Wife is Outrageous Chapter 156

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[156] What Holy Maiden? Laozi would still kidnap!2

Purple Cloud Mountain had nine peaks, two of which were in the north and south, facing each other.

They were currently in Ziyun Sect’s grand hall at the south peak. It was also the place that Ling Xuzi resided in.

And at the very top of the north peak was where Yun Hua’s Floating Cloud Palace was located.

Qi Luoer didn’t have a good opinion of Ling Xuzi and didn’t want to run into him so she immediately followed Li Yu to go to Floating Cloud Palace.

She was a bit interested in her shifu’s Floating Cloud Palace.

Li Yu had a very good temperament. Hearing she wanted to go to Floating Cloud Palace straight away, he immediately obliged.

The north peak was extremely dangerous. Even though it was summer, the peaks were still covered with snow and ice.

Floating Cloud Palace had 3 main halls, all built with blocks of frozen ice.

It shone like colored glass under the moonlight, seeming just like a dream.

Qi Luoer didn’t expect for it to be so cold. Her dress was very thin, making her shiver in the cold.

Li Yu glanced at her and couldn’t help but laugh, “I forgot that you’ve actually still haven’t cultivated yet and still fear the cold.”

He thought for a second before leading her into one of the side chambers.

The side chamber was very big, but didn’t lose its elegance in the slightest.

A ceramic incense burner embellished with engraved lotus petals released spirals of delicate fragrance into the air. Just a sniff would leave people feeling happy and relaxed.

The side chamber was also a bit strange. Although it was made out of ice, it was quite warm inside like a pleasant, spring breeze.

Li Yu spoke smilingly: “This is the Hall of Aromatic Warmth 1, the warmest room in Floating Cloud Palace. First you can stay here and then go down the mountain later to get some winter clothing.”

Qi Luoer nodded. Suddenly, her eyes sharpened as they focused on a certain spot, astonishment flashing across her face, “Ah, isn’t this the Holy Maiden Ribbon? Isn’t it an Immortal’s object? Why is it left here so carelessly?”

It was actually on the left side of the green, jade table in the hall, neatly arranged. It was precisely the Holy Maiden Ribbon.

Li Yu sighed, “The Holy Maiden already died so without anyone to use it, even if its a godly treasure, it’s still useless.”

This was the first time Qi Luoer heard the words ‘Holy Maiden’.

She was slightly startled, “Holy Maiden? What Holy Maiden?”

In the end, Li Yu chose not to conceal it from her and explained.

Qi Luoer suddenly understood. So this was why all the newly accepted disciples were all female.

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