Wife is Outrageous Chapter 137

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[137] You can’t see I have a serious injury?

“Silly girl, why are you crying so much? Since you don’t want me to leave that much, then leave with me!”

His hand raised slightly and Qi Luoer suddenly stumbled, almost falling into his chest!

“Release her!”

A cold light emitted out of the deep blue-green longsword as it stabbed towards Yue Wushang.

Yue Wushang dodged slightly to the side and waved his sleeve. A purple light flew out, meeting the sword.

‘Bang’ A loud noise sounded as Yue Wushang took a step back. And the person who attacked him took 3 steps back.

Yue Wushang smiled, his eyes curving into crescent moons, “Ling Xuzi, is a sneak-attack move is all you’re capable of?”

Ling Xuzi’s body trembled.

The holy maiden they finally found with great difficulty was killed just like that!

Several years worth of meticulous care came to nothing. How could they not be furious?!

“Yue Wushang! This time, I won’t let you go!”

Ling Xuzi’s sword was like colored glass, the cold light radiating off from it dazzlingly bright.

He waved, and everyone automatically stepped aside.

Yue Wushang laughed loudly and lazily glanced at Ling Xuzi, “Are you sure you want to fight me? Did you forget what happened the last time you tried to?”

Ling Xuzi’s fair face suddenly turned red as he spoke coldly, “Yue Wushang, I don’t care about your trash talk. If you have the ability, then fight me!”

“Senior brother, I’ll go.”

A faint voice sounded. Nobody knew when Yun Hua had appeared.

Nobody knew whether or not it was a coincidence, but Yun Hua stood right in between Yue Wushang and Qi Luoer.

Yue Wushang’s eyes turned cold as he spoke lazily, “Yun Hua, although I’ve never liked you, I’ve always thought you were at least considered a gentleman. So, why are you acting so vulgar?”

Yun Hua raised an eyebrow, “What do you mean?”

Yue Wushang streched his body, lazily massaging himself. He pointed at the dagger in his chest, “Can’t you see that I’m an injured person?

“Could it be that you also want to take advantage of my wounds? Ling Xuzi was always a shameless, despicable scoundrel, so I was too lazy to bicker with him. It wasn’t strange for him do that, but I didn’t think that you would follow his bad example and shamelessly attack me as well…….”

Although his voice wasn’t very loud, it was clear and pleasing to the ears.

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