Bewitching Prince- About Lost Chapters

Hi guys! So for those of you looking to find BP chapters, you all should hopefully be redirected into this page. The site got deleted so that means all the chapters got deleted too :(. But luckily, I was co-hosting on MBC, so you can find ALL the chapters here! Unfortunately the TOC isnt fully up to date right now, but you can find any chapter by changing the last few numbers in the link to the chapter you want. Like if you want chapter 283, you can link it like : but if you want chapter 392, you could do Sorry, and GL!

Also, BP has been picked up by a new translator. You can read chapter 397-398 here!

Repost on why I’m dropping BP.

Hi >.<"". Today, I am officially dropping the novel 'Bewitching Prince Spoils his Wife- Genius Doctor Unscrupulous Consort'. This is because of several reasons. First, its a Qidian novel. I tried to contact Qidian more than a month ago about translating for them and selling my chapters, but I still haven't gotten a reply, and after getting a pretty negative answer from other people I've told my situation to, I've decided to directly drop it. Second, I'm honestly getting so sick of this novel.... it started out amazing and Baili Hongzhuang and Dibei Chen were so adorable together, but now for the past 100~ chapters, it just seemed to be praising the main character. I mean really, 4 days in the novel took 100 whole chapters. That's just really..... too much. There's so many plot holes that running around fixing them has just become tiring, and the author licking Baili Hongzhuang's butt is a bit annyoing now >.<"" no offence author! My respects for writing this novel. Third, the length. As some of you may know, BP is at 5000 chapters and still ongoing with 3 chapters being released daily. So..... at my current pace, there is no way I can finish it. So anyways, I am dropping this novel and on the 12th of February, I will be picking up Wife is Outrageous: His Evil Highness Comes Knocking as my main project. It's an adorable, funny read and the male leads are just amazing with each other! Also, its COMPLETED AT ONLY 1000 CHAPTERS!! This means that if I work hard, I can probably easily finish it within 2 years :)). Plus, this isn't a qidian novel, so it's completely safe. TLDR; I'm dropping BP due to it being a Qidian novel, the poor plot quality, and ridiculous length in exchange for Wife is Outrageous, which I will begin translating on the 12th of Feburary. Here is the link for Wife Is Outrageous on NU; Alyschu already translated the first 100 or so chapters~

Bewitching Prince- About Lost Chapters

8 thoughts on “Bewitching Prince- About Lost Chapters

  1. Thank you kiki for all your love and attention! I totally agree with you on the bootlicking of our beaut bevoming a bit too much. I too had the same thpughts. Also the progression was really slow at the end. I really love wife is outrageous so I’m happy it gets love again. Keep up the great work!

  2. Aww… that’s too bad. But thank you very nuch fir translating everything for us until now. I’ll be checking out your new project soon (when it got a lit more chapters to read). Do your best!!

    1. Yep, I dropped the novel and made a post about it too, but I guess it got deleted. I updated the post with my reasons on dropping the novel 🙂

      1. kiki i cant find your account on wattpad..I Downloaded the story on wattpad but unfortunately when i
        click ur name it says user not found .

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