Wife is Outrageous Chapter 172

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[172] How can we play and kiss in the future?

His damn words really weren’t ordinary ah!

She never had a pure reputation but now, it’s completely destroyed!

“Clang!” A crisp sound echoed as Li Yu’s sword was sent flying by Yue Wushang!

Taking advantage of the opening, Yue Wushang moved towards Li Yu’s neck like a viper!

“Don’t hurt him!”

Qi Luoer saw it clearly and didn’t even think before charging at Yue Wushang’s arm, moving the sharp point away from his neck!

The black sword just barely skimmed by Li Yu’s neck, forcefully pushed away.

Li Yu fearfully released a sigh and jumped backwards with all his strength until he was far away from Yue Wushang’s attack range.

His heart was still pumping wildly with fear. He could not say anything.

His Shifu’s clear, cold voice sounded in his ear: “Yu’er, withdraw!”

Li Yu’s face reddened slightly as he answered and retreated.

Yue Wushang saw but ignored them, his handsome face disappointed and grieved, “Little Luoer, you really are ruthless. While I was missing you to the point where I couldn’t even eat, you’ve already found a new husband and forgot all about me. Wahh, you can only hear your new man’s laugh and not your old one’s weeping. Just for these two pretty boys, you left me, your old husband at the back of your mind.”

In any case, Yue Wushang and Qi Luoer had lived together 24/7 for a month already. Yue Wushang had already learnt some modern phrases from Qi Luoer and was now proudly flaunting his knowledge until his nose reached his eyes. 1

This was all a huge mess!

Qi Luoer’s face was covered in black lines. The embarrassment, depression and frustration on her face couldn’t be any clearer.

Her voice was unsteady with anger as she shouted, “Yue Wushang, you and I don’t have any relationship together, what nonsense are you talking about? What husband and old husband……

Yue Wushang lowered her eyes and looked at her, a strange smile appearing on his handsome face as he spoke, “Little Luoer, you and I have shared the bed for a month 2 and according to the sect teachings, the unmarried may not live together. Thus, I am naturally your husband……”

“That doesn’t count!”

Qi Luoer’s face was red from embarrassment. She just wanted to stitch Yue Wushang’s stupid mouth closed and once again wished that she could find a hole to hide herself in.

“Don’t talk rubbish. You, who told you to transform and dress as a woman! Plus, I never even knew that you were a man……”

Qi Luoer wanted to cry but no tears came.

“Yue Wushang, won’t harassing a young lady like that ruin your reputation as the great demon lord? Release her!”

Yun Hua pointed his sword at Yue Wushang as he spoke coldly.

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