Wife is Outrageous Chapter 170

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[170]After we return, I’ll eat you bite by bite~……3

So this girl was actually the Holy Maiden!

Very good, the Holy Maiden hadn’t died, his several years of heart’s blood and hard work wasn’t wasted……

He anxiously flew over, “Yue Wushang, release her, we can talk everything over!”

Yue Wushang’s eyes flashed.

He lowered his head to look at Qi Luoer in his bosom, a light, demonic smile on his face, “Little Luoer, so you’re actually the Holy Maiden ah……”

Qi Luoer’s body shook, the image of Su Yunluo’s miserable death flashing though her mind.

“Devil! Let go of me!” Qi Luoer struggled fiercely to break free.“

“Yue Wushang, release her!”

Li Yu could no longer remain calm and waved his hand, a weak, azure light striking towards Yue Wushang.

Although it seemed weak and gentle, the power behind it was actually astonishing.

The sword qi surrounding his body caused turbulences in the wind, his hair dancing in the breeze. He seemed just like a godly soldier that fell from the heavens.

However, Qi Luoer had no intentions to appreciate Li Shixiong’s ‘hero saving the maiden’ appearance.

The thing she wanted to do most was to leave Yue Wushang’s control.

But Yue Wushang seemed to be set on destroying her, confining her in his arms. A heart broken, grieved expression appeared on his handsome face, “Little Luoer, I missed you so much and even risked my life to look for you. But now you’re treating me like this?”

The accent in his voice was the same as Bai Li’s.

Qi Luoer shook with disgust. This guy was still so sappy!

He teased Qi Luoer, calmly dissolving Li Yu’s continuous attacks with his other hand.

The sword light twinkled like electricity. Where ever the sword light went, it would destroy.

Yue Wushang just lazily defended, brandishing his sword casually.

Li Yu simply wasn’t his opponent and it wasn’t long before he was forced back by Yue Wushang.

The sword almost couldn’t even be raised.

“Qi Shimei 1, leave him quickly!” Li Yu shouted loudly.“

Qi Shimei?

Yue Wushang raised an eyebrow, his lips curling into a light, thoughtful smile, “Little Luoer, you’ve really paid respects to that big ice cube as your master?”

“What does it have to do with you? Just let go of me!”

Qi Luoer was afraid that he would deal her a fatal wound the next moment and violently struggled in his embrace.

Yue Wushang’s hand was delicately white, but extremely strong, easily restraining Qi Luoer with only one hand.

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  1. Lame shes just too stupid, if he wanted to kill her he would have done so immediately upon noticing shes the maiden, her fixation on ice block is also annoying

    1. That sounds like his style, altho it would put his trust points in the negatives. (More so than they are now…)

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