose from level 10 to level 11. He then received a message from Zhao Mingwei.



         “I found a wild boss. Do you want to fight it?”



         “Of course! Send me the coordinates.”



         [ 3251,234,2314 ]



         Jiang Qiao clicked on the coordinates given by Zhao Mingwei, and the interface of a virtual map appeared in front of him.


         The map was positioned on the left side of the Lions Plain. If Jiang Qiao was not mistaken, all the monsters at the area were mainly 9th-level wild boars.


         In a mere 3 hours, Zhao Mingwei had risen to level 8.


         His leveling speed was twice as fast as Jiang Qiao, and he highly suspected the Zhao Mingwei had a double experience potion.

         Maybe this is the peak of gaming.


         Jiang Qiao came to the position where Zhao Mingwei’s coordinates were located. He had waited for a while, and when he saw Jiang Qiao, he threw a team invitation to Jiang Qiao.


         Jiang Qiao quickly accepted the team application. At the same time, the equipment of Zhao Mingwei was updated from the novice set to a level 5 equipment.


         Speaking of it… Jiang Qiao’s current equipment is also level 5. Only his hands had a level 10 blue quality equipment.



         “Did you make the boss stats a little too overpowered?” Jiangqiao whispered to Hai Lan.



         “I can directly pull one of the equipments produced by the wild boar king for you. Do you need to go through such trouble?” Hai Lan asked silently.



         “This defeats the purpose of a game.”



         “No purpose? Your race is sure weird.”


         Hai Lan floated to the king of the wild boar, which was as tall as two people, and touched it gently with her hand.


         Suddenly, the surface of the wild boar bloomed with golden light. A small line appeared in front of Jiang Qiao.

         [The gods have despised the wild boar king, the monster’s attributes have improved ]


         “There is such a system?” Zhao Mingwei looked at the size of the wild boar suddenly growing a little over five times, and felt that it was a bit tricky for him and Jiangqiao to kill it.


Translator notes: Sorry for the late update. Been really busy and tired this few days (always outside) and had quite a bad headache so I couldn’t translate. Really very sorry. I’ll try my best to upload. Will edit to place in whole chapter by tmr and should be able to upload another if nothing crops out. I’ll try to find a way to translate on my phone because right now I’m not bringing my laptop around with me.

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