Wife is Outrageous Chapter 138

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[138] The cloth in front of his chest was in perfect condition

It wasn’t strange for him do that, but I didn’t think that you would follow his bad example and shamelessly attack me as well…….”

Although his voice wasn’t very loud, it was clear and pleasing to the ears.

Ling Xuzi’s face turned red. Being slandered in front of so many disciples made him seethe with anger!

He clenched his sword, his hand turning completely white.

Yun Hua’s face didn’t change as he spoke indifferently, “Yue Wushang, you’re also the one deceiving a child. You, the grand and magnificent demonic sect’s master stabbed by a common disciple? Even if you want to put on a play, you have to at least make it somewhat realistic!”

Qi Luoer’s heart was just filled with regret when she had suddenly heard Yun Hua’s words, and her heart began to thump, “Right, this is a xianxia world filled with things that can’t be thought of with common sense. Could it be……”

She suddenly raised her head and stared at Yue Wushang.

Although his face was very pale, his expression, bearing, words, none of it was like somebody who was on the verge of death……

Yue Wushang rubbed his nose and sighed, “Yun Hua, I suddenly find that you’re actually quite smart. Yeah, an intelligent opponent’s pretty good. At the very least, now Laozi won’t be lonely 1.

But you wounded my daughter, so Laozi’s in a very bad mood now and has to take revenge for her. This debt, I’ll take back on your disciples sooner or later.

“Haha, you should just have your disciples wash their necks to wait for me to chop!”

His hand smoothed over his chest, and Qi Luoer’s dagger easily slid out.

The wound on his chest suddenly disappeared without a trace.

The clothing on his chest was also in perfect condition, the snow-white color looked as if it was just freshly washed.

“He really was playing with me!” Qi Luoer’s face was filled with dark lines.

She sighed with relief, the worry she had felt moments ago was replaced with anger!

Yue Wushang easily held the dagger and flipped it a few times as he beamed, “Oh, pretty good. It’s quite sharp. Little Luoer, it’s rare you’re so considerate, so I’ll accept your gift.”

He tucked the dagger into his bosom.

Since the representative for both sides had already appeared, Ziyun Sect’s 8 great elders and the Demonic Sect stopped fighting.

The two sides stood behind their respective leader.

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