Wife is Outrageous Chapter 140

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[140] Maybe she was always his…….

His speed was astonishing, leaving Ziyun Sect no time to react.

Ling Xuzi’s face was like ice as he turned to look at Yun Hua, “Yun Hua, why didn’t you stop him? Why did you let that devil escape? It’s like returning a tiger to the mountains……”

Yun Hua spoke indifferently, “Senior Brother, don’t worry. He will return.”

Ling Xuzi raised an eyebrow, “Why do you say that?”

Yun Hua’s words were still indifferent, “Yue Ziying was hit by my Moon Strike Palm and can’t be saved without Ziyun Mountain’s Moon Holding Grass.”

Ling Xuzi was startled, his gloomy face finally turning happy.

He waved his hand and gathered the 8 elders before warning them repeatedly to strengthen the defense around the Moon Holding Grass. That way, Yue Wushang can’t steal it…….

And so, the Holy Maiden farce ended just like that.

Ling Xuzi had schemed about the Holy Maiden for so long but didn’t expect that before they’d be able to gain a thing, Yue Wushang already killed her.

His heart was filled with anger as he turned to sweep his eyes over the dozen or so newly accepted disciples. The disciples’ faces were all different- some were scared stiff, others were scowling, and a few had blank faces.

He finally looked at Qi Luoer, who was staring at Yun Hua in a daze. Nobody knew what she was thinking.

Ling Xuzi’s heart moved as he sighed, waving his hand, “Let’s bury Miss Su.”

Su Yunluo normally had a good relationship with others, and so her sudden death had upset a lot of people.

Several newly entered disciples started to cry.

“Senior, disciple wants to say something.” Li Chongzi said, off to the side.

Ling Xuzi glanced at her, “Chongzi, just say it. No harm in speaking your thoughts.”

Li Chongzi glanced at Qi Luoer and spoke, no longer caring about the consequences: “Bai Li was the Demonic Sect’s Leader and was inseparable from Qi Luoer. Qi Luoer took care of Bai Li very much, and the two lived together. Could there be something…… going on between them?”

She looked at Qi Luoer disdainfully, “This disciple heard that Yue Wushang was very outstanding and had hundreds of concubines in the demonic palace. Staying together with Qi Luoer…… hmpth, maybe she was always his.”


Li Chongzi hadn’t finished speaking when suddenly, a loud, crisp noise sounded as a heavy slap landed on her face!

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