Bewitching Prince Chapter 274- Recruiting Translators!

Chapter 274

Hi! First off, I’m super super super sorry for the delay >.<. Real life is whooping my butt :(.

Anyways- Bewitching Prince is recruiting translators! You don’t have to be perfect in chinese, as long as you are relatively fluent and can read most basic sentences, you’re fine! I’m really desperate so I don’t have high standards >.<.

There is a simple test you’ll have to go through though! And you’ll only have to translate around 2-3 chapters a week :). Please please please apply if you’re interested! You’d help me so much. Just go to’s recruitment page and send me an application email. I’ll email you back ASAP, probably within 2-3 days.

Isohungry is also recruiting translators so if you’re interested in that, please apply!

Thank you and Enjoy! I think you’ll really like this chapter though :3. Guess who comes back!


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