My Husband With Scholar Syndrome Chapter 30

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Chapter 30 — How Much Is In The Salary Card?

Mu Xiaoya was sitting on the floor, looking at Bai Chuan putting the puzzle pieces one by one and repeating the same action five thousand times. This should be an extremely boring thing to watch, but the constantly perfected drawing looked so wonderful in front of her eyes.

Some people say that the perfect condition between men and women was when the men spoil the women, while the women adore the men, at this moment, Mu Xiaoya suddenly felt that her marriage was this kind of ‘perfect condition’. Whether it’s recognizing the road, looking at the map, doing math problems, or putting together puzzles… Bai Chuan always shows that same kind of specialty, she can’t help but want to adore him, Bai Chuan was far better than what she thought at first.

When Bai Chuan put the last puzzle piece on its place, Mu Xiaoya couldn’t wait and immediately took out her phone to take a picture.

“I’ll send it to Nuonuo now, she thinks that 5 thousand pieces of puzzle will be able to upset me? Humph!” Mu Xiaoya took a picture of the puzzle, flaunted it to her circle of friends, and wrote an extremely cocky essay:

‘Took only two hours to complete the five thousand pieces of puzzle, it was so easy, who dares to give me something more difficult?’

After a while, a bunch of messages came continuously:

‘Mumu, is this a wedding photo? You’re so creative ah.’

‘This watermelon, just a glance and you know it’s delicious.’

‘No, no, the groom looks more delicious.’

‘Damn, Xiao wants someone else’ husband, be careful Mumu, someone will come to challenge you someday.’

Fang Hui: ‘It was Bai Chuan who put them together oh~’

Mu Xiaoya replied to Fang Hui: ‘En.’

Liang Nuonuo immediately replied: ‘Don’t rely on your husband if you have the ability.’

Mu Xiaoya posted a sticker of rolling her eyes and replied: ‘I have a husband, why can’t I rely on him? If you have the ability, you can also find one ah~’

Liang Nuonuo: ‘Beaten again…’

When Mu Xiaoya saw Liang Nuonuo conceded, she felt refreshed and replied with a few comments before turning around with a smile and said to Bai Chuan, “They’re all envious of me.”

“Envious about what?” Bai Chuan didn’t understand.

“Envious that I have a husband ah.”

Bai Chuan blanked, thinking that this matter had a relation with himself, his eyes unconsciously brightened up.

“No, what they’re actually envious of is because I have you as my husband. Not everyone’s husband is this handsome and smart.”

Bai Chuan’s slightly brightened eyes suddenly shone even more brightly. Am I handsome and smart enough to make others admire Xiaoya?

“I can still piece together even bigger puzzles.” He wanted others to be more envious of Xiaoya.

“I know, but this one is already so big ah, let’s hang this puzzle first, okay? Hang it on the bedhead as our wedding photo?” Speaking of it, their marriage was somewhat hurried and they didn’t go through a normal process, hence there’s no banquet or wedding photos. It seemed that after rebirth, she followed the logical train of thoughts and became Bai Chuan’s wife, but they still had those old married couple method.

At this time, when she looked at the puzzle, Mu Xiaoya suddenly came up with ideas to make up their wedding photos.

“En.” Bai Chuan took the finished puzzle, looked at the pure white wall, and began to think about how to hang it up.

“I’ll call Uncle Li to help.” Mu Xiaoya went out of the bedroom to find Uncle Li. When Uncle Li heard her request, he immediately climbed upstairs with a toolbox in hand. Mu Xiaoya thought that Bai Chuan who pieced the puzzle together for so long should be thirsty, so she turned to the kitchen and poured a glass of warm water for him.

Carrying two glasses of water, when Mu Xiaoya about to turn around and go upstairs, Bai Zheng suddenly came in from the outside, holding a glass in his hand, about to pour some water himself.

“Brother.” Bai Zheng was a man with his own aura, furthermore, he’s also quite reserved and seemed not approachable, and every time Mu Xiaoya saw him, she can’t help but felt somewhat cautious.

“En.” Bai Zheng nodded, then casually entered the kitchen and poured himself a glass of water.

Mu Xiaoya stood at the kitchen’s door for a while, mulling over for a while, then said, “Brother, thank you.”

“?” Bai Zheng looked at Mu Xiaoya with surprise.

“The studio, the decoration.” Mu Xiaoya reminded.

“You’re welcome.” Bai Zheng responded indifferently. He mentioned about this matter with the assistant in a passing, actually, he didn’t done anything excessive, so he didn’t feel that he helped much.

“En…” Bai Zheng’s answer was too cold, and every word seemed to express that he didn’t want to converse with Mu Xiaoya. Mu Xiaoya felt a little embarrassed, so she just walked out silently with the two glasses of water.

“That…” Who knew that just when Mu Xiaoya turned around, Bai Zheng suddenly took the initiative to speak.

Mu Xiaoya hurriedly turned again to see Bai Zheng.

“Do you really want to thank me?” Bai Zheng asked with a taut face.

“Of course.” Although she didn’t know why Bai Zheng asked her so suddenly, Mu Xiaoya still answered straight-forwardly.

“Then… can you help me with something?” A trace of embarrassment flashed across Bai Zheng’s face.

“What is it?” Mu Xiaoya asked curiously.

Cough… can you ask Xiao Chuan to come back to work next week? He has been on vacation for almost a month already.” Bai Zheng’s eyes flickered, he was too embarrassed to look at Mu Xiaoya.

“Okay, I’ll tell him.” Mu Xiaoya smiled and agreed. She didn’t ask Bai Zheng why he asked her to tell Bai Chuan to get back to work, because she knew that if it wasn’t because Bai Chuan had rejected him, Bai Zheng wouldn’t come to her. Such a loss of face, Mu Xiaoya naturally won’t expose him.

“Thank you. When your studio opens, I’ll let someone send some flower baskets.” After that, Bai Zheng strode forward and left the kitchen before Mu Xiaoya can say anything. Looking at that back, it was clear that he was trying to hide his embarrassment.

Mu Xiaoya looked at him almost running and couldn’t help but burst out laughing.

Back in the bedroom, Mu Xiaoya found that the puzzle hadn’t been hung yet, she looked at Uncle Li with surprise.

“Second young master doesn’t let me nail at the head of the bead.” Uncle Li was holding a hammer in his hand, his face was depressed, “But if we don’t nail it, how can this be hung up ah?”

Mu Xiaoya was stunned, but she didn’t worry about it, instead, she first gave Bai Chuan a glass of water, waited until Bai Chuan emptied it then asked, “Don’t want to hang the puzzle?”

Bai Chuan looked at the position of the head of the bed and shook his head gloomily.

“Then, why don’t you let Uncle Li put the nail?”

“Uncomfortable.” Bai Chuan frowned, his voice seemed aggrieved. He wanted to hang the puzzle, but as soon as Uncle Li wanted to hammer the nail in, his head suddenly hurt. He didn’t want to let Mu Xiaoya down, nor did he want to have another episode. The dilemma of not knowing what to do made him felt unwell and wronged.

Uncomfortable? Mu Xiaoya blanked, “You don’t like the sound of the nail hammered in?”

Bai Chuan shook his head.

“Then, you don’t like that there’s a nail on the bedhead?”

“En.” Bai Chuan felt even more uncomfortable that his thoughts were guessed by Mu Xiaoya. He had promised Mu Xiaoya, and he really wanted to hang the picture of them together, but he didn’t understand why he couldn’t bear the extra nail at that place.

“It’s not that I intentionally disagree.” Bai Chuan didn’t know how to express his feeling, thus he could only held his breath and squeezed this one sentence out.

He didn’t intentionally disagree, but he also couldn’t say clearly why he did that, fortunately, Mu Xiaoya understood.

“Then we just won’t nail it.” Mu Xiaoya comforted him, “It can be hung up without nails, it’s just a bit more troublesome, maybe we can do that tomorrow. Uncle Li, can I trouble you to help me put up this picture without nails tomorrow?”

“Yes, no problem.” Uncle Li spent so many years in the Bai’s mansion and also watched Bai Chuan grew up, he understood immediately what Mu Xiaoya meant in her words just now. The second young master was vexed to see the nail on top of the bedhead, then he would just call on a professional tomorrow to prevent Second young master from seeing the nail.

When Bai Chuan heard this, her furrowed eyebrows immediately relaxed, a look of joy appeared clearly on his face.

Uncle Li promised and immediately returned to his place carrying the toolbox. Bai Chuan carefully put the puzzle that made Mu Xiaoya proud of him on the desk, for fear of accidentally bumping and messing it up.

“Xiao Chuan.” Mu Xiaoya walked to Bai Chuan’s side and asked naturally, “Were you confused just now?”

“Confused?” Bai Chuan rarely comes into contact with this word, and at the moment, it seemed somewhat incomprehensible.

“Confused means that you’re in a dilemma when deciding something.” Mu Xiaoya explained patiently, “Didn’t you want to hang the painting, but you don’t want the nail to be put up there, and that’s why you felt uncomfortable?”

“En, headache.” Bai Chuan honestly nodded.

“Then later, didn’t we think of a solution together?” Mu Xiaoya asked again.

“En.” Although Xiaoya isn’t good at math and has a bad memory, but she’s still very clever in some ways.

“So, have you discovered that, in fact, many confusing things all have solutions that can satisfy everyone? The next time you encountered something that confuses you, don’t be anxious, don’t feel uncomfortable, you can think about it quietly and surely you can find a solution. Moreover, you won’t get a headache this way” Mu Xiaoya stared at Bai Chuan with encouragement.

Mu Xiaoya’s words were a bit long, and the causality implied was somewhat complicated for Bai Chuan. Fortunately, Bai Chuan’s memory was very good, he repeated this sentence over and over again until he understood what Mu Xiaoya meant.

“En, later, I’ll think about it.” Bai Chuan earnestly promised.

“Awesome!” Mu Xiaoya couldn’t help praising him.

Bai Chuan showed a light smile.

“The day after tomorrow, can we go and see my parents?” Mu Xiaoya had wanted to go and visit her parents ever since they went back from the cherry garden, but being high school teachers, they didn’t have what one called ‘summer vacation’. They had to give makeup classes in the school for the senior students and returned home after 10 at night. Mu Xiaoya can only find them at weekend at every summer vacation.

As long as he’s with Mu Xiaoya, Bai Chuan would have no problem wherever they go.

“There’s one more thing I want to discuss with you.” Mu Xiaoya said seriously, “This time, I might have to use your salary card to buy some gifts for my parents.”

Xiaoya wants to use his salary card? Then use it ah. Bai Chuan stared at Mu Xiaoya, waiting for her to continue.

Mu Xiaoya waited for a while, but she still didn’t see Bai Chuan’s reaction when she finally realized that she didn’t use an interrogative sentence just now, so that must be why Bai Chuan didn’t know to answer. She immediately asked, “Can I use it?”

Although Bai Chuan said that he gave the money in the salary card for her to use, but Bai Chuan himself had no idea about the concept of money. However, as a couple, Mu Xiaoya felt that she had to let him know what she would spend his money on.

“Give it all to you.” Bai Chuan replied.

“Then, I won’t be polite.” Mu Xiaoya happily smiled. This sentence of ‘give it all to you’, every time she heard it, she can’t help but be happy ah.

After that, the two freshened up and went to bed. Before going to bed, Mu Xiaoya took the phone and hesitated whether to set the alarm clock or not. If it was just for breakfast with the Bai family, she can just set it at 7.30, but if she want to run with Bai Chuan, then it must be set at 5.30.

Half past five, it’s too early ah… Mu Xiaoya pondered but still thought that it was too tiring. But, I promised Bai Chuan to run with him, aish…

Wait, wait, it seems like I didn’t get up and run this morning…

“Xiao Chuan, have you gone for a jog this morning?” Mu Xiaoya asked.

“Run.” Bai Chuan replied, “2700 meters.” He’s not lazy ah.

“You went alone? Why didn’t you wake me up?” Mu Xiaoya was shocked.

“You said you don’t want to get up.” I clearly called you three times already.

Because I said that I don’t want to get up so Bai Chuan didn’t continue waking me up and went to run alone, then doesn’t that mean…

Mu Xiaoya rejoiced in her heart and said coquettishly, “Then later, can you go on your morning jog without me?”

“Okay.” Bai Chuan nodded.

Mu Xiaoya cheered under her breath, then set the alarm clock at 7.30. How wonderful it was to be able to sleep two more hours in the morning ah~

And thus, at the next morning, Bai Chuan got up at 6 o’clock on time, changed clothes, went out, met Bai Zheng on the gate, and the brothers ran together again. Bai Zheng was glad to find out that Bai Chuan continued to run forward at the place where he made a 180 yesterday. Just when he thought that it was possible for him to run with Bai Chuan today, Bai Chuan actually only ran fifty meters more, and decisively returned again.

“…” Bai Zheng felt his happiness hasn’t even finished yet.

“You’re not running 2700 meters today?” Bai Zheng couldn’t help asking.

“Today 2800 meters.” Bai Chuan, who had been running for more than half a month, had become accustomed to the amount of exercise he has done at this time, thus he can speak with ease while running. But, although he didn’t feel tired, he didn’t want to run an extra meter more.

“Yesterday 2700, today 2800, so you add 100 meters everyday?” Bai Zheng grasped the rule.


So, according to this increasing ratio, if I want to run a five kilometer happily with my brother, I still need… 22 days?

And also… has Mu Xiaoya told Xiao Chuan about going back to work yet?

After breakfast, Bai Chuan sent Mu Xiaoya to work as usual. When Mu Xiaoya arrived at the studio, Fang Hui was biting on a fruit pancake.

“Have breakfast yet?” Fang Hui asked Mu Xiaoya.

“Yeap.” Mu Xiaoya replied, then opened the computer while saying, “I read the resume you sent to my mail yesterday, I don’t think there’s any problem, let the people come for an interview.”

“Alright, I’ll interview them later, you’re in charge of putting the shoes on Taobao. It’s best to hang a few design drafts, that way people can see our product’s style at a glance.” Fang Hui said.

“Okay.”Those who studied design naturally knew how to make drawings, it wasn’t hard for Mu Xiaoya to design the page layout on Taobao, however, this kind of thing waste quiet a lot of time, she spent a whole morning finishing the page layout of just one type of shoes.

At noon, the two went to a shopping mall nearby to eat. Fang Hui suddenly asked Mu Xiaoya, “Your family’s Bai Chuan is so sticky with you, you have to work every day, won’t Bai Chuan make trouble at home?”

“He won’t, Bai Chuan is very quiet. If you don’t bother him, he can read books quietly all day by himself.” Although Bai Chuan had autism, he’s not disturbing other people.

“Idling away one’s time is also not good ah. Didn’t you say last time, what Professor Feng told you about letting Bai Chuan move more and have more interaction outside for his improvement? How about you bring him to the studio with you? Don’t worry, I don’t mind you spreading dog food around.” Fang Hui said generously.

“Who says Bai Chuan has nothing to do? Our family’s Bai Chuan has a job ah.” Mu Xiaoya complained.

“Has a job? What kind of job?” Fang Hui asked curiously.

“It seems to be programming, I also don’t know very well. Bai Chuan’s mother said it accidentally last time but I didn’t ask in detail.”

“Woah, have a job, that means he can make money ah.”

“That’s of course, Bai Chuan gave his salary card to me. I’m gonna use Bai Chuan’s money to buy my parents some gifts later.” Mu Xiaoya said in a small murmur.

Who let you discriminate against my family’s Bai Chuan? I’ll let you know that my family’s Bai Chuan is very powerful, no less than normal people.

“Salary card? How much is in his salary card? How much salary does he get in a month?” Fang Hui couldn’t help wondering.

“I also don’t know, haven’t seen it yet ah.”

“Then, how about you look?” Fang Hui suggested.

Mu Xiaoya was also curious, so she nodded, and the two sped up their meal, then went to the ATM on the first floor to check the balance together.

When Mu Xiaoya entered the password, Fang Hui didn’t follow along, she just stood at the door of the machine compartment and waited for Mu Xiaoya to tell her the answer. As a result, after waiting for a long time, she still didn’t see Mu Xiaoya made any movement and thus thought that the machine was broken.

“Is the machine broken?” Fang Hui asked.

Mu Xiaoya didn’t answer. She silently withdrew her bank card, walked out of the compartment with a dull look, and then gestured an ‘eight’ to Fang Hui with her fingers.

“Eight hundred thousand?”

Mu Xiaoya shook her head.

“Eight millions?”

“Eight digits.” Mu Xiaoya took a deep breath.

“Shut up! So much money? Are you sure that’s a salary card, not the shares the Bai family gave to Bai Chuan?” According to Bai Chuan’s age, even though he’s working, it should only be just a few years, where did he make so much money? It’s possible if it’s the company’s share dividend.

“No matter.” Mu Xiaoya clutched the bank card tightly in her hand, “Alright,” she breathed out a dry air and said, “I’m going to buy the 30 thousand yuan massage chair just now and send it to my parents.”

“Come on.” Fang Hui looked at Mu Xiaoya with contempt, holding her husband’s eight-digit salary card and buying a mere 30 thousand yuan thing, does she need to still grind her teeth like this?

“Okay! Order one!” Mu Xiaoya walked like a breeze, and went straight to the showroom on the first floor.

Author’s NOTE:

Little Theater:

Mu Xiaoya: I bought the gift, later I’ll tell that I bought it with your salary card

Bai Chuan: Originally my salary card ah.

Mu Xiaoya: …

Bai Chuan: All give you to spend.

Mu Xiaoya: (#^.^#)

Grumpy Crab: So happy~~~


I really think that Mu Xiaoya and Bai Chuan just really compliment each other, the so-called ‘perfect couple’ (*´∀`*) Xiaoya can’t do math, there’s Bai Chuan.  Bai Chuan is confused, there’s Xiaoya. Aishh~ this dog translator have to eat so much dog food while translating ah… (*´-`*) *nomnomnom*

Next 5 chapters will be on Novice’s website! (・∀・)

Translator: MadPanda

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My Husband With Scholar Syndrome Chapter 30
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