Creating a Virtual World Chapter 1

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Chapter 1 — [The Creator of The Virtual World]

         At 8 p.m., Jiang Qiao was tapping away on his keyboard. After updating the final chapter of the day, he breathed a long sigh.

         Jiang Qiao is an ordinary writer as well as a college student. However, he has a hidden identity as a transmigrator.

         Nearly eight years have passed since he arrived in a world similar to the Earth, and Jiang Qiao thought he could burst through the heavens by leveraging on his previous knowledge back on Earth.

         Unfortunately, Jiang Qiao found out that he had neither the gift of drawing nor programming and that the only thing he could do was to type on his keyboard.

         Within eight years, Jiang Qiao wrote a total of five novels, and every one of them was his magnum opus so that he could rely on them to feed himself.

         But unlike Earth’s global warming, it didn’t happen here. Jiang Qiao contemplated and finally summed up the reason. He decided it was because the technology of this planet was about five or six years ahead of the Earth.

         VR games in this world have become mainstream, and the desktop gamers of Jiang Qiao’s generation could be described as outdated.

         Fortunately, eight years later, Jiang Qiao finally found his god-like cheat.


         “Can you hear me?”


         A semi-transparent girl, aged about 15, was floating in the middle of the air, looking at Jiang Qiao with his boxed lunch in his hands.


         “Go ahead. I’m listening.”


         Jiang Qiao used his chopsticks to grab a chicken drumstick. As a transmigrator, he wasn’t surprised by a translucent girl appearing infant of him.


         “Let me introduce myself again, my name is Hai Lan, and I used to be a creator.” her hands were on his bare chest.


         “Used to be? How about now?”


         Listening to that question made Hai Lan feel slightly lonely, and she choked with emotions.


         “I’m… I’m unemployed, my world was destroyed, but now, your world is in great danger, and it won’t be long before the invaders arrive! Your world will be torn to pieces and disappear into the void!”, as Hai Lan seriously told Jiang Qiao about the apocalypse.


“Why find me?”


         Jiang Qiao placed down the box meal in his hand and said, “I’m not modest, but I’m just writing a book. You’re so incredible, shouldn’t you go to the leaders of this country?”


         “That is because my soul is bound to you. I woke up not long ago with the consciousness of the world’s life.” Hai Lan was a little frustrated.


         “I suppose that’s an explanation. So you’re going to make me the saviour? Will I be given any overpowered abilities?” Jiang Qiao asked.


         “I can’t break the rule barriers of the world. Creating something small in this world is the limit, let alone a weapon of mass destruction. “


         A small piece of iron appeared at his side, and it floated into the hand of Jiang Qiao, which was certain it was a real object.


         “Rule barriers?” Playing with the small piece of iron, Jiang Qiao captured a keyword in Hai Lan’s sentence.


         “There is a force in the world I created that you called ‘magic’. However, your world has no magic, no extraordinary powers, and the gravitational force of this planet is much lower than mine. With the rules of this world, I can’t give you any powerful magic.” Hai Lan said.


“What are you going to do? You’re going to kill the invaders with this little piece of iron?”


         Jiang Qiao weighed the weight of the iron. It would be painful if he were to drop it on someone’s head. Breaking someone’s temples with that piece of metal should be just enough to kill.


         “I can guide your consciousness into my world, and in my world, I can strengthen your consciousness and give you a powerful ability.” Hai Lan said in a scared voice, like a goddess directing her followers.


         “Why does it sound like a Ponzi scheme? Never mind, it doesn’t matter. How do I get into your world?”


         Jiang Qiao placed down the piece of iron and got up from his seat to stretch his arm. The prolonged sitting made Jiang Qiao feel weak.


         “You believe me so easily?”


         Jiang Qiao’s frankness stupefied hai Lan. She thought she would take a long time to convince him.


         “I don’t know how many times I’ve written this overpowered protagonist plot, the world of consciousness sounds like a dream. Do I need to lie down in bed?” Jiang Qiao appears to be an experienced transmigrator.


“You…Just sit down and close your eyes.”


         Hai Lan was also somewhat grateful for living within a human with such high acceptance.


         Jiang Qiao sat back in his original position and closed his eyes. When he opened his eyes again, he found himself on a vast expanse of grassland.

         This grassland feels the “creation menu” of the world.


         “Your world has nothing.”


         Jiang Qiao looked around, and the only thing he could see was grass. The sky was blue, and there were no clouds, it was like a picture.


         “It’s the basic world that I’ve just created, and you’ll listen to my plan first.”


         Hai Lan figure appeared in front of him.


         “I can give you this world’s greatest power, and train a group of warriors who can defend against those invaders.”


         “So how do you plan to make the warriors obedient?”


         Jiang Qiao held many more questions. For example: Why didn’t he pinch himself?

         But the moment he saw this world, Jiang Qiao started to formulate plans.


         “I haven’t thought about it yet. In the past, I thought the humans I found was outdated. Still, the development of this world has surpassed my imagination. “


         Hai Lan said, “This human race might not be as easy to fool.”


         Fool? Jiang Qiao was still very much self-aware.


         “It’s fine if you want to build your religion, but it’s too slow…I have a faster way of doing it.”

         After feeling his pocket, Jiang Qiao took out a phone that should exist in the real world. He opened the lock screen, and a recent game that he had played was left running.


         “You want me to enslave them?”


         Jiang Qiao took a look his character huddled in a dark cell.


         “No! I’m saying that the warriors could be gamers.”


         Jiang Qiao’s finger was on the screen; this was a game he played for over 300 hours. It was an avid gamer’s kryptonite.


         “The nature of human beings is lazy, and they may run away from training, work and job, but there’s one thing they’ll never get tired of.”


         “Games?” Hai Lan finally caught of with Jiang Qiao’s train of thoughts.


         “It’s more than just video games.” Jiang Qiao closed his phone again. He stood on the grass and said, “Creator, I think we can begin the transformation of the world.”


         “Transformation? Do you have any ideas?”


         Hai Lan, who spent some time observing Jiang Qiao before she woke up ——including watching him play video games, thought the idea could work. However, she did not know what the world of games was.


         “First, we need a system. Can you do programming?”


         This girl, who could easily make an entire world, shook her head frankly.


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