Young Master Quan, How Have You Been? Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

The next few days, Shen Shenxue’s days weren’t easy.

Mei Xiang didn’t follow the rules and was punished by Xiao Wu. All the female servants were called to learn from her- they were using Mei Xiang as an example.

She had to take no less than 50 lashes from the barbed whip, causing her entire back to become bloody. After just a few lashes, Mei Xiang’s soft and delicate skin had become unbearably painful.

Xiao Wu’s expression was cold, as if she didn’t care if it would be fatal or not. She simply stared as she called for somebody to carry her out.

Her indifferent appearance caused Shen Shenxue to sneer slightly. She hadn’t thought that a woman who seemed as cold and calm as Su Wen would actually be so fierce and ruthless on the inside.

Should I say, as expected of the people under Quan Shi?

After this incident, the other female servants indeed became more well-behaved. They no longer dared to openly go against Shen Shenxue. However, using high sounding justifications, many tricks were still played in secret.

Afterall, during the punishment of Mei Xiang, what Xiao Wu kept stressing were “rules”.

Mei Xiang’s offense was interrupting Housekeeper Xiao Wu’s original plan of issuing duties to Shen Shenxue, breaking the castle’s rules. It was not something like “bullying the newcomers”.

The female servants in here are all quick on the uptake. They naturally understood Xiao Wu’s underlying message.

It is okay to bully as long as it is within the boundaries of the rules.

“Hey! Sister Xiao Wu had you to brew jasmine tea to send to Master’s study!” For instance right now, one female servant stood in front of Shen Shenxue, arrogant and bossy as she ordered her around.

Shen Shenxue knitted her brows, finally nodded. “I understand.”

Even though the female servant might be skiving and throwing the workload to her, there was no need for her to seek confirmation from Xiao Wu.

She could tell that Xiao Wu did not like the sight of her. If by any chance it was really Xiao Wu’s order and she went ahead to question her, it would be like directly thrusting her own head under a gun’s nozzle. Just by refuting with “did not understand the rules” would be enough to make her suffer.

Shen Shenxue wasn’t someone who was afraid of trouble, but there was no need for her to get into one over a small matter.

The castle was so big that it resembles a maze. After the tea was brewed and a few inquiries, Shen Shenxue finally found out where Quan Shi’s study was at. She casually carried the tea and walked over.

Looking at Shen Shenxue’s back, a few female servants snickered.

“She went! To Master’s study!”

“What? She wants to see the Master? Then what are you laughing at?!”

“Shh! Don’t you remember? Today is Doctor Su’s visit, hehe”

“Ah!” Doctor Su is my male God! Why did you let her go to see Doctor Su!?”

“Are you stupid? When Master and Doctor Su is in the room, even Assistant Li was temporarily not allowed to enter. Who else would dare to do so? Just wait for her to receive Master’s wrath! Haha!”


In the study.

The afternoon sunlight shone in from the French window. As it did, it spilled across on a white-bloused male, drizzling a layer of gentle light. It evoked a sense of purity that made it seem as if untainted by the mundane world.

“A-Shi,” At this moment, he looked solemn as he faced a handsome yet cold man. His clear and light voice carried a trace of reproach, “Do you know that your recent situation is not doing well?”

Quan Shi indifferently nodded: “I know.”

“You know but still not taking it seriously? You….” Su Yi Wen was slightly unhappy as he looked at his old friend that did not treat his own well-being seriously. He stood up and walked around before sitting down again, “Did you eat medicine recently?”

“En.” Quan Shi’s pupils were veiled, making it difficult to uncover his true emotions.

It wasn’t that he did not care about his body. Instead, he really loathed falling sick and the feeling of not being in control. He had to keep his calm.

“I have told you many times. This is a psychological problem, and not physiological. You can’t rely on medicine! You have to fully relax! So relax!”

Su Yi Wen has always been a calm person. He had already repeated his words many times, but Quan Shi just refused to listen. There’s no doctor that would like a patient that does not listen. It was inevitable for him to get upset.

He deeply inhaled, stood up and in cold tone, he said: “If you can’t follow my advice as a doctor, then I am useless here. You should find someone else better qualified than me.

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