Made of Money Chapter 21 Part 1

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Translator: Barb

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Chapter 21: Part 1 — Emotions are the most powerful weapons.



Jiang Jingchuan felt clear and refreshed when he woke up. Then there was Su Yan, who was lying on the bed like a dead fish, unable to move. As long as she stirred even a bit, she felt a lot of pain. She was lying on her stomach in a fit of anger. With her head resting on the pillow, she didn’t move to look at Jiang Jingchuan. She knew that it wouldn’t affect anything if a woman showed a bit of anger at times like these, on the contrary men felt even more pleased.   


Looking at Su Yan behaving so childishly, Jiang Jingchuan, who was buttoning up his shirt, couldn’t help but laugh and said: “Won’t you come have breakfast with me?”  


After last night’s frank discussion, their closeness had increased a lot, and Jiang Jingchuan no longer felt awkward. There was nothing that couldn’t be solved by exercising to one’s heart content.   


Eat, eat, eat, you only know to eat!


Eat your head!


Su Yan groaned and said in a spoiled manner, “I can’t move; how can I eat?”   


She had some doubts whether or not Jiang Jingchuan had prior experience in this field. Let’s say he had, but yesterday night he was somewhat flurried, like a newbie. Let’s say he hadn’t, but looking back at that time he was actually…… In short, Su Yan felt that last night her voice had gotten hoarse pretty quickly, yet this male didn’t intend to stop at all. 


The most annoying thing was that the person who exerted the most strength was obviously him, so why was the person feeling the most weary her?


Too unfair! 


Jiang Jingchuan felt that he had gotten much closer with Su Yan. He wasn’t a generous person but with regard to treating his woman, he was extremely magnanimous. He decided to not fuss anymore about the Shen Peiran thing. He walked up to sit at the bedside before stroking her hair and saying warmly: “Should I have Auntie Wang carry it over here?”     


“Don’t!” Su Yan said quickly and harshly.


Normally, she would never do this, but she was keenly aware of the virtue of men. Sometimes the angrier you got with him, the happier he would get.  You just need to grasp the right opportunity. Now she would make the best of this opportunity.   


Jiang Jingchuan was most patient with her. He wasn’t angry. It was the same as if he was looking at a child throwing a tantrum. He continued to smile: “Why? In any case, it’s just eating breakfast.” 


Regardless of how Jiang Jingchuan was indifferent to emotions, in the end, he was still an ordinary man and also had his own desires and expectations. Now, after being satiated, he was happy to talk a lot lot more with his lovely wife1.   


Acting had already become Su Yan’s instinct by now. She had played the game of emotions before, but had never engaged in any serious contact with a man. Remembering that she wasn’t even wearing a cun2 thread of clothing, a blush slowly climbed up Su Yan’s fair and clear face, her voice became much smaller, “How can I see people like this? Auntie Wang will surely laugh.”    


No matter how rich her theoretical knowledge was, psychologically and with the current inexperienced body, her manner would naturally become a bit shy in such settings. 


If it was too easy then it would seem she was experienced.


When Jiang Jingchuan heard that, he couldn’t stop himself from laughing. He wanted to tease her, “Auntie Wang is an experienced person; she will understand.”  


If she wasn’t sure that she didn’t suffer from hallucinations or auditory problems, Su Yan would have truly been unable to believe that the person in front of her was Jiang Jingchuan. What happened to him?! Obviously he wasn’t like this at the beginning! Now he could even tease her? What happened to him?! 


It wasn’t strange that Su Yan was inwardly roaring. It was true that Jiang Jingchuan’s performance before was a bit too passionate. It was similar to that morning when she had taken advantage of him. Later he talked even less. Although it had improved in these two days but that superb wall was by no means the male in front of her!  


Su Yan was stunned for a moment before recovering quickly. She turned her face and expressionlessly said: “I don’t want to. First I want to bathe and then eat.”  


She had to do it in an exaggerated way.


However, it was worth praising Jiang Jingchuan for he insisted on carrying her last night to the bathroom and wash up, as a result her body was only rather aching and not sticky. 


In Jiang Jingchuan’s education, a wife was different from other women. If it was said that previously Jiang Jingchuan treated Su Yan as a stranger, now he had thoroughly accepted her in his circle. He hesitated a bit before getting out of bed, stooping down, then immediately wrapping Su Yan up in a thin blanket. He carried her, provoking Su Yan to squeal repeatedly.


“What are you doing!” Su Yan, clutching Jiang Jingchuan’s shoulder, shouted while glaring at him. 


Jiang Jingchuan carried Su Yan to the bathroom like a groom carried his bride across the threshold. He glanced at her before saying naturally: “You can’t move right? I will help you with bathing.”  


Su Yan naturally rose up to protest– it’s a pity it was of no avail. As a result, she was thoroughly taken advantage of from top to bottom. After Su Yan was bathed very, very thoroughly, her soft face was flushed. When Su Yan, holding Jiang Jingchuan’s arm, descended the stairs and came to the living room, the experienced Auntie Wang quickly glanced at them before hurrying to the kitchen to bring breakfast all while hiding her laughter. That experienced person knew with one look at Su Yan’s appearance that something had happened last night.   


Auntie Wang’s eyes held quite a profound meaning, and she spoke with even more profound meaning: “Madam, we have the best quality edible bird’s nest in the house. Do you wish to drink the edible bird’s nest soup today?”


Even if Su Yan’s face was thick, hearing such sentences, she quickly exploded. She immediately glared at Jiang Jingchuan; however, the latter was slowly using his table napkin to lightly wipe her mouth, “Darling, let’s eat breakfast together.”


The butler’s lower jaw almost dropped. He had silently watched Jiang Jingchuan grow up. Jiang Jingchuan had always kept everyone at arm’s length. He had never seen him speak to a woman in such a gentle voice; even when speaking to Jiang Jingjing, he had a business tone.


After the butler got over his shock, he was equally relieved. His young master and his wife had such a harmonious relationship. It would be very good if they give birth to a son and daughter soon.


Su Yan did not neglect her duty, which was to continue to hold this thigh. Although Jiang Jingchuan looked to be on very intimate terms with her who knew how long it would last. Frankly speaking, she was only slightly closer to Jiang Jingchuan than a stranger: They still didn’t understand each other well. If she slacked now, then it would be, without a doubt, courting death. Until the day Jiang Jingchuan loved her, loved beyond cure, till then she would not relax her vigilance.


Love was like a game. Whoever fell early and fell deep was doomed to be a loser. Even if the other party fell in love with you, you couldn’t move recklessly because one careless move and the game would be lost. The most fearful thing was investing your whole heart, investing everything, only to see the other party simply not being moved at all. 


Su Yan knew that no matter if she was facing His Majesty or Jiang Jingchuan, she was no match for them except for the field of emotions; but that didn’t mean she was a loser in front of them. If she couldn’t obtain a thing she wished then it could be made to be obtained by them, although this idea was not worth mentioning in front of strangers. 


She could conceal things in front of anyone but would absolutely not deceive herself. She was very clear regarding the things she wanted. At least, from Su Yan’s point of view, as long as she could finally obtain it, who cares what process one needed to take. 


These train of thoughts were crossing Su Yan’s mind as she ate quietly and at ease. Just when she was about to finish eating, Jiang Jingchuan abruptly said: “By the way, your grandfather’s birthday banquet is coming soon. I will come with you at that time.” 


“…huh?” Su Yan was dumbfounded but then recalled that Qin Xuan and Qin Ze Yu had mentioned the same thing before. She nodded, “Okay.” 


At once the plan to latch on to the thigh was put on hold. She was rather nervous because she would soon face the family members who knew the original body very well. How should she act to avoid getting exposed?


The original body’s family members were different from Jiang Jingchuan and the others. Su Yan knew that be it from front or behind, their dispositions differed too much. Although they wouldn’t expect a dead soul to find reincarnation in another’s corpse, they would inwardly be very suspicious. The next test would probably be the greatest test she had ever encountered.


Seeing that Su Yan didn’t reply, Jiang Jingchuan assumed she was still angry with her family. He beckoned her to come out with him. They walked till they reached the Villa’s garage. Since Jiang Jingchuan didn’t ask the driver to drive him today only he and Su Yan were there in the garage.  


“You don’t want to go?” Jiang Jingchuan asked.


He was still aware of some of the matters. Su Yan didn’t want to marry him at that time and revolted; however, she was forcefully prevented. After marriage, Su Yan never went back. There was no way she had no complaints to her family. Jiang Jingchuan’s relationship with Su Yan’s family was pretty good, at least on the surface. Although he couldn’t spare time to help his wife soothe her relationship with her family, he also didn’t want to deal with an awkward situation at the birthday banquet.  


Su Yan nodded. Since he knew that the relationship between the original body and her family members wasn’t good, there was no need for her to hide it from him. 


Don’t want to go, but have to go.


She wasn’t that selfish. Since she had occupied then she must undertake the relevant duties. Regardless of how the relationship between the original body and her family was, she couldn’t assume that they didn’t exist.


Jiang Jingchuan stroked her head. His tone was calm but Su Yan could still hear the sense of guidance, “I am not going to interfere in your matters: I believe you can resolve them nicely yourself. But to make it a bit more clear, this is your maternal grandfather’s birthday. My attitude will represent the attitude of Jiang Family towards you. In order to show the importance, I must go with you.”    


Su Yan instantly understood his meaning. Marrying into a wealthy and powerful clan was like this; outsiders wouldn’t leave any opportunity to amuse themselves. If Jiang Jingchuan went then it would mean that the Jiang Family valued Su Yan. If he didn’t go then it wouldn’t be just Su Yan who would lose face but her entire family. Not knowing why Su Yan looked at Jiang Jingchuan, suddenly feeling that this man’s thought process was outstandingly meticulous.  


“Okay, I understand.” Su Yan thought and then added a sentence, “Thank you.” 


Jiang Jingchuan was stunned. He didn’t expect her to say that. In the past, on every occasion he sent people over to Su Family and Qin Family to deliver gifts. He didn’t know whether Su Yan appreciated it or not, but she never said thank you. 


After a person becomes sensible, do they truly become this lovely? Yes, they do.




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