Wife is Outrageous Chapter 189~194

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Chapter 189~194 — [Only afraid that you’ve forgotten me beyond the highest clouds?! 只怕早把我忘到九霄云外去了吧?!]


This is an entirely spotless room. So clean, that there also isn’t even a table. Only four walls and a bed.

Qi Luoer isn’t picky about these types of things. She used to be a soldier, what type of place has she not slept before? She even spent a day and night sleeping in a marsh, feeding full the mosquitoes there. She was busy all night and day, she was already exhausted. Don’t mention a hard bed, even if it was an uneven, bumpy ground, she could still even sleep!

Qi Luoer slept on the bed until it was pitch dark outside. When she woke, through the only small window located on the high wall, it could be seen that the sky turned dark again. She even saw a few stars through the window. She remembered that just when she came to the Demon Palace, it was only dawn. After Yue Wushang left, she was shut in this small room. Right now, the sky was black again. Which also means, she has already been locked in for a whole day!

This little room looks very ordinary, green brick and blue tiles, like regular houses. Only until Qi Luoer walked in did she realize that there was a strong barrier in the house. The spiritual power that she had hardly cultivated had disappeared without a trace. And her physical condition was weak, can’t raise the slightest amount of strength. It’s no different from ordinary people. Qi Luoer knew that this prison must be where the Demon sect locked in cultivators. “Humph! Considering my spiritual and martial arts, even if I’m not locked in this place, I also can’t walk around under the hands of that devil. They think too highly of me!” She mockingly thought while yawning.

Looking at her surroundings. Even though this room didn’t have any lamps, the walls around her were faintly glowing, it wasn’t even dark. “Didn’t expect that the Devil sect’s prison would be this good, only the furnishings are a bit too simple. Contrary to what one might expect, it doesn’t have the prison’s frequently common rats and mice……” As a matter of fact, he treats his foster daughter like a treasure. Hearing about her, he wouldn’t be able to manage other things……  A day has passed, and he already got the medicine. Right now, his foster daughter should be fine right?

What is he doing now?

Handling political affairs? Or chatting with his foster daughter? Only afraid that he has me forgotten beyond the highest clouds?! Humph, he reluctantly brought me here. On the journey here he also molested me, shadily telling me pointless words. A disgusting expression of loving and caring. Turned out to be just a way to relieve his boredom. Thankfully, I wasn’t fooled……     “Sigh”, it’s just a pity that Bai Li……I’ve always treated her as my best friend, a good sister. Turned out that she was actually simply an imaginary character, not real. No wonder Yun Hua said that demons are the most heartless creatures. It turned out to be true……   In his eyes, I may be a dispensable toy, I even held a delusion towards him, treating him as a friend……

Unknown why, but Qi Luoer felt a dull pain in her chest. An indescribable taste in her heart. There’s bitterness, sorrow, and seems there’s a bit of loss and disappointment. She sat foolishly on the bed for a while and jumped down, then turned in a circle. Although this house isn’t small, there’s nothing to do and nothing exciting to see. In the house, it was so silent that it was scary. Other than her own breathing, there weren’t any other sounds.

It’s strange, she’s spent a whole day looking at the sky, but there wasn’t even a meal sent. Don’t tell me that she will really turn into a celestial being? They can abstain, not needing to consume food. One day of not eating is possible, but……but all people have three urgencies. How is she supposed to solve the last problem? (T/N: the three urgencies she’s talking about is eating, drinking, and the last is restroom related problems….)This is only a room. Not only is there no bathroom, but there’s also not even a toilet! In any case, she can’t disregard the location and take care of her business! Damn Yue Wushang, shutting her in this kind of place.! He and his foster daughter went to whisper sweet nothings, but caused her to starve to death over here……

At the same time, her belly was swollen and hungry, torturing her. In her heart, she cursed Yue Wushang’s 18 generations of ancestors a single time. To divert her attention, she could only sit on the bed and practice the basics skills of the arts. These basic skills were all taught by Li Yu. She practiced them to near perfection way before the exam undertook. At the moment, she was meditating. With great difficulty, she suppressed her urgent hunger. But problems number 1 and 2 were becoming more and harder to suppress, truly unbearable, so she went to pound on the door. She struck deafeningly on the shell-like door, but there wasn’t a single person who came to look. It’s strange, the double doors looked extremely thin. It seemed as if they were unable to withstand a single blow, but were actually very stable. Qi Luoer used all her strength, yet the doors still didn’t budge. Not even the slightest damage made at all.

Currently, she was urgently turning in circles in the room. The double doors that were tightly closed before, suddenly opened and a person flashed in.  Before Qi Luoer saw who the person was, she bolted straight towards the doors. Something abruptly tightened around her waist, and then her body was wrapped in a warm embrace. Chuckling in her ear, someone said: “Xiao Luoer, why so enthusiastic? Miss me?”

“Miss my ass! Let me go!”  The look on Qi Luoer’s face looked grim. Hatefully wishing to bite him.

It was precisely Yue Wushang who came. He saw Qi Luoer’s face was a bit pale, her forehead was emitting sweat. Although he was slightly stunned, he didn’t let go of her: “Xiao Luoer, what’s wrong? Angry? I……”

Qi Luoer didn’t have the heart to hear him explain, but she also couldn’t get out of his grip. Anxiously hollering: “Bastard! Let me go! Where’s the bathroom!?”

“Bathroom?” Yue Wushang dumbfounded.

Not caring whether or not she looked civilized or uncivilized, she loudly bellowed out: “The latrine!”  Qi Luoer’s face was about to turn green from holding it back.

Yue Wushang stared blankly, then realized why she was agitated. Bursting into laughter: “Xiao Luoer, you’re so adorable.” He picked her up in one swoop: “I’ll take you there!”   Rising into the air, in the blink of an eye, she was sent to the place.

Qi Luoer refused to say anything else and dashed in like she was running a 100-meter marathon……Running faster than the wind to the bathroom. It could be considered the first time for her. The more Yue Wushang thought about it, the more hilarious he thought it was. He split his sides laughing.

After taking her time, Qi Luoer finally came out. Glancing at Yue Wushang who was laughing without caring about his image. She was both embarrassed and angry. Blame him, he’s the main culprit! If it weren’t for him, why would she have made a big fool out of herself? This time it is humiliating! Refusing to acknowledge Yue Wushang, she walked away.

Yue Wushang resisted with great difficulty to stop his laughter. He blindly followed behind her: “Xiao Luoer, where are you going?” Angrily, Qi Luoer turned around: “Yue Wushang, if you want me dead then use a knife to kill me immediately then!”

Yue Wushang spread out his hands: “Xiao Luoer, you’ve misunderstood me. I don’t even have the time to love you dearly, why would I think of killing you?”

“Humph, I’m not listening to your insincere words! Yue Wushang, if you’re going to mess with me, then I’ll fight you at all costs!”

Qi Luoer was furious. Her body slightly shaking, hands clenching her sleeves tightly. If it weren’t for the fact that she knew she couldn’t beat him, then she would have beaten him so hard that he’d be looking all over the floor for his teeth.

“Okay, okay, I’m in the wrong. I walked away too hurriedly and forgot to give my underlings a command. Letting you be wronged.” Yue Wushang also felt a bit sorry in his heart. Because he was too anxious to save Yue Ziying, he hastily went to Yue Ziying’s recovery room.  Even though the Han Yue grass was the antidote, but because Yue Ziying was too badly hurt, he also needed to use his spiritual power to help dissolve the cure. He was busy, only saving Yue Ziyan from death’s door after a day had passed. When he finally saw that she was out of danger’s reach, the sky already became dark. He dragged his tired body and wanted to go rest for a while. Suddenly remembering Qi Luoer who he captured, he asked, only to find out that she got locked in the ‘spiritual dispelling room.’  This spiritual dispelling room is dedicated to locking in advanced cultivators or some demons with influential social status. It is more advanced compared to normal prison cells. They wouldn’t be executed, nor can they escape. Lan Tao couldn’t figure Qi Luoer’s identity, so locking her here couldn’t be considered wrong.  Yet Yue Wushang’s heart sank. Without thinking, he quickly flew to the spiritual dispelling room. Just when he opened the doors and saw Qi Luoer’s condition, he felt it was hilarious, but he also felt somewhat guilty.

Qi Luoer looked at him coldly: “You don’t have to be so fake. Although I’m your prisoner and you can kill me, but you can’t dishonor me!” After she finished speaking, the sound of her intestines crying ‘gu lu lu’ were heard. That sound was loud, even Yue Wushang could hear it. Qi Luoer’s face instantly became red, wishing that there was a crack that she could climb into.

Snickering in his heart, he stretched his hand out: “Okay, Xiao Luoer, don’t be angry anymore. I’ll treat you to a meal to apologize. Also taking you to see my Sea-serpent palace’s scenery.

Qi Luoer was eager to refuse, but the gu lu lu crying of her stomach was failing to live up to her expectations. Making it hard for her to gain the confidence to say no.  Humph, it’s only eating? Who scared of who! Even though I’m might die, I’ll still be a ghost to annoy him!  Yue Wushang then pulled her hand and went outside.




This Sea-serpent palace is like a small city, the scenery is similar to the view seen in a city. There’s also streets, alleys, and stores. The road was paved with small shells of various colors, and the street had enormous trees on its’ left and right. Some trees were like seaweed and were softly glowing red. Along with the change in the water, the trees would change color.

From time to time they would come across some Demon sect’s disciples. These people are both very enthusiastic and respectful towards Yue Wushang. When seeing him from far away, they would stop to greet him, asking how he was doing. Although Yue Wushang is their king, he doesn’t have a bit of arrogance towards them. Talking to his subjects and smiling, it looked very easy-going. When Qi Luoer first came here and saw how he had disciplined the neglectful Yun Ji, she thought he governed his people in a cruel way. She didn’t expect what greeted her to be this kind of scene. The entire Sea-serpent palace was like a paradise, it was beyond Qi Luoer’s expectations. She secretly sighed in her heart: “The so-called righteous cultivator and demonic cultivator are merely what people thought was right. Demonic cultivators weren’t necessarily all bad people……”  Yun Hua’s figure flashed through her heart: “Wondering what he is doing now? Is he thinking about saving me, this disappointing disciple? I’m the holy maiden, maybe the sect head wouldn’t easily give me up?It’s just a pity that although I have been accepted to Yun Hua’s sect, I didn’t have time for him to teach me a move or two. It’s just an empty name.  Also, I don’t know if I can ever meet him again in my life……”




Yue Wushang brought her into a restaurant.  The restaurant was about to close, so there weren’t a lot of customers. When the servant boy saw Yue Wushang, he hurriedly rushed to greet him. Taking them to an elegant room upstairs.  Yue Wushang seemed to be a customer that comes frequently. Not looking at the menu, he ordered a few dishes. Qi Luoer had already been starving for a long time that she felt as if her stomach was sticking to her back, so she wasn’t picky about what she ate.  A few dishes came, and she ate with no trace of politeness.  After having a few bites, her heart slightly stirred and she looked at Yue Wushang. These dishes were actually the kind of flavor that she usually liked to eat.

“Where is your master? Closed-door cultivating?” Yue Wushang indifferently looked at the servant boy nearby, and raised an eyebrow, asking. That servant boy bowed, respectfully saying: “replying to the king, my master is currently researching a new type of sheet music, and has been closed-door cultivating for three days……”  “He really is a music fanatic!Tell him to come out to see me! Just say that I invited a musician, guarantee that he will be surprised.” The servant made a sound of agreement and quickly executed the order.

Qi Luoer frowned, there was a bad feeling in her heart: “Yue Wushang, what kind of weird things are you planning? Who is a musician?”

Yue Wushang smiled like a fox: “Xiao Luoer, don’t you usually love humming some tune? Also, there is that thing you call ‘phone,’ the strange songs in there aren’t few.

I enjoyed listening to it. If that music fanatic heard it, then he would definitely like it a lot that he wouldn’t be able to tell North from………Anyways just give a few pointers to him.”

Qi Luoer had a massive headache, she has no ear for music. Letting her showcase her skills in front of a critic, isn’t it equivalent to swinging a big knife in front of a general? “Why are you so eager to ‘sell’ me out? Did you ask a favor from that person?”

Yue Wushang sighed: “Xiao Luoer, why do always think that I’m evil?”

Snorting: “You’re not evil? If you’re not evil, then why did you take me as a hostage? Before, I even thought of you as a friend……”

Yue Wushang rubbed her head: “Idiot, when did I take you as a hostage? Is there a hostage as unrestrained as you?”

“Unrestrained?”   Qi Luoer raised an eyebrow: “Unrestrained? Where? When I first came here, your underlings locked me in a cell…… there isn’t any freedom. This is your so-called unrestrained?”




  1. Only afraid that he has forgotten me beyond the most topmost clouds只怕早把我忘到九霄云外去了吧?!Zhǐ pà zǎo bǎ wǒ wàng dào jiǔ xiāo yún wài qù le ba?!- An exaggerating way of saying that Yue Wushang has forgotten her.

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