Wife is Outrageous Chapter 131

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[131]She is actually a man,

Yun Hua was flying in the air not too far away.

The moon hung coldly behind him, making it seem as if it belonged to him.

His plain white sash danced in the air, completely clean.

A longsword was in his hands, twinkling with cold light like ripples in water.

The magnificence of it was truly hard to compare.

And across from him, was actually a woman.

A light purple streamer, a purple dress, and deep purple hair dancing in the air.

Her fair, translucent skin was like newly blossomed dewy petals. Her posture was elegant, her beauty like a fantasy.

In her slim, lily like hands was a deep red longsword……

She seemed to have suffered a serious injury, blood trickling out from the side of her mouth as her body shook, wanting to fall.

But she stubbornly stayed in the sky, her hand that held the longsword trembling.

This woman was very beautiful!

This was Qi Luoer’s first reaction.

Yun Hua’s voice sounded in the sky, “Yue Ziying, I said that your foster father is not here! You still want to fight? You haven’t done too much evil, so I will at least spare your life.”

The purple clothed woman sneered, “Who do you think you are?! To me, you’re all just hypocrites!”

Raising her head towards the sky, she suddenly whistled sharply.

The whistle sounded very mournful. The surrounding mountians all trembled, as if they were being hit by torrents of rain
Qi Luoer felt the blood and qi in her head boil, a ‘Wa!’ sound coming from her as she spat out a mouthful of blood.

The other people also weren’t much better.

Her and some of the other newly entered disciples turned dizzy, blood bleeding from all the 7 apertures!

“Demon Heart Incantation!” Using it with her wound, it was a style in which both sides would suffer. It seemed she truly wanted to kill them!

“Demoness, you ignored my good intentions!” Yun Hua’s eyebrows raised, his eyes becoming like ice.

Everyone familiar with him would know that once he became like this, he would move to kill.

But didn’t see how when he did, his palm blossomed open like a lotus flower as light rapidly condensed in its middle.

He casually waved and the light gathered to form a huge palm, rushing towards the purple robed woman with lightning like power!

“Stop!” Qi Luoer watched entranced when suddenly, a loud voice from beside her made her jump with fear.

Out of the corner of her eye, a white robed person soared to the sky.

The person’s speed was unimaginably fast, appearing beside the purple robed woman in almost an instant!

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