Made of Money Chapter 26 Part 2

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Translator: Barb

Editor: WhitesRabbit


Chapter 26: Part 2 — She admonished herself to not expect anything, but Su Yan couldn’t help but feel overjoyed.  

In the evening, inside a certain bar in A City, Shen Peiran and Hu Hang were sitting and drinking together. Shen Peiran’s mood wasn’t good as of late; he was very irritated. It wasn’t only because of work. No matter how many messages he sent or times he called, Su Yan didn’t pick up which made Shen Peiran very depressed and helpless. He thought it was just a matter of apologising and turning over. Seeing him drink cup after cup like it was water, Hu Hang stopped him, “Stop drinking, you still have to go to work tomorrow.”


Shen Peiran pushed him away, his sight gradually becoming blurry, “Tell me what she meant?! Really want to break up with me?”


He couldn’t accept this answer; Su Yan was making him more and more afraid.


He always thought that no matter how things were, Su Yan would always love him. Now he didn’t have any confidence at all.


Hu Hang didn’t believe that Su Yan would be so cruel; but after so many days of her not showing her face or even calling, it looked like a war, not a simple quarrel. It seemed that she wanted to draw a clear line between her and Shen Peiran. Thinking of that Hu Hang didn’t dare to advise him.


Shen Peiran continued to speak to himself: “If she really wants to break up then shouldn’t she first listen my part? Without even giving me a chance to defend myself, she immediately sentenced me to death. What is this? As long as she said it well, would I still cling shamelessly to her?”


……right. Hu Hang silently criticized him. He didn’t look like a person who was willing to let go. Su Yan was really excellent. Why couldn’t she just sit down and discuss it and let others also speak instead of directly cutting off contact? This made no one happy.


“Stop drinking and think of a way.” Hu Hang couldn’t stop himself anymore and replied dryly.


“What else can I do? I asked Wan Yi, but she didn’t feel like doing it for me. I called her, she didn’t pick it up. Should I go to her and Jiang Jingchuan’s house?” Shen Peiran was getting sadder by the minute. A cup wasn’t enough, he picked up the bottle and started drinking from it. The burning in his stomach was extremely painful, but it couldn’t compare to the anguish in his heart.


Hu Hang pulled him to sit down before asking: “I don’t understand. If you had taken your Household Registration Booklet1 with Xiao Yan to register, things wouldn’t be so troublesome now.”


Listening to that, Shen Peiran felt very despondent. His whole figure looked hollow. After a little while he slowly said: “She brought it.”




Shen Peiran’s voice grew louder and his face turned red; he looked very frightening, “She took the registration booklet and asked me if I wanted to marry her. As long as I nodded, she would immediately register with me……”


He suddenly remembered a matter which he had deliberately tried to forget. 


Indeed, at the beginning, Su Yan loved him so much that he didn’t realize how much effort she had to make to steal her family’s registration booklet. Her eyes were sparkling like stars when she said that as long as he was willing she wouldn’t become Mrs Jiang. Su Yan wanted nothing more than to marry him.


But, at that time, he didn’t want to bear the responsibility of marriage. Most importantly, he was naive and thought that as long as Su Yan didn’t want to, no one would force her to marry Jiang Jingchuan. He really believed that she wouldn’t marry someone else. 


He hesitated for a long time. The shine in Su Yan’s eyes slowly dimmed, she pretended to lightly say that she understood, and left. He wanted to rush forward, but he didn’t have the courage.


If he knew that one day he would become like this, he would have gone with her to register their marriage.


Now, it was too late….shouldn’t he still be able to do something? 


Shen Peiran ran like crazy out of the bar. He squatted down on the roadside, his fingers lightly trembled but he took out his phone from his pocket. He wanted to call her, wanted to tell her, wanted to beg her to marry him. No matter what he would have to do, even if he had to kneel in front of her, he was willing to do it.






At this moment, Jiang Jingchuan and Su Yan had just finished doing strenuous exercise. Su Yan didn’t have any strength left. Exhausted, she slept while Jiang Jingchuan held her close in his arms, unwilling to let her go. From time to time he would softly kiss her bare back. During this soft, gentle and tender loving moments, Su Yan’s phone on the bedside table suddenly rang.


Jiang Jingchuan waited for a while. Seeing that it irritated Su Yan and she was about to open her eyes; he quickly got up and went to the bedside table, held the phone, and picked it up.


“Xiao Yan?! Xiao Yan, are you willing to take care of me?”  Shen Peiran’s voice came from the phone.


Jiang Jingchuan froze. He gave Su Yan a complicated look. Then he very carefully took a blanket, draped it over his body, took the mobile phone, and softly left the bedroom.


The corridors in the Villa were silent. Jiang Jingchuan stiffly said: “She has already fallen asleep.”


It was as if Shen Peiran didn’t hear it. He was in a panic and continued speaking as if crazy: “Xiao Yan, I am sorry. Don’t ignore me. I was wrong. I was really wrong. In the future no matter what you ask, I will do it. I won’t talk to other women anymore. I won’t even look at them, okay? I’m begging you……”


Jiang Jingchuan’s expression was very cold; his right hand had already curled into a fist.


Su Yan was his.


No matter what people were thinking, they would still feel extremely angry.    


She was his wife; it didn’t matter what had happened before. He bitterly detested people who wanted to wreck their relationship; and, amongst them, he loathed Shen Peiran the most.


He wasn’t as magnanimous as he displayed– he did mind.


Normally, Jiang Jingchuan kept these petty feelings to himself: How could it compare to keeping her happy? Consequently, he decided to neither remember nor mention them.


Jiang Jingchuan coldly said: “Mr. Shen, my wife is already asleep. I believe you can understand what I’m saying, can’t you?” 


Shen Peiran hung his head low, then started laughing: “It turned out to be Mr. Jiang. How do you feel taking another’s lover by force?”


Under the corruption of alcohol, Shen Peiran had lost all his reason. What’s more, Jiang Jingchuan’s words were like a small knife stabbing his heart. At this moment, his heart didn’t fear or dread Jiang Jingchuan; all that was there was the fury at having his beloved snatched.


Taking another’s lover by force?


The corners of Jiang Jingchuan’s mouth turned up in a smile: “Very good.”


Morally speaking, Shen Peiran was the other woman. Emotionally speaking, he certainly did steal Su Yan.


Even if it was so, he didn’t plan to let her go.


She was his.


Jiang Jingchuan didn’t want to talk with Shen Peiran anymore. He lightly laughed: “Mr. Shen, don’t provoke me repeatedly. No one wants to see the consequences.”


He didn’t think it was worth it to deal with Shen Peiran because they were opponents of totally different caliber. But if Shen Peiran challenged his bottom line again, he wouldn’t just stand there and watch.


After that, Jiang Jingchuan hung up.


He returned to the bedroom. Just when he was lying down on the bed, Su Yan opened her eyes in a daze and blurted out, “What are you doing?”


If he could, Jiang Jingchuan would have pinched her nose to vent his anger, but in the end, he could only stiffly say: “Not happy.”


“……oh” Su Yan consciousness was still very hazy. She turned around and went back to sleep.


After such exercise, she was tired to the point of dying. She wouldn’t care even if the sky fell down; she just wanted to sleep till the end of the world.


Jiang Jingchuan was extremely angry. No matter how calm and collected he appeared, how could he not mind this matter? Speaking honestly, he just wanted to put on his clothes and go and duel with Shen Peiran right now.


He looked down at the very soundly asleep Su Yan. All the ups and downs of his mood were due to this person, yet this person was absolutely ignorant.


Mr. Jiang was very angry.


After thinking about it, he pulled Su Yan up and pinched her nose. Just a few seconds later Su Yan opened her eyes due to difficulty breathing.


Jiang Jingchuan was satisfied. Looking at Su Yan’s eyes, which appeared to almost shoot out flames, he leisurely spoke: “Won’t you ask me why I’m not happy?”



Barb Notes: This chapter cleared quite a lot about the past between Shen Peiran and Su Yan and what exactly took place. More revelations are to occur.


1. Hùkǒu or Household Registration Booklet : A system of Household Registration used in mainland China. It can also be said as a Family register in many contexts. It is a booklet register, maintained as an official record identifying a person/family as the resident(s) for that area which includes the information about their spouse or their family. Each family normally has only one booklet.

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