Young Master Quan, How Have You Been? Chapter 15

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Chapter 15

“Brother don’t go, please don’t go alright?”

The little girl was wearing a floral skirt with her hair tied in a braid. Her face was chubby with baby fat as tears rolled down from her big eyes. She held the boy’s hand, begging.

“Little Lark, be a good girl.” The youth wearing a white shirt touched the young girl’s head and smiled warmly, like the winter sun. “Older brother has to go home, my parents are waiting for me. Don’t cry, older brother will come and find you again.”

“But…is this place not your home too? We are..your family..too..”

The little girl choked with sobs. Feeling betrayed and sad, she said while stammering: “ You promised me would..protect me forever…”

“ Little Lark, listen to me..” Seeing the girl crying so badly, the youth could no longer maintain his smile.

“ I don’t want to listen, I don’t want to listen! You are a liar!” Angrily, the girl suddenly bit down on the youth’s arm viciously without letting go until she tasted blood in her mouth. Her eyes were filled with grief.

“You just don’t want me anymore! You meanie!”


Quan Shi opened his eyes and touched his heart, where he could feel a sharp ache pound.
It’s been awhile since he last dreamt. His past of attachment, hope, despair and hatred never let him go.

It’s still better to dream. At least there are moments of joy in dream. Reality is the nightmare.

His little lark was very stubborn since young. Back then, he tried all ways to coaxed her before being able to reconcile. However, he did not keep to the promise to find her, so that became their last meeting.

“ I didn’t mean to deceive you.” Quan Shi closed his eyes and muttered to himself, “But little lark, I really became a meanie. Will you be angry?”

He would rather believe that little lark was only angry and not want to see him. Even now, he still couldn’t accept…

Being separated by death.

A knock sounded on the door. Li Chuan stood outside and asked : “Sir, Wang Jun Sheng has been locked in the dark room. How should I handle it?”

Quan Shi closed his eyes. When he opened them again, his eyes had returned to their usual calm and indifference.

“How was it?” He asked in an indifferent voice, asking about Wang Jun Sheng.

“……”Li Chuan hesitated for a moment and answered truthfully. “He has been foul-mouthed, scolding and clamouring to find his father to teach you a lesson.”

Quan Shi raised his lips sneeringly. “Didn’t you tell him that the Wang family was no longer capable wand that his uncle Xue Li was already in prison?”

“ I told him.” At this point, Li Chuan couldn’t help laughing. “ but he didn’t believe it,and he didn’t know whether it was true or not.”

Wang Junsheng, the only son of Wang’s group, and an uncle in politics. have been ruthless since childhood. Relying on his family background, and one of the foolish youngsters who can’t be regarded as useful.

He was also the person who poisoned Quan Shi.

The Wang and Quan former masters’ mothers had a close relationship, so they knew each other at young age. As an illegitimate child, Quan Shi was naturally looked down by Wang Junsheng and was bullied by him.

However, the former Quan family’s power is on the decline, and the current Quan Family’s master is Quan Shi. Wang Jun Sheng dared not even take him into account. Quan Shi did not know whether to feel ridiculous or praise him for his courage.

Nevertheless, it was his kindness to let off the Wang family and Xue Li, but now he dares to provoke Quan Shi and will have to face the consequences.

Quan Shi sneered and said : “Starve him for four to five days, we will come to him when he is weak.”

“Yes, Sir.” When Li Chuan finished and was about to leave, he was suddenly stopped——

“Hold on!”

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