SYNOPSIS: The Captivating Crown Prince Chapter 30

Vin here. As I mentioned in this post, I’ll be providing a synopsis of CCP chapter 30 and possibly a translation of 31 if I have time. Without further ado~

Bai Shaolin asks Shang Wuxin where they’re going to stay for the night. Everyone is impressed and in awe of her wits, while she herself is in a bad mood, feeling unwell because of how much they rushed the journey. Coupled with the poison inside her, it’s even worst.

Huan Mo Che notices, of course, and wants to help her massage her temples, but he holds himself back knowing if he got close, he wouldn’t be able to control himself. On the other hand, Leng Yu Feng straight up asks if the crown prince is feeling unwell. This causes Huan Mo Che to freeze up because he thinks that his friend, like himself, is paying a bit too much attention to the crown prince these days.

The inquiry causes everyone to notice that Shang Wuxin looks paler than usual, and they begin worrying. She ignores them and calmly tells them to stop and rest where they are. They will depart at night time, and she predicts there will be a massacre on this very night, so she tells them to tighten their defenses and keep an eye out. Then, she jumps off her horse and leaps onto a tree branch, where she proceeds to close her eyes and rest.

Soon after, two more figures join her, and she doesn’t even have to guess to know who they are. The past few days, they had been shadowing her like protective bodyguards.

Huan Mo Che finally gives in and reaches out to massage her, but her eyes suddenly shoot open, and she grabs his hand, just about to break it when she realizes he’s not resisting at all. She lets go and meets his peach blossom eyes. She warns him coldly to not touch her so casually.

The two men obediently comply and relax next to her. At night, she opens her eyes and momentarily mesmerizes the two. She asks if everyone is ready, upon which Leng Yu Feng answers a yes. He feels conflicted about what he has to do next, but he also wants to know if the feeling he gets towards the crown prince will disappear if he’s away from her for a period of time.

When Shang Wuxin proposes that Huan Mo Che accompany Leng Yu Feng, both men reject. Huan Mo Che covers up his flustered state by saying he has to stay behind to protect her. As it turns out, Leng Yu Feng has to lead a good chunk of soldiers down a different road so they can all meet up again later in the south. It will ensure their safety, and since Shang Wuxin has something else to do, she doesn’t want Huan Mo Che around either.

She nods and tells Leng Yu Feng to be careful on the road, which catches him off-guard, and he leaves without replying. A few moments later, he curses in defeat. A man named He Lanjin asks Leng Yu Feng what’s wrong, and he responds with “nothing” as he scolds himself for forgetting to bide the crown prince farewell.

He Lanjin, who has been with Leng Yu Feng since they were children and understands him very well, notices something is off about Leng Yu Feng, but he is unable to put his finger on it.

Leng Yu Feng and Shang Wuxin part ways. Suddenly, a group of bandits jump out of nowhere and eye the grains on Shang Wuxin’s carriages. Shang Wuxin abruptly smiles and easily wrecks havoc in Huan Mo Che’s heart. Meanwhile, she tells the bandit, “How amusing!” The bandit is bald, and he reminds her of Eunuch Hai—an honest person pretending to be tough.

The bandits are confused at her reaction, and before they can finish threatening her, the one who spoke in the beginning is abruptly killed.

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  1. Thank you. I have been holding this novel in a special place for some time. Hopefully someone will pick this up in the future. Thank you for all the time and talent you put into your translations.

    It looks like our Crown Prince has sucessfully mesmerized her two protectorates.. Wow! A reverse harem is different.It is an interesting concept

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