Young Master Quan, How Have You Been? Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

Li Chuan stared at Quan Shi silently, secretly somewhat upset.

This powerful man rarely revealed such a…… frail expression.

But after accompanying Quan Shi for many years, he naturally knew how this man had step by step become the seemingly cold-blooded and ruthless he is today.

Ever since he found out she was no longer in the world, the Boss lost both his sole weakness and his armour.

He seemed so strong when in fact his body was covered in wounds and scars. A single touch would result in deep pain.

Just now, he had probably seen her shadow on Miss Shen.


At 5:00 AM, the alarm clock rang.

Shen Shenxue instantly opened her eyes, and entered the bathroom after changing clothes. As she watched, she could vaguely hear the rustling footsteps and muffled voices outside.

It seems that it wasn’t just her who lived here. It was the servants area.

After washing her face and rinsing her mouth, Shen Shenxue wanted to open the door and go outside. But when she turned the knob, the door turned out to be locked.

“Is anyone there?”

She knocked at the door with force, hoping to get somebody’s attention. However, nobody responded.

Shen Shenxue frowned. She could clearly hear footsteps right outside so it can’t be that they didn’t hear her, but rather, they were deliberately ignoring her.

As the footsteps faded off into the distance, Shen Shenxue stopped knocking the door and shook her hand. She crouched, leaning on the door powerlessly, her face pale.

She wasn’t feeling dispirited because they ignored her. She had long known throughout the years about how warm and cold others can be in life. She would just watch on with folded arms. This little thing wasn’t enough to affect her.

However……. From their conversations just now, they all seem to be heading for breakfast.

If you counted it up, Shen Shenxue hadn’t eaten or drunk properly for almost two days and now she’s missed today’s breakfast as well. Her stomach really ached.

The thing she loathed most was going hungry.

She didn’t know if it was an illusion caused by hunger or not, but there was a faint fragrance of food in the air as giggles sounded outside the door.

“Inside here is that woman who Boss had Special Assistant Li escort here. I wonder if she looks seductive?”

“That’s just normal. There are no ugly women who can enter the castle. If you want to climb into Boss’s bed just relying on good looks, you’re dreaming!”

“I heard that before she had tried to tempt Boss, who got angry and threw her here…… isn’t it a clear call for us to teach her a lesson?”

“But Sister Xiang-Xiang is still so merciful. If it was somebody else, they would’ve definitely taught her a harsher lesson. Isn’t just locking her door too simple.

“What nonsense are you talking? I didn’t do anything. Who could’ve imagined that the lock broke by itself. If it wasn’t for her lock suddenly breaking now, how could you have taken her share of chicken?”

“Hehe, right! We don’t know anything~ oh, how tasty……”


Shen Shenxue kept silent as she listened to them talk. Even though they denied it, it was clear that the one who broke the lock was “Sister Xiang-Xiang” and the other party clearly didn’t care about hiding it.

Teaching her a lesson? The corner of Shen Shenxue’s lips curled. They were all taking her as a pushover, huh……

She rubbed her stomach and reluctantly got up, walking back to the bedside. She pulled her bedsheets and tied it beside the window before crawling out, supporting her body weakly.

This was a two floor building and according to her experience, going down shouldn’t be too difficult.

Naturally, it was impossible to escape. This place was heavily guarded, she had no preparation whatsoever, and her body was weak. However, that was never her goal.

Shen Shenxue clung to the bedsheet and scaled herself down. The bedsheet wasn’t long enough and with her hand at the end, she was still a meter from the floor. She looked at the grassy lawn and didn’t hesitate, directly releasing her hands.


Her cry swiftly attracted the bodyguards’ attention. A group of men encircled Shen Shenxue, guns pointing at her.

The air was tense, with a dangerous atmosphere.

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