Creating a Virtual World Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 — [The New World]

         Hai Lan had no idea what was programming, not even the slightest bit.

         Fortunately, she did not need to worry about all those minor details; She could rely on her methods to change the core system.


         “The interesting thing about the game world is that it is much simpler than the real world.”


         As a veteran gamer, Jiang Qiao began to instruct Hai Lan on how to construct the new world.

         Hai Lan took a step forwards and tip-toed. Suddenly, she placed her finger on Jiang Qiao’s forehead.


         “The methods of humans are way too primitive. I will unleash my power as the creator”. Hai Lan’s white cheeks became streaked with gold and her pupil’s glowed.


         “In the Creator State, all your dreams will become a reality, and the world shall become your imagination, inclusive of monsters, cities, races.”


         “I will compile them into the perfect world.”


         “Is this your second persona?”


         Jiang Qiao watched as her blue hair turned to gold, and her voice lost its human touch.


         “Yes, close your eyes and enjoy the feeling of being the creator.”


         The moment her voice fell, she gave Jiang Qiao a flick on his forehead, and all of a sudden, he felt a force rushing out of his forehead.

         At that moment, it felt like his IQ was multiplied by a thousand times. In this violent rush, Jiang Qiao lost his identity.

         Hai Lan began to read Jiang Qiao’s brain, looking at the imaginations of his mind, and started building the plan.


[ Obtained 377,000 kinds of fantasy biopolymers ]


[ Given the level of combat power, the energy required for creation is 177,723,200 units ]


[ Energy reserve is insufficient ]


[ A low-level monster begins to build ]


         “WAIT! We are creating a monster, don’t directly pluck one out from my mind! Should a creature such as a slime be a low-level monster?”

         Jiang Qiao’s voice suddenly overlapped her ice-cold voice. A look of surprise appeared on her face as she heard the voice of Jiang Qiao.

         Never did she expect, the willpower of a human could withstand the consciousness of a god.


         “There is no need for sexual reproduction and reincarnation, and the monsters do not need to eat as well, there is no need for them to be sentient…….Forget it. I’ll do it myself.”


[ Obtained 73,800 kinds of buildings and terrains ]


[ Constructing – Lion Heart City, Falling Canyon, Black Gold Tomb, Sky Searching Beast and the

Tower of Babel… ]


[ Connecting the Character Storyline ]


[ Implementation of the mission system ]


[ Creating the Main Storyline ]


[ Creating the Sub-Story line ]


[ World Boundary has been created ]


[ Expansion of the world has stopped ]


         2 hours later, Hai Lan’s robotic voice had stopped, her hair turned back to blue, and she removed her finger from Jiang Qiao’s forehead


         “I…Where is this?”


         Hai Lan, somewhat bewildered, looked around. They had stood on a prairie, which was now turned into a city with a multitude of architectural styles.


         “Isn’t this what you created?”


         Jiang Qiao nodded his head. In those 2 hours, he had experienced the thrill of being omnipotent.

         Honestly…It didn’t feel that great. If it were not for Jiang Qiao’s unique way of thinking, he would probably become a fool.


         “I read your consciousness! And…And I can’t keep the memories I had while I was the creator” Hai Lan bit her lower lip.


         “You better make sure that the shaping of the world was successful! I don’t have enough power to make further changes!”


         “I see… Don’t worry. This virtual world was a success.”


         Jiang Qiao took a look at the game system’s UI. At the upper right corner were the translucent health, mana and experience bars.


[ Username ]Jiang Qiao

[ Occupation ]Game World Reference Template

[ Level1 ]

[ Amour10 ]

[ Strength10 ]

[ Dexterity10 ]

[ Intelligence10 ]

[ Spirit10 ]

[ Luck10 ]


To prevent you from forgetting the strength of monsters, their combat power is based upon you. When a monster reaches level 20, their combat power will be equivalent to “Two Jiang Qiaos”. You will have to investigate further for more details. A name change item and class change book have been placed in your inventory. More information will be revealed upon further investigation. — The Creator · Jiang Qiao


         “Why do I hate the persona when I’m the creator.”


         Jiang Qiao opened his inventory.


         “I also hate it!”


         Hai Lan agreed with him.



         Jiang Qiao did not listen to her and took out the class change book in his bag.

         After all, when he played this game, how could his profession be “Game World Reference Template.”

         [ Warrior – Mage – Assassin – Priest – Gunslinger – Knights…… ]

         “It really did work!” Jiang Qiao looked at the hundreds of professions. This was an idea that Jiang Qiao had developed while playing video games — a unique profession system.

         This system had a promotion system.

         At levels 25, 50, 80 and 100, players would reawaken as a new class.

         A warrior when reawaken could be a Magic Swordsmen or a Heavy Swordsmen. However, if the warrior uses a hammer, he could become a Giant Hammer Warrior or a Ground Splitter.

         This will lower the mobility of the class, but increase the amour and destructive power of the character.

         It was only an example. Jiang Qiao made such a complex job and skill system.

         Just from the class system, Jiang Qiao was confident that even though this was a virtual world, it had redefined the industry.


         “I’m pretty good, after all.”


         Jiang Qiao was in no hurry to choose a class, and he closed the book. Just as he did so, a line of text appeared in front of him.

[ The world’s highest level is currently at level 50. ]

[ The game map is only 240km which is equivalent to three GTA 5 game maps has exhausted 80% of the Creator’s Blue Energy. ]

[ Note: Expand the size and energy acquisition of the game map as soon as possible ]


         Jiang Qiao looked at this text, then raised his head to look at Hai Lan. Her face wrote ‘Did I just create such a tiny world?’

         “Let’s talk. This game’s expansion plan…Before we get to that, we still have to deal with the lack of energy.”

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