Wife is Outrageous Chapter 145

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[145] He really was originally a man.

She turned pale with fright, about to turn around to find her when she suddenly felt a gust of wind at the back of her head. Her nape turned cold as she felt Qi Luoer’s sword on her throat.

The cool air seemed to seep into her bones as her face instantly turned completely white!

“You’ve lost!”

Qi Luoer stood behind her, speaking coldly.

Li Chongzi’s face was filled with fear as it changed between red and white. However, she still didn’t dare to move.

“You…… you cheated! You used sorcery!”

Her heart refused to accept the result. When she was still in the Imperial Palace, she had already studied some of the immortal arts.

Since the day she stayed in White Cloud Mountain, she had chosen to risk her life to cultivate. So how could she have been beaten by some girl of unknown origins?!

This loathsome girl definitely used some sort of sorcery!

Oh that’s right, she and that demon Yue Wushang were inseparable for a month. She definitely must’ve learned some sorcery from him, then.

That must’ve been it!

Qi Luoer sneered. “If I could use sorcery, I would’ve just sealed that mouth full of bullshit long ago!”

Just as she finished speaking, she suddenly found that her arm had gone completely soft, making it hard to grip the sword. It fell on the floor.

Li Chongzi seized the opportunity to escape. She was still frightened and doubtful, her heart filled with anger, but she no longer dared to provoke Qi Luoer.

Ling Xuzi spoke indifferently, “All right, let’s end the training spar here.”

Qi Luoer sneered in her heart. Training spar? This was just a training spar?!

She glanced at Yun Hua. If it wasn’t for him, she definitely wouldn’t stay here to be bullied! 1

She then turned to sweep her eyes over everybody. Most of them were staring at her as well.

There was amazement, astonishment, and also some faint traces of disdain on their faces.

Qi Luoer clearly knew that they suspected her and Bai Li. No, it was her relationship with Yue Wushang that was suspicious.

Perhaps in their hearts, they already cannot bear her anymore?

She couldn’t help but feel a burst of gloom when she thought of Yue Wushang.

No wonder that guy spoke so ambiguously, he was always originally a man!

She had slept with him 2, been touched by him, truly a big loss!

Damn Bai Li, stinky Bai Li. Don’t let me see you again, or I’ll definitely give you a beating!

That pervert wasn’t shameful at all, acting so indecently towards her!

Rumors could not trick a sage; she and Bai Li truly had nothing going on.

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