Wife is Outrageous Chapter 127

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[127 Lying like a dying fish.

She should take advantage of Yun Hua’s unguarded moment and seize her then escaping!

Qi Luoer suddenly felt Bai Li’s hands grab her’s tightly.

Qi Luoer was somewhat astonished and thought it was because Bai Li was nervous about the Holy Maiden Ribbon.

She couldn’t help but smile as she thought about something to comfort Bai Li.

Suddenly, the atmosphere turned strange and Bai Li’s hand relaxed.

Qi Luoer heard a barely noticeable sigh of relief.

What happened?

Qi Luoer raised her head and saw that the originally motionless Holy Maiden Ribbon had actually reacted!

Su Yunluo’s hand hadn’t even touched the Holy Maiden Ribbon when the ribbon suddenly got up, moving like a snake!

Lightly swaying left and right, it looked as if it was a puppy sniffing its Master……

The crystals on the roof twinkled with a crisp sound, able to shake the soul.顶端的玉玲

Su Yunluo had a bout of pleasant surprise and for a while, did not know how to react.

Her hand trembled as she went to pet the Holy Maiden Ribbon.

Her fingertips hadn’t even touched the ribbon yet when the ribbon suddenly sunk like a deflated ball, going completely still!

Yi? What was going on?

Was Su Yunluo the Holy Maiden or not?

Was she the really the Holy Maiden Ribbon’s Master?

Everyone glanced at each other. Ling Xuzi’s eyes flickered with doubt.

He spoke to Su Yunluo warmly, “Yunluo, try again.”

Su Yunluo nodded and once again brought her hand to touch the Holy Maiden Ribbon.

This time, the Holy Maiden Ribbon was completely still, seeming just like a dead fish.

However, it also did not emit any purple light towards her hand…….

The 8 elder’s faces were filled with pleasant surprise as they stood up, astonished.

Yun Hua muttered to himself, “The Holy Maiden Ribbon is a godly treasure after all. It isn’t something an ordinary mortal can wield. Maybe this Su Yunluo’s power is too weak so it still doesn’t recognize her as its Master….”

Ling Xuzi nodded, “Right, maybe it’s because of that. After all, it’s the first time in 500 years the Holy Maiden Ribbon responded. Oh, and what about the other 2 disciples? Do you want them to try too?”

The two talked using a coded language so nobody else in the hall could understand what they were talking about.

Yun Hua looked at Bai Li and Qi Luoer. Just as he was about to talk, he suddenly heard a loud ‘Bang!’ coming from outside the cave!

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