Wife is Outrageous Chapter 136

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[136] Don’t hate me……

“Why didn’t you dodge?!”

The moment the words spilled out from her mouth, Qi Luoer instantly regretted it!

It was like a melodramatic love drama ah. Her words were actually just like a cliche actor’s!

‘There was once a true love that I had, but I did not treasure her. Only when I lost her, did I feel regretful.

It was the most painful thing I felt in this world.

If the heavens can give me one more chance……

I would tell her 3 words: ‘I love you.’

If there has to be a time limit to this love,

I hope it lasts for 10,000 years……’

Now, not knowing why, Qi Luoer froze as she recalled Stephen Chow’s classic lines1……

>~<””2. Her and Yue Wushang weren’t like that, right?

QI Luoer somehow felt a cold wind brush past her.

“Is this considered as you venting your anger? Don’t hate me anymore……”

Yue Wushang suddenly smiled, and under the twinkling moonlight, his smiling face held the same beauty and allure as brilliant peach blossoms. It was that kind of uncaring smile.

If it wasn’t for the unending torrent of blood gushing out from his stomach, Qi Luoer would’ve believed that her dagger had hit air.

Her hands trembled slightly. Had she really just killed him?

Although he was the demonic sect’s leader, but he was also Bai Li. The same Bai Li that was always inseparable from her.

Qi Luoer’s tears flowed out.

Her heart tightened, as if it was being tightly squeezed. Could this be how it feels to murder somebody?

The sharp pain felt as if she had been pierced by an arrow……

Hesitating for a moment, Yue Wushang brought his finger to stroke her cheek, his eyes dimming: “Little Luoer, you’re grieving for me?”

Qi Luoer also didn’t know what kind of emotion she was feeling. Her tears flowed down endlessly, her mind unable to think.

Her dagger hit his heart. Was he trying to seek death?

Although his appearance was different, wasn’t he still Bai Li?
Although her ambiguous words often left her speechless, but…… but in her heart, Bai Li was like a dear sister.

And now, she was going to die under her own sword?

Watching as Yue Wushang’s face turned paler and paler with blood flowing from his body, Qi Luoer’s heart almost stopped.

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