Wife is Outrageous Chapter 186

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Chapter 186 — [The King treats her differently! 王对待她是不同的!]


“I really don’t like others using an object to point at me while talking, so you better put away that item!”

Qin Luoer indifferently finished speaking, waving a hand, a streak of cold light flashed by, the E-mei needle dropped into the ocean water.

Her series of movement was swiftly done in one go.

The movement crisp and efficient, useful to the extreme.

The female mermaid was stunned silly, she had never seen a human with such odd skill!


Yue Wushang heartily laughed without restraint: “Xiao Luoer’s skill is very unordinary. Yun Ting, you mustn’t underestimate her.”

Yun Ting bowed and replied, yes. Although she didn’t dare say anything, in her heart, she was surprised.

This human woman treated the King this disrespectfully, but the King seemed to be very open-minded. The King treats her differently compared to others!

Yue Wushang waved a hand, casting a sidelong glance towards the beaten Yun Ji: “Know why ben wang1 hit you?”

Yun Ji kneeled there, body curled up trembling: “It……It’s subordinate that neglected the duties, only finding out until now……”

Yue Wushang icily said: “Luckily this time it is ben wang that came, if it were an immortal that was assigned to muddle in, with you being negligent, if there was really something that happened, I’m afraid that you can’t afford it!”

Yun Ji repeatedly kowtowed: “Yun Ji won’t dare to anymore, won’t dare to anymore, begging the king for forgiveness ……”

Yue Wushang coldly said: “Self-cripple a tendon in your arm, go!”

Yun Ji received an amnesty2.

Afraid that Yue Wushang would take back his words, she pulled out the E-mei needle that was on her waist, and picked at her wrist!

Blood sprayed; a bluish-green vein was picked out by her!

Her wrist immediately limped.

Qi Luoer heart speedily pounded, and nearly wanted to speak out to prevent it.

But this is, after all, their family matters. She, an outsider, should interfere less.

Yun Ting bowed and asked: “is King entering the palace now?

Yue Wushang slightly nodded.

Yun ting waved her hand, and those mermaids lined up into a weird formation in the water, body fluttering snake-like, even unexpectedly started dancing on the surface of the water.

Their mouth was softly chanting, making a spell of buzzing noise.

Along with their humming sounds, there was a streak of 7-colored light ripple. It extended over from the palace on the surface of the ocean in the far distance.

Suddenly it was like a rainbow bridge on the coast.



  1. Ben wang 本王Běn wáng- arrogant way of saying I
  2. Amnesty 如蒙大赦 Rú méng dà shè- a general pardon for offenses, especially political offenses, against a government, often granted before any trial or conviction.

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