Young Master Quan, How Have You Been? Chapter 21

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Chapter 21

Shen Shenxue laid on her bed, unconscious. Quan Shi kept pacing around impatiently beside her bed until the sound of footsteps resounded from outside the door.

Doctor Du followed behind Quan Shi and hurriedly entered. When he first saw Quan Shi’s frightening expression, he couldn’t help but shuddered as he quickly walked to the bed.

Quan Shi anxiously watched Doctor Du as he examined her, his hands subconsciously kept on fidgeting. 

His eyes looked as Doctor Du threw out pieces of bloodied gauze. Quan Shi couldn’t hold it in and asked: “How is she?”

Quan Shi’s anxiousness made Doctor Du afraid to let out any sign of negligence. He carefully treated her wound before saying:“There is no injury to the skull, only a slight concussion. However, she has lost quite some blood which scares. As long as the medicine is applied on time, she will be fine as long as the wound does not come into contact with water. She might experience severe dizziness when she wakes but this is normal, after two days the symptoms will subside.”

Doctor Du had already explained everything regardless of importance, yet Quan Shi was still uneased. He looked at those tightly closed lids and asked: “When will she wake up?”

He would only be digging his grave if he gave Quan Shi an early prediction and it fails to happen, yet if he predicts a time too late it could also cause Quan Shi to be upset. Hence, Dr. Du decided to go with middle ground and hurriedly said, “Latest by tomorrow morning.”

Quan Shi knitted his brows and waved his hand to indicate that he could leave.

Doctor Du pardoned himself and just as he exited the room, he ran off. The people who were supposed to send him off, on the contrary, had to chase after him.

“Sir, are you okay?”  Bloodstains still remained on Quan Shi’s body, making Li Chuan somewhat worried.

“I’m fine.” As Quan Shi said this, his eyes were still watching Shen Shenxue anxiously. It was as if he was afraid that Shen Shenxue would wake up once he looked away.

Seeing that he had no intention to leave, Li Chuan could only remind him from the side, “Sir, why not return to rest for a while? If you’re worried, then I will personally stay here and keep watch.”

Quan Shi was about to refuse, but after reconsidering carefully, he realized that him staying there was in fact inappropriate. As he was about to walk out in heavy silence that came from regret of losing his cool,  he heard a whisper from the bed, “Don’t leave me…”

Quan Shi halted in his steps and looked over. He then saw Shen Shenxue slowly opening her eyes.

Eyes that were filled with sorrow, sorrow that made up of the fear and despair that followed abandonment. But those emotions were but a flash. In a moment, those eyes returned to that stubborn pair that carried a whiff of pride and aloofness.

In this world, aside from her, who else would ignore one’s safety to protect others? Even if she was not someone sent by Wang Jun Sheng, she’s bound to have other motives.

Furthermore, he was regarded as the cold-blooded and heartless Owl that could make cruel decisions. How could someone who barely saw him, fall in love with him?

Quan Shi kept on telling himself so.

When he saw Shen Shenxue held her head with one hand as she sat up, his eyes immediately let out a scornful look.

“Hmph, your acting skills are not bad.”

Shen Shenxue put down her hand as she lifted up her head to look at him. Her face carried a calm smile as if his words from before would not affect her in any way.

“You should not forget my profession…..”  She paused for a moment and glanced slyly, “If I can’t act, how can I live?” 

As expected!

Quan Shi’s chest was stuffy. All the promises and desperation from before were but just an act. This woman did not even hesitate to admit it without any refutation!

Quan Shi swallowed the breath that he was holding in. He calmed his mood and regained his composure.

“In any case, you saved me again. I can promise you a condition.”

In his opinion, Shen Shenxue had suffered a lot here and will certainly ask to leave. 

In this way, it may be a good choice for her to leave his side. At least, it could lower the risk of danger.

Shen Shenxue looked at Li Chuan who was standing at a side. Li Chuan suddenly felt as if he was a big two-kilowatts bright light bulb and hence, silently exited.

Quan Shi did not show any reaction to it as he continued to wait for Shen Shenxue to speak her conditions.

The corner of Shen Shenxue’s mouth hooked up as she let out an alluring smile. She slowly opened her mouth and cursed out in a bewitching manner,

“I want you to love me.”

In that instance, Quan Shi’s breathing practically became sluggish. However, he made sure to conceal that fact. He did not want Shen Shenxue to notice the slightest trace of panic in his eyes.

Is this true?

The words she told him in the hall was not an act. 

But she clearly denied it without any hesitation. What in the world is this woman thinking? 

Avoiding Shen Shenxue’s eyes, Quan Shi looked out of the window trying his best to sound cold: “Stop deluding yourself. It’s impossible.”

Shen Shenxue softly laughed, her voice carried slight teasing and enticement as she said: “How would you know if you don’t try? You are the one who said I could come up with my own conditions. I just want a chance.”

A chance. These two words drilled into Quan Shi’s ears. Like a spirit whispering into his mind, lingering and unable to rid of.

Both of his hands tightly gripped into a fist, yet his expressions showed no sign of wavering as he asked: “If,”

“If you succeed, what’s next?”

The smile that was plastered on Shen Shenxue’s face abruptly disappeared like a mountain devoured by a blizzard in an instance. Her expression turned emotionless and her gaze became sharp. 

“I’ll dump you.” She spelled out.


Quan Shi’s face has already become distorted because of her tricks. But Shen Shenxue did not seem to realize that. 

How could Quan Shi know? How could he understand?

Ever since young, she was afraid of the dark, afraid to starve, afraid of pain. The only one who could chase awa7y her fears was Brother Ah-Yuan.

Yet, when she was locked in a small dark room, ruthlessly thrashed by a whip and starved, Brother Ah-Yuan wasn’t able to stay by her side anymore.  

It was as if she had lost sight of all hope in her world as despair sought to drive her crazy. 

Ever since then, she made up her mind to enact revenge on him. She wants the person in front of her eyes to fall in love with her, yet unable to obtain her. 

She wants him to have a taste of suffering.

“Hmph!” Quan Shi lividly smiled,  “You sure have guts. But what makes you think I will agree? What makes you think you can succeed?” 

Shen Shenxue eyes were filled with disdained : “What, the renowned Owl is actually someone that does not hold up to his words? Or, are you afraid?”

This was a provocation, a psychological method to lure one into abiding another wishes.

This woman was challenging his bottom line. If this love was not meant to be, then it would only bring in endless pain.

Don’t tell me this was her plan? To aggravate him, to affect his emotions and detriment his health and worsen his symptoms…

Could it be, she knew of his situation? Who is this woman?

Shen Shenxue had let Quan Shi sized her up and welcomed his gaze without any fear. This was like a closely-fought battle: whoever who gives in first loses.

Fine, since she refused to leave, then I shall play along with her.

He, Quan Shi, has never lost before!

“You have the guts, but yet you are still very foolish. I won’t help you when you sink deep into the swamp and become unable to escape.”

Quan Shi slightly smirked in an imposing manner that measured up to him.

Shen Shenxue displayed a satisfied smile, said: “Rest assured, crossing the swamp is my expertise.”

Quan Shi’s face turned cold and just as he was about to leave, Shen Shenxue suddenly sucked in a cold breath, holding on to her head as she curled up.

Just as Quan Shi was about to call for the doctor, he was reminded of Shen Shenxue’s smile. The words that left his mouth unexpectedly became a call for another name, “Li Chuan!”

Upon second thought, he felt that it was still inappropriate. He did not wait for Li Chuan to enter before walking out of the room himself. He brought Li Chuan a few meters away before lowering his voice and said, “Let her rest for the next few days. She does not need to work. If anything happens, let Doctor Du come over at any time.”

“Yes!” Lu Chuan answered with a bow. However, he couldn’t help but lament in his heart: who knows how long these few days would be.

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